Into Nap Time and Beyond

This portion of a set comes from  I don’t always remember the websites these sets came from, but this one I do – the diaper change scenario always melting a soul.

ABS is known for putting all kinds of fun stuff into their pictures and videos, making the shoots much more eye-catching and enabling a story to be present in every image.

They do a lot shoots with multiple people.  And I couldn’t tell you which set I saw first that had the multi-BabyGirl charm to it.  But I was always fond of this particular one.

Much like you would see at an ABDL convention or house party or some other gathering occasion, these pictures depict the presence of littleness … a shared littleness.  One of fun and of love and of fuss and of cuteness.  Even the diaper changes are shared and one BabyGirl comforts another until everything is clean and dry and powdered and returned to the enveloped confinement that makes the world right again.

And somewhere in amongst the pink and the ponytails and the ribbons and the pacifiers and the diapers resides something I see in the eyes of a great many ABDLers out there … the desire to find that little haven that will capture their minds and nurture their souls … into nap time and beyond.

25 “Unforgettable Sets”
The Pictures Stories

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