Something so Familiar

“So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we find the answers we seek, they soon become inevitable.” – Unknown

Words describe it, but nothing can express what a dream feels like in real life. You simply have to experience it to know.

The Daddy and BabyGirl dynamic takes every emotion, every ounce of love and life you share with one another in a relationship and adds an impassioned meaning to it all. It is natural for her to feel “little” and long to have her senses, her heart and her mind affected when you treat her with a kindness, love and tenderness that melts the soul of a BabyGirl instantly.

As you grow together, you find what sustains you in life – realizing what is important and what is less important, to both of you. You will change because of her. And if it was meant to be she’ll change, too, because of you. That’s when it ceases to be a Dream and becomes a Dream-Come-True.

There’s love which seems best for the moment. And there’s love which seems best for a lifetime. It’s a matter of figuring out which is best for you. You’re always looking for that person who is looking for you. Meeting someone who sees and pursues it as you do is where fate may well come into it. – unless you already have them – to cherish and be cherished by. Then the “lifetime” can begin.

If she excites and connects with you, seeks a bonding of hearts, to love and be loved, to share all her life with you, to trust and find fulfillment, has the littlest of hearts and the simplest of souls, is she the “reality” which includes your fantasy? Are you the “reality” which includes hers?

There’s a fine line between feeling something and knowing you can never feel it enough. There’s also a fine line between the next 30 days and the next 30 years. And that’s okay because not everything winds up being what you thought it was. You do live, learn and grow. It wouldn’t be healthy if you didn’t. Maybe there’s a reason for that and maybe that’s where fate comes into it again.

And you’ll be wiser for the future, to know to do it all again, to not be jaded and to lay your heart out again for someone, not because you didn’t learn before, but because you did learn. – She is worth it. – She is worth every bit of your heart and every bit of your love because she longs to receive the same thing you long to give … and what that specifically is will bond the two of you.

The past speaks volumes about people, but never defines who they are. It merely shows who they’ve been already and helps define who they’ll be in the future, the fantasy sought in the reality found. Either for now or forever, whichever the heart dreams for.

Your heart never loses what it feels and grows stronger for what it needs. And what it needs may arrive as someone you were not expecting, whether you met that person already or whether she is still a perfect stranger.

You smile and say hello, realizing there is something so familiar already.

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