Perspective: From Within the BabyGirl’s Mind

I’ve been asked several times why I write from the perspective of the little.  95% of the time, I’m writing from the perspective of the BabyGirl.  Some have suggested that writing from a Daddy’s point-of-view would make more sense for me.

01 - MeganEvery story has multiple sides to it, from his to hers to those of passers-by.  But I tend to believe that the most compelling story lies inside a BabyGirl’s mind.  But that’s merely my opinion.  And opinion is a perspective in itself.

I’ve heard that the Daddy/BabyGirl angle doesn’t apply to as many people as other combinations, whether that’s Mommy/BabyBoy, Mommy/BabyGirl or Daddy/BabyBoy.  But at the same time, I’ve heard from guys who say that they simple change the labels with their eyes as they read it.

And I’m fascinated by all of this.  The depth of character within individuals in this community is infinite.  I always smile when I see someone personalizing an experience as much as they can.  The nature of the word individual is just that … unlike any other.  And what this leads to is a never-ending list of possibilities … all of which being fantastic, but only one item on that list which is individually ideal for each of us.

I’m no different and that belief applies to me as well.

But a BabyGirl’s mind covers every spectrum of possibility.  She is both selfish and selfless at the same time.  Through sadness, she finds a reason to smile.  Sometimes, that smile has to be helped along a little by a guiding Daddy.  But to see her smile means that her mind is filled happy thoughts – even if just temporarily.

A BabyGirl will ignore you while also studying you closely.  When you walk into a room, she may remain absorbed by what TV show she is on.  But she also sees how you struggle to find comfort when you sit down.  A stiff back will often make a Daddy grimace.  A BabyGirl however, has the perfect remedy for an achy lower lumbar.

She takes from you and often takes a lot – of your time, of your energy and of your patience.  But you love her to death for more reason than you can list.  And though she takes a lot, she will give back more than she takes.  Her giving may not be in the some form as yours, but it is definitely there – ever-present and ever-heartfelt.

Daddy SpankShe is impulsive and jumps to conclusions, shooting from the hip sometimes before thinking about the consequences of her words and actions.  But she’s also the person who remembers the important things that sometimes go forgotten.  And she will come through where all others have tried and failed.

She’ll be fussy and impatient right before she finds a placid place of serenity in her mind.  And the constants of her journey of self will be what she clings to the most – those ever-presents that she knows she can rely on to be there for her, should the journey become a little too much for her to handle from time to time.

SilverstoneShe may be lying there, awaiting her diaper change.  But it isn’t idle time for her mind.  Not at all.  Because her psyche remains in perpetual motion.  She is eternally buried five thoughts deep, at any given moment as a swirl of insecurities, worries and other random feelings fill her with mental scenarios that plague her need for security.

In other words, she games out every possibility of what could go right and what could go wrong with each and every moment of her life.

It must be thoroughly exhausting.  But it makes her an observer and it makes her knowledgeable and it makes her exactly what she is … someone who not only feels everything, from one end of the spectrum to the other, but also someone who more complete than she will every let on to being.

That is powerful.

That is beautiful.

That is compelling.

And that is why I write from the BabyGirl perspective.

She will melt you … every time.

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