The Waddling Dead, Season Three – On Kindle Unlimited

After having received a few requests from people, asking if I was going to publish The Waddling Dead Season One Story, I put it up on Kindle Unlimited.

Then I put The Waddling Dead Season Two Story on Kindle Unlimited.

And now, following that same decision again, I have published The Waddling Dead Season Three on Kindle Unlimited as well.

This will give people the opportunity to read them in an ebook format, if they so choose.

The Waddling Dead Season Three on Kindle Unlimited

But if you aren’t subscribed to Kindle Unlimited or if you don’t have an ebook reader, you can find this story in two other places:

  1. There is a Waddling Dead group on FetLife where you can join and/or read the gruesome, crinkly tales:
    The Waddling Dead Stories on FetLife
  2. Or you can read them here on my website:
    The Waddling Dead Stories

So what is The Waddling Dead?

Each season is a multi-episode ABDL zombie tale that follows a group of college sorority girls as they battle the undead … while wearing diapers, of course.

The season three story picks up where the second season left off with Britney and all the sorority girls being taken away from Harris Regional Hospital by military escort.

They are transported to a military hospital for treatment and medical attention and then they are mysteriously taken away to another location.

It winds up being a secret military base in the mountains of Connecticut where the girls are used as lab specimens as the military tries to turn the zombie virus into a weapon.

And for a third time, Britney and the girls are forced to fight for their lives as the virus spreads across the base.  But the military has been experimenting with the virus and now a third strain enters the mix.

From military hangar holding cells to Connecticut woods to a mountain top climax where Britney enters a blood bath battle with multiple zombies, The Waddling Dead Season Three take the ABDL zombie story line and infects the situation worse.

Join Britney as she shows you how a few diapered girls can kick a virus’s ass.

The Waddling Dead Season One on Kindle Unlimited
The Waddling Dead Season Two on Kindle Unlimited
The Waddling Dead Season Three on Kindle Unlimited


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