The Sophistication of Innocence

Admittedly, I am (and probably always will be) lacking in technological know-how.  In other words, settings on my cell phone not only confuse me but bewilder me completely. 

When I was born, Heaven was all out of tech savvy smarts on that day.  Friends, attendees at LLAMA munches, co-workers and on occasions, random strangers have helped me to figure out the simplest of technological tasks. 

But do you know who else has solved my techno-boggles?

BabyGirls.  I constantly reference that dear sweet angel whom God Almighty sent down to me at the absolute perfect moment in my life.

I once had her on her back with her legs up in the air as I was wiping her bottom clean … while at that very same moment, she had my cell phone in her hands – giving it the much-overdue software update it needed while also getting the settings right so that my phone automatically did those updates in the future.

Even now as I type this, I remember that perfect mixture of helpless innocence and independent know-how that she possessed.

I don’t remember when I stumbled across this series of pictures or where they came from, but by the low, blurry quality they have, I am assuming they were snapshots someone took of a video of this girl.

In these pictures you see a girl using a keyboard, presumably perusing the internet or playing a computer game on the TV.  At the same time, she is sitting there in nothing but a bib and a diaper – likely waiting as her lunch is prepared.

In a great many ways, she represents the intelligence to solve java script errors with a few key strokes while also representing the innocence of not being able to keep her pants dry.

There’s an amazing truth to this contrast of personality traits.  And when put together as they are in these pictures, it is clearly displayed that she is as independent as she needs to be while being as dependent as she wants to be.

You know that she will lift the Trojan virus off your laptop with no trouble but if you forgot the wipes, things are gonna get stinky around here in a minute.


And that is the sophistication of innocence.

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