The Case for Cloth

Cloth diapers have never derived great interest from within me.  I’ve always had a mindset that kept my focus on disposable diapers.  The crinkle has always captivated me.  When she waddles about, I know exactly where she is at – even when we’re not in the same room … and all because of that crinkle.

ABDLers I’ve spoken to who are older than me have voiced their love for cloth diapers, citing that cloth diapers were what they were put in when babies.  And that makes a lot of sense. 

The style of diaper that was popular and most commonly used when we were in diapers (the first time LOL) would logically be what our hearts are drawn to, now as adults.  It’s the same reason as why there are ABDL diapers now that are cloth-backed – being as the 90’s eliminated the plastic-backed variety.

And I guess this would apply to me as well.  Though I don’t wear diapers myself, the popular ones when I was little were crinkly … hence my desire as a Daddy to make BabyGirls crinkle nowadays.  But as I go back through some of these older photo sets, I’m reminded of moments when I gave cloth diapers a second look.  The process of diapering is similar, simply swapping tapes for pins. 

The thickness and the bulk are just as adorable.  And they still peek out from underneath any sort of baby clothing.  This has always been one of those sights that melts my heart every time I see it, that gleam of white that sticks out … and can stick out a lot if you’ve taken the time to dress her in something just short enough to hide nothing. (It’s one of those unspoken pleasures a Daddy has. 😉  )

But there are times when a cloth diaper would be ideal and possibly even more comfortable than a disposable:

  • A lazy day at home,
  • when she is put to bed or down for a nap,
  • when being dressed in nothing but her diaper for some priceless photos,
  • when she gets home from work – desperately needing to be wrapped in uber softness and babied until her brains are mush …

The list could go.  And we haven’t even factored in plastic pants yet!  Which is an important thing to get on her before she tinkles … or more!

I have only ever had one experience diapering a BabyGirl with cloth.  I can confirm that the cuteness and the shiny object syndrome and the glazed eyes and the innocence in disposition are all there when she is put in cloth – despite its absence of crinkle.

So, though my preference is disposables, I must admit there most certainly is … a case for the cloth.

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