Bytemine!  I can say it right away with this one.  It irritates me that I often can’t remember what sites these photo sets came from.  But this time, the pictures were labeled with the site name.

It probably shouldn’t be so difficult to figure out the origins of the pictures – given that there were only a handful of picture sites back then … adultbabysource, bytemine, gordo, skirtzy ……

But they always did a great job of capturing something specific with each set that would make it unique from all the others, even when it was the same model as in other sets.

And most of them were models, not necessarily ABDL in their own personal natures.  I always understood that and was fine with it.  I never once thought: these models aren’t really ABDLers and therefore that ruins it for me.  And the pictures always told a story.

I like a good story.  (There’s a big surprise, huh?)

The girl in this set possesses a lot of attributes that are signals, “attractors” if you will:

  • The tousled hair
  • The eyes glancing upward in “supposed fuss”
  • The flirtatious postures
  • The gaze of receiving attention
  • Easing back into the diaper changing position
  • The embraces
  • The soft shaded clothing
  • The ruffled diaper cover
  • And how it seems she is but half a second away from either laughing or engaging you otherwise

She has that BabyGirl innocence, happily resigned to being kept as such, seen as such, treated as such and craving every bit of attention from it she can get.  She knows she has the presence.  She knows she’s precious.  And this is what makes her so attractive.  Photographed in a theme where confidence might not likely be the mindset to match, she shows poise with such ease that it can only be natural.

While thickly enveloped in cloth diapers and a ruffled cover, she is surrounded by stuffed animals.  Yet everything nearby as well as what she wears doesn’t detract from the feminine wiles she possesses, making her appealing on a more sexual, adult level.


But the rules of the Game of Love clearly state that a pursuit is necessary.  And the easy way to begin a pursuit is to give them something they want to chase after.  And her wiles, her make-up, her sculpted eyebrows, her locks her gestures … all are perfected for the hunt.


She knows she has the graces.  She knows she’s precious.

And with the same messages of innocence and lust, she also gives off that playful notion that she is bored – an expression that only encourages a guy to hurry up and take action.

Oh, my.  Lest she be any longer in waiting than is necessary.  LOL

The game is more than afoot.  It’s all over her.


There’s a visual representation of balance that appeals to many tastes.  And this, among other obvious things, is what makes her seem even more real … like she’s not a model and does indeed subscribe to the BabyGirl lifestyle.

In a lesser poetic statement … she shows the cutesy and she shows the sexy … precious.

25 “Unforgettable Sets”
The Pictures Stories

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