Mix in the Middle

If you look around different ABDL and other sites, you will find tons of pictures of BabyGirls with really big teddy bears. 

And there is something oh so endearing about them that is very easy to put to words.

For Love of a Teddy Bear …

I kept coming across this particular BabyGirl and that specific teddy bear over and over.  And I was so taken in by the images that I made a collection of them.  I’m certain there are more pics out there (and please email me with the links so I can continue to grow this collection!)

But what captivates me the most about this set is how it tells a story of two mindsets, a crinkly tale of two cities … so to speak.

If you will indulge me …

It was the dream birthday present, the one she couldn’t have possibly thought of.  And when her Daddy gave her the enormous teddy bear, she couldn’t help but regress without even knowing it was happening.

In many ways, it was the ideal match for her.  It was a larger-than-life teddy bear and she was a BabyGirl who felt as little as she looked.  The match was ideal, but not perfect.  That word she saved only for when she was asked to describe the dynamic between she and her Daddy.

But like many crinkly princesses, she often waged a war inside herself, one where she struggled to find the balance between her little girl inclinations and her Big Girl urges.  And while she always looked forward to intimacy with her Daddy, those special times didn’t always line up with her schedule – especially when she was supposed to be taking a nap.

Following her impulses, she gently rocked her diapered hips back and forth, making a most adorable crinkly noise.  But what she didn’t realize was her Daddy had been keeping an eye on her since he put her down for her nap. 

And presently, he was recording her with his phone.

Once more, the war waged within her.  Growing ever needy to satisfy her Big Girl urges, she now felt the slightest bit of humiliating tingles inside as her Daddy made undeniable visual proof of her no-so-little actions.

She knew he wasn’t going to leave and she honestly didn’t want him to, though she would never admit to it.  But regression, humiliation, arousal, security and that sense she always got of being kept blended together into an overwhelming mixture inside her.

So she did the only thing she could think to do just then.

She started rocking her diapered hips with a more even glide, feeling her slickness and swell increase as she began breathing a little less evenly.  With erratic gasps, she closed her eyes – not wanting to look at her Daddy for fear of blushing deep shades of pink.

And then it happened, the BabyGirl going rigid before trembling all over.  Her muscles inside contracted and then released, over and over and over, her glides slowing down as a wonderful sensation rushed out of her center and washed out over her entire frame. 

And her Daddy had been there to capture for posterity every blessed, adorable little moment of her babygasm – a mellowing afterglow to follow.

This wouldn’t be the only time her really big teddy bear helped her reach a wonderful little babygasm.  And it became a daily routine for her, being allowed to do it again right before her afternoon naps – provided she had been good that day so far. 

What an irresistible reason to be a good girl!

And though overly affectionate afterwards, she smiled as her afterglow ushered her into the otherworld she visited during nap times – to the land of diapered dreamers.  With her littleness regressing her and her Big Girl urges satisfied, she basked in the glorious victory that always ended the war within her … for a little while at least.  She knew, however, that a really big teddy bear, a thick diaper and her Daddy with his cell phone would always make her find the balance between little and Big.  And she would always find that perfect mix in the middle.

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