With Her Heart In Her Daddy’s Hands

Taken from the ABDL pure-n-innocent tale:

Feeling Little In A Big World 3
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here is a little story about the safest place for a BabyGirl to be.


December 22nd, 12:30 pm

Clyde and Boo pulled out of the parking lot of Clucker’s Restaurant, having had a quick and light lunch.  The rest of their day would be busy.  Boo didn’t realize how busy things were going to get but she knew that she had been looking forward to this day for a little while.

It was that time of year again, the Christmas season – when green-n-red was the color scheme that blanketed the land, when shopping was a necessary activity and when those familiar holiday songs played everywhere.  And all of these things had put Boo in the yuletide spirit.

Acting on this accordingly, Clyde took her to the Drive Town Mall – the one place that displayed Christmas more clearly than anywhere else locally.  The mall had a reason to, of course.  And it was packed, despite the loss of so much business to the internet.  But this mall had been very wise in making the transition of the times.  They created a membership program where – for every purchase someone made online, they would receive a coupon from the mall for a hard-to-pass-up deal.

Needless to say, Boo signed up for this mall membership the moment she heard about it.  And they would routinely take trips there.  On this specific day, they were venturing to the mall for a planned reason – to visit Crystal’s Boutique.  Clyde promised Boo a complete Christmas outfit, multi-layered and from head to toe.

This was a mind-blowing promise he made her.  In short order, Boo had everything in Crystal’s Boutique mentally inventoried, having created multiple outfits and then changing those outfits up a dozen times until she had created the perfect Christmas look.  All of this was complete with a winter coat, gloves and scarf that she special ordered.  But Boo knew very good and well that, once they got to the Boutique, Crystal would probably convince her to try different combinations other than those she had already dreamt up.

Thinking about the outfit-to-be, Boo picked up her baby blanket – the same baby blanket she had slept with every night since her birth.  Finding a soft edge on it, she gently rubbed that soft edge on her lower lip – just as she had always done when in deep thought or when in deep regression or when thinking about important things like the outfit she was going to find at Crystal’s Boutique.

Crystal wasn’t just the owner of that boutique.  She was also Boo’s sister-in-law to-be.  And the two of them had become fast friends.  Crystal was well aware of the unique relationship dynamic that Boo and her brother Clyde share.  Crystal’s little brother had always been a bit kinky, to say the least.  So, it came as no surprise to her at all.

In fact, Crystal accepted their dynamic fully, especially after she saw how blissfully happy it made Boo and how purposeful it made Clyde feel.  And given what Crystal had been going through recently in her life, she was happy to see her brother and Boo so in love – engaged and enjoying every bit of each other’s company.

Boo practically hopped out of the car when Clyde pulled into the mall parking lot, Clyde having no luck in finding a close space to the building.  She was so excited for Christmas that she was bursting at the seams and the Christmas wreaths that had been hung from every light pole in the parking lot, a most-impressive feat in itself, got her doing one of her favorite yuletide habits … humming Christmas tunes.

Boo wasn’t very good at remembering lyrics, but she knew the tunes well.  And while holding Clyde’s hand, she crinkled alongside him as they made their way to the mall entrance.

Clyde and Boo were more than just an ageplay couple, a Daddy-n-BabyGirl combination with all the promises of the stars to look forward to.  They were also the completion of each other’s unfinished sentences, always understanding what the most important thing was to focus in on in the present moment.  Oh, Boo was also always looking ahead to what would happen next, but she never did so at the expense of the moment.  And Clyde?  He was the perfect leader, that ideal sense of calmness mixed with passion, that rock she needed to find her own balance.

Yeah.  It would be fair to say that they were soul mates, made specifically for each other and to find each other.

Clyde was effortless in his ability to make Boo feel little, littler than what she truly believed she was.  And because of this, she always looked to him for validation of what she was feeling – no matter how crinkly and regressed she may have been.

Boo never gave a bit of hesitation in regressing into him, never resisted the charisma he possessed – that ever-present propensity to melt her more easily than butter in the heat of summer.  With him, she never knew what to expect.  But more importantly, she never regretted what she got.  And it was because of this that a deep-rooted trust began – turning quickly into a relationship, then into love and just as swiftly into engagement.  And her view of the Heavens above, whenever she found herself lying on the backseat of his car, gave more rise for submission to him than the rise of her legs as he changed her diaper.

He wasn’t just a guy.  He was a man.  And he wasn’t just a man.  He was a daddy.  And he wasn’t just a daddy.  He was her Daddy.

Entering the mall, Boo thought back on the lessons she learned in these past few months with him and the ultimate lesson she learned from that sorority witch who embarrassed her back in September.

While sitting in Clyde’s car at a campus intersection that had just seen a car accident, Boo watched as Clyde ran over to the scene of the accident to help save a driver’s life.  Boo was dressed as a BabyGirl and, as was often the case with her, she needed a change – made desperate by the forthcoming release of her bowels.  A sorority girl nearby caught sight of her and figured out what the meaning of Boo’s attire meant.  Then this sorority girl walked up to the car and not only made Boo feel horrible for being who she was but also laced the female competition thing just a bit more fully by telling Boo what a backwards disgrace she was to the advancement of her own gender … an important social issue, but one that a professor had clearly placed in the sorority girl’s mind.  Application and implementation of this social issue would likely be what that sorority girl would be taught in semesters to come, but not yet obviously – tact being absent still.  And Boo suffered the ill-placed wrath of that girl’s opinion. 

However, there was a true-to-karma ending to that horrible experience for Boo.  A month later, she would bump into that sorority witch again, moments after the girl saw her boyfriend break up with her.  In an act of moderate kindness, Boo approached the girl and reminded her of what karma truly meant – good for good and bad for bad … stating that we all have the ability to change our own destiny.

Walking past Eternal 31 and Western Valley Outfitters, Boo smiled brightly at her next remembrance.

The one memory Boo would keep closer to her heart than all the others wasn’t about being discovered or picked on or praised or diapered or anything of those sorts.  It was about how Clyde proposed to her.  On their way home from the Greek Week Parade at center campus back in October, he presented her with a little white box that had an engagement ring in it.  After sobbing uncontrollably, Boo said yes – then climbed up on his lap and sat down on him … facing him and hugging him as he drove home.  And in true BabyGirl fashion, she wet herself, right there on her Daddy’s lap.

Getting into the mainstream of the mall, Boo was overcome with a sudden rush of giddiness, not just for the events of this day but also for the events that had progressed forward so recently.

October saw them traveling to different fall festivals, one of which including pumpkin picking and the obligatory pumpkin carving to follow.  November saw them setting the initial plans in motion for their wedding and that month ended with a double helping on Thanksgiving day.  They had Thanksgiving lunch with her family and Thanksgiving dinner with his family, meeting each other’s parents and families.  Boo was especially thankful for having met his older sister, Crystal.

Clyde and Boo would be married in June.

And now with Christmas three days away, Boo was overwhelmed with planning their wedding in the spring along with dealing with a list of growing uncertainties such as where they were going to live, finding work that was not only local enough to be feasible but also profitable enough to enable them to make a living together.  And though the overwhelm was building up inside her, she was weathering the storm – but desperately needed some relief from the stress.

That’s why this day was so important.  Clyde had planned some holiday fun to help her take her mind off the wedding.  And he always came through with what he promised, the greatest attribute of trust that a BabyGirl sought.  Though unlike a lot of guys, Clyde helped tremendously with the wedding preparations.  He offered up suggestions and gave his opinions but ultimately left the big decisions up to her.  It certainly was the joint venture it was supposed to be, but Boo had the control over all of it – just as she needed to have.

Reaching center court of the mall, Boo and Clyde began weaving through the mass of people standing in a most unorganized line to see Santa.  And though her mind grew very excited with thoughts of sitting on Santa’s lap, Boo showed some self-control – knowing that they were headed to the realization of something as opposed to the promise of something.  And besides, her sister-in-law to-be was going to be there.

Santa could wait until another time.

Passing Coconut Republic and Corwyn Klein, Boo started thinking about what clothing she was going to buy for Clyde this Christmas.  After several months of seeing what his wardrobe looked like, she decided that she was going to buy him three new outfits every Christmas and then demanded that he threw away three outfits he didn’t want anymore.  Clyde rarely bought new clothes for himself, instead – continuing to wear what he had … regardless of how many holes were in it.  Something had to be done about this and Boo took up the challenge, not knowing if he was going to take well to it or not.

Passing TowerSpot Silver Tiara, she got the impulse to go inside and inventory the stationery and journals they offered.  It was an obsession she had most of her life, having probably 50 different journals in her possession – most of which she never had any intentions of using.  She just loved the inspirational messages and cute pictures.

And with each careful step she took, holding onto her Daddy’s hand and fighting to keep her chin up so as to not droop too deeply into shyness, she heard the crinkle under her skirt.  It was the ever-present reminder that she was a BabyGirl and it kept her filled with flutters the whole time, a feeling she grew accustomed to but didn’t control.

When regressed, she looked at the world in a different way, in a completely different light.  Things that were as ordinary as could be suddenly became fascinating to her and seemed larger than life.  Her attention became tremendously focused and this led to her not being able to process what would happen next.

And as she delved deeper and deeper into littleness, the shiny object syndrome took her over – completely on occasions. 

Crinkle, crinkle, crinkle.  The noise snapped her back to reality and back to the moment – as did a look she received from a couple who were standing nearby as she and Clyde walked past.  The couple watched closely, trying to decide what was making that crinkly noise.  Boo pulled her legs closer together with each little stride, trying to work herself through the slight dizziness she suddenly felt.  This was a common reaction when her little mind made her believe that someone knew something about her, about what she was perhaps wearing under her skirt and moreover – the reason why she was wearing it.

A bit of embarrassment fell over her senses, a slight tingling sensation dancing across the surfaces of her body.  She felt herself to be exposed and this belief made her movements a bit more docile.  Sensing her regression, Clyde playfully squeezed her hand a few times, helping her to mentally remain in the present.

But the truth of the matter was: the longer she was with him, the more regressed she became.  From one visit to the next, her regressions were growing deeper and deeper still.  Her mind took her to places that seemed so happy and so safe and so pleasant that she had no desire to return from them.  And Clyde, her beloved Daddy and fiancé, nurtured this transition for her.  This was why she loved him so very deeply.

Her Daddy kept her feet grounded while allowing her head to stay in the clouds as long as she liked.  As it turned out, she stayed in the stratosphere as long as she could.  It was a most wonderful addiction. 

“Baby?” Clyde said, playfully squeezing her hand again and snapping her out of the daydreaming stare she was in.

Boo looked up at her Daddy and then grew wide-eyed as she watched him reach into his left coat pocket.

Oh, my goodness.  He wasn’t going to get her pacifier out, was he?  Not here, not at the mall.  What if somebody saw?

But before she could process the shock she was in, her pacifier did indeed come out of his left coat pocket and was placed directly in her wide-opened mouth.  Frozen in place, she looked up at her Daddy for directions.  There was nothing around her that would distract her now.  There was no shiny object syndrome, just then.  And she had completely overcome any inkling of a short attention span.

Clyde smiled warmly, his heart melting at her reaction.  Placing two fingers on the side of her chin, he gently turned her head to the right.

Boo saw the entrance to Crystal’s Boutique and she saw Crystal standing there, waiting for them.  So unbelievably excited, Boo began to bounce – her heart leaping out of her chest.  She absolutely loved Crystal.  And Crystal was smiling from ear to ear as she threw her arms out, summoning Boo over to her with gimme, gimme hands.

Clyde held the back of Boo’s jacket with his right hand, waiting for the inevitable to happen.  Following her instincts, Boo sprinted towards Crystal – her arms drooping backwards as she ran right out of her coat.  The cutest display of affection commenced, Boo’s skirt flopping and her diapered hips crinkling up a mighty storm as she ran into her sister-in-law to-be’s open arms – embracing her with the biggest little girl hug she could muster.  And for a rarity, Boo actually knew she was wetting herself – not drench-worthy but enough to allow the overload of emotions to pass through her.  More often than not, she would tinkle without any knowledge of it until she felt the wetness.

“Hello, Bonnie,” Crystal said with a warming and inviting tone, embracing her sister-in-law to-be with affection.  “And how is my little Boo, today?  Hmm?  Are you excited to pick an outfit?”

“Yeff!” Boo mumbled behind her pacifier, keeping her arms wrapped around Crystal and clinging to her.  “I love oo, C’istal.”

“I love you too, Sweetie,” Crystal said, rocking Boo back-n-forth as their hug continued – Clyde walking up to them.

“Thank you for doing this, Sis,” Clyde said to Crystal, smiling at how Boo was so affectionately embracing her.  “She’s been looking forward to this for quite a while.”

“For quite a while?” Crystal questioned with a smile and a small laugh.  “You only called me two days ago, Clyde.”

“True, but for a BabyGirl like her, two days is quite a while,” Clyde remarked.  “And she really loves spending time with you.”

“Well, then we will have to find her the absolute perfect outfit – the one that will turn everyone’s heads to look at her and the one that will keep them looking at her,” Crystal said, rubbing Boo’s back – Boo lifting her head up and resting her chin on Crystal’s sternum while looking up at her.  “Girls just love gushing attention … when it’s the right kind of attention.”

“Do you have any outfits that make diaper changes easier?” Clyde asked with a syrupy-sweet tone while patting Boo on her bottom – Boo clinging even more tightly to Crystal as her knees went weak at the feeling her Daddy just put inside her.

“Oh my, yes.  Well, Boo Boo, it sounds like your Daddy wants you to be in a dress,” Crystal said to Boo, now with a more maternal tone.  “Let’s go inside and take a look at what I have.”

 Crystal patted Boo on her behind and the BabyGirl crinkled into the boutique, stopping at the very center and looking around.

“She absolutely loves your store,” Clyde said, melting as he saw his BabyGirl looking around in wonderment of everything Crystal had packed into her little store – nursing on her pacifier and trying to wrap her mind around the seemingly impossible tasking of making a choice … of picking a single outfit from all these wonderful options and accessories and shoes and … ohhhh.

“I wish more people felt that way,” Crystal said with a slightly grim tone, reaching up for the front gate.

“What do you mean?” he asked, then seeing her pull the front gate down.  “Wait.  What are you doing?”

“Closing the store for lunch,” Crystal answered, locking the gate at the floor.  “Well, not really for lunch but so we can have privacy and so she can have the run of the place.”

“Well, what if a customer comes by and wants in?” he asked with great confusion.

“Then they’ll wait.  But the odds of that happening are really slim,” Crystal answered, watching Boo mill about the boutique aimlessly – still lost as to where to begin.  “Clyde, my cute little store isn’t doing very well and I’ve decided to sell it off after the holiday season.  It’s just one more failure in my life that will be complete.”

“Sis, you gotta stop talking that way,” Clyde said, keeping his voice down so Boo didn’t hear what they were talking about.  “Not everything was meant to be.  And you’ve got to stop looking at life as a series of successes and failures.  That doesn’t help you to be like that.”

“I know,” Crystal said with a sigh, she and her brother watching Boo reach up under her skirt to pull out her diaper wedgie.  “She is just the most adorable thing in this world.  A forever BabyGirl.”

“A forever BabyGirl who loves her sister-in-law more than she can put into mumbles,” Clyde added, putting his arm around his big sister.

“Does she need her diaper changed before we get started?” Crystal asked with a hopeful maternal tone.  “We’re gonna be here a while.”

“No, not yet,” Clyde said with a laugh, recognizing his sister’s growing need to be nurturing – a need she had always had but had never satisfied as she had no children to call her own.

Clyde followed them around the store as the girls started on the near end and went through every conceivable option.  Crystal was a little surprised that her brother had agreed to stay.  He had to have known that she and Boo were going to be at this for a while.  Not more than a month ago, Crystal and Boo went shopping for a cocktail dress for Crystal.  It took eight and a half hours.

But Clyde kept up with them as they went along.

“Okay,” Crystal started.  “Here are the club dresses I have.  There are some that are short-n-tight and some that are long-n-tight.  But they all are revealing.”

Boo scrunched her lips up, her pacifier pushing to the side as she decided about the club dress option.  Looking down the racks on the wall, she chose to make up her mind as there were many more options to look at and only 24 hours in a day.  Wrinkling her nose, she shook her head no to the club dresses.

“The next would be the casual choices,” Crystal said, leading Boo down the rack – Boo feeling the soft materials of the casual dresses.  “They are flowy, soft and breathable.  There’s little fuss to them.”

Tilting her head to the side, Boo contemplated this possibility.  They would be fun to wear and some of them were super-duper adorable.  But they were good options for the spring and summer.  And they probably wouldn’t keep her warm this time of year.

So, onward they went.

“You may not be thinking about little black dresses.  They are figure-shaping and gracefully flaunting but they don’t leave any room for you,” Crystal said, patting the thickness of diaper on Boo’s behind.  “Let’s move onto the next ones.”

And while Boo agreed with her, she still took a moment to think of how obvious her diaper would be if she was to wear a little black dress overtop of it.  Tingling from the visions in her head, she crinkled on.

“Here we have backless dresses and lace dresses.  They’re pretty but aren’t good for outside winter wear,” Crystal said, moving Boo onto the next rack – Boo really wishing it was summertime because she loved how lace looked but it was uncomfortable and itchy when she wore it.

The next rack had skater dresses.  And these were really fun!  Stopping in the middle of that rack, Boo put her hands on her hips and looked over the options of hues and distinct patterns and textures available.  Skater dresses typically adorned the female silhouette with frilly details present below the waistline – giving it a seamless fit. They were also usually short with hems present above the thigh level.

But Boo turned them all down, this time taking Crystal’s hand and leading her on to the next rack – Crystal and Clyde sharing a smile as it seemed lil Boo Boo was leading the charge now.

“How about floral designs?” Crystal asked with excited animation, playing up to Boo’s littleness and encouraging the BabyGirl to reach out and touch the dresses.

Oh, my.  They were so pretty, and Boo adored anything with floral designs and patterns on them – from stationery to wall paper to billboards to everything else.  But the floral design dresses Crystal had seemed a bit more appropriate for Easter time.

“I think that now we are getting into the selections you will really like,” Crystal said with a sweet maternal tone, stroking Boo’s hair as she showed the BabyGirl the next rack – the contents of which making Boo bounce up-n-down and fidget with crinkliness.  “Babydolls.”

Oh, my. Babydoll dresses galore!  They were all sorts of shades of light pastels, pinks and purples and lime and yellow and oh wow!  Boo loved babydoll dresses not just for their namesake but also for how they fit, always a short-n-sweet flow with a fitted bodice or bralette and loose-gathered skirt.  She couldn’t understand why anyone could wear a babydoll and not feel like a baby.  Boo often wore them as nightgowns.  There were also the babydoll options that had long sleeves and gathers above the waist.  Maybe she could brave the chill outside.  These dresses were so cute.

It was gonna be super hard to turn them down.  Apparently, they were very popular items as Crystal probably had 30 different dresses on that rack.  But Boo had to keep to her plan, looking for a Christmas outfit.  And her Daddy wanted it to be a dress or have a skirt to it.  So, the babydolls would have to be a dream purchase for a later time.

There were some comfy-looking sweater dresses and some oxygen-restricting corset dresses she turned down.  She also passed up on the short-flared skirt and cropped blouses.  And it was at this point, that Clyde’s fatigue finally surfaced.  But Crystal was a smart business owner, providing a couch near the rack of dresses for the shopping-weary significant others of those who came to browse there.

But there was a light at the end of the tunnel and Crystal was saving it for the very end of this dress parade, wanting Boo to consider the other dresses before showing her the back section.  The greatest length of time would be spent in the back section but Crystal was certain Boo would indeed find what she was looking for there.

Boo was directed to this particular section with covered eyes and when allowed to look, she practically dove into the clothing.  Her squeal of happiness would have been ear-piercing – had there not been a pacifier in her mouth.  In front of her was a complete dream wardrobe for any BabyGirl who loved to be cute and adorable and girly.

There were white dresses that looked like they would be perfect for an adult flower girl.  Boo’s little heart just melted when she saw them – especially since she would soon be shopping for wedding dresses before too much longer.

The ruffled leggings made her tingle all over, the ruffles covering the backside and putting visions in Boo’s head of what those leggings would look like when stretched just a bit by a bulky diaper.

The tutu dresses drew her in with their cute decal front and long pleated skirt bottoms.  And the bib overall dress tops with attached pleated skirts just made her gush all over the place.

But she kept her reservations, something she didn’t often do.  Then a bright smile formed behind her pacifier as her shoulders shrunk up with shyness.  Seeing this, Clyde got up from the couch and walked over to her.  Boo had made a selection, her decision seeming firm.

“Boo, do you know which one you want?” Clyde asked, Boo nodding sheepishly.

“It works every time,” Crystal said to him.  “Go back to the couch, Daddy-o.  I’ll get her dressed in it.”

Crystal helped Boo gather the components of the outfit and then led her back to the first changing stall.


Clyde got comfortable on the couch again, setting the diaper bag and Boo’s coat to his side while listening.  However, all he could hear were Boo’s small giggles and Crystal’s inaudible whispered words.  But he had learned patience and knew he would be called upon when the time was right, the couch having been strategically placed to see the changing stall doors.

“I think your Daddy is just gonna swoon over you when he sees you in this outfit,” Crystal whispered, unzipping the back of Boo’s skirt and helping her to step out of it.  “That’s a good girl.”

Crystal folded the skirt and placed it next to the stool in the stall, Boo turning to face the mirror – her shoulders shrunken way up with shyness and the instincts of modesty keeping her knees together.  She felt even smaller than she looked.  But her look was about to change.

“I’ll need to make sure that Daddy changes you soon,” Crystal said with a maternal tone, glowing as she lifted Boo’s top up-n-off her frame.  “He said it isn’t time yet, but I don’t think he knew that you were wetting yourself while looking at all that cute clothing, hmm?”

Oh, my.  Crystal knew so well how to regress Boo with a simple inflection of her voice that Boo wondered how this was possible – given that Crystal wasn’t a mother.  Yes, Boo had indeed wet herself quite a bit and her diaper was nearing the point when a sag usually began.  But her Daddy said that it wasn’t time for a change yet.  And if the regressions of littleness affected Boo at all, it was never more so clearly seen than in how submissiveness always accompanied her demeanor.

She would compliantly wait until Daddy decided to change her.

“Have a seat,” Crystal said with sweetness, taking a seat on the stool and patting her lap – Boo crinkling over to her shyly and sitting down.

Crystal took Boo’s shoes off and her socks off, now having stripped the BabyGirl down to nothing but her bra and diaper and earrings … and of course, her engagement ring.  Boo collapsed against Crystal, her sister-in-law to-be beginning to rock her gently.  Boo’s regression had traveled deeply inward at this point and the reassurance of nurturing was timely in order.  The outfit could wait a few minutes and would certainly look even more adorable on Boo if the girl was capable of standing on her feet.  But for just then, she was a pile of baby mush – being rocked and patted and stroked.

“You’re such a good girl, Boo Boo,” Crystal whispered to her, still rocking her gently.  “And C’istal loves you very much.”

Boo’s little mind was spinning inside her head, the receptors of information overloading with the influx of sensations and emotions.

“Your Daddy loves you very much and you will always be his BabyGirl,” Crystal whispered, the sentiment melting Boo all that much more with thoughts of forever.  “And therefore, you will always be my BabyGirl as well.  When we are together, I will keep you exactly how he keeps you – so you are never removed from that wonderful place in this world that you have found … where you belong and flourish.”

Crystal turned Boo to face her, the BabyGirl still feeling like mush but regaining her spine when she saw Crystal pick up the shirt of the outfit selected.  Without being asked, Boo lifted her arms up, her fingers flexing in gimme gimme hands fashion as Crystal brought the shirt down over her head.

“Good girl!” Crystal whispered with animation, pulling the shirt down over Boo’s frame – then plumping and primping as needed … Boo then removing the pacifier from her mouth and rubbing the left wrist cuff of the shirt on her lower lip.  “Yes, it’s super soft, isn’t it?”

Boo nodded playfully, getting even more excited when Crystal picked up the leg wear.  Boo then turned shy again when she saw the details on the leg wear.  It was a rollercoaster of mindsets for her.

“You are gonna just love where your Daddy is taking you tonight,” Crystal said with a grin, Boo looking up at her and plunking the pacifier back in her mouth – hoping Crystal would reveal the location of this mysterious holiday trip.  “Yes, C’istal knows where he’s taking you.  And you are gonna wanna feel as pretty as you look.”

Sliding the leg wear onto Boo’s feet and then up the girl’s legs, she had Boo stand to her feet so it could also be slid up-n-over her diaper.

“You’re gonna be the prettiest of all,” Crystal said with such a syrupy-sweet tone that she was practically cooing at her.

Boo was fully regressed at this point, hearing what Crystal was saying but only sort of understanding her.

“It’s time for that,” Crystal said with continued animation as she pointed to the dress hanging by the mirror in the stall.

But Boo was now too far gone to understand.  And Crystal would have to spell it out for her.

“Go git da dress, Boo,” Crystal instructed, pointing to the dress on the hanger and asking Boo to get it for her.

Boo slowly crinkled over to the dress and took down the hanger, her waddle being a bit wider as her diaper had swelled and, if not for the covering she had on, would also likely be sagging a lot by that point.  Turning back to face Crystal, Boo listened for the next direction.

“Bring it to me, Sweetie,” Crystal said with maternal tone, using gimme gimme hands to encourage Boo to waddle back to her.

And when Boo did, she received another loving embrace.

“Good girl,” Crystal said with playful animation.

Boo was in Heaven.  Everyone and everything around her were catering so very perfectly to keeping her littleness intact.

“Face the mirror,” Crystal directed, standing up and taking the dress off the hanger before carefully gathering its material and lowering it down over Boo’s raised arms.

And as Crystal lowered the dress into place, Boo felt a level of meekness coming over her.  She now saw the completed outfit and began to imagine what people would think when they saw her that evening.  She hoped that her Christmas-y appearance would help spread a little yuletide joy for all, the same as it did for her.

“And remember something, Sweetie,” Crystal whispered, facing the BabyGirl towards the stall door as she straightened the dress and attached all the buttons.  “A girl can always tell what a guy thinks of her by his initial reaction.  Your Daddy will let you know what he thinks of this pretty outfit without saying a word.”

Then Crystal opened the stall door and stepped out, turning back around and facing Boo.

Oh, my goodness.  What just happened there?  What seed had she just planted in Boo’s brain?  Forevermore, she would now be fixated on Clyde’s initial reactions to everything.

“Come out, Boo.  It’s okay,” Crystal said with a sweet tone, using the gimme gimme hands once again to encourage Boo to waddle out of the stall and present her Christmas outfit to Clyde.

It was then that Boo realized the gift Crystal had just given her in whispering that thought to her.

Boo slowly crinkled out of the stall, her heart was racing and she felt a bit dizzy.  It wasn’t because she was fearful of what her Daddy was going to think of the outfit.  It was because she was excited to see his reaction.  Even though little minded, Boo had quickly reached the same conclusion anyone could reach.  And if she loved her Daddy, she needed to trust he would be careful when holding her heart in his hands.

If she was going to believe in her Daddy and do so for the rest of her life, then she needed to believe in him, too.

Crinkling out, she kept her chin lowered for just a moment, allowing him time to eye up her outfit.

“Turn in a circle, Boo Boo,” Crystal said, the BabyGirl slowly turning around as her Daddy did indeed eye up what she was wearing.

Boo was wearing a green-n-red plaid bib shortall dress that reached down to her mid-thighs.  The skirt was pleated, with the cutest white lace on the lower hem.  The shoulder straps of the overalls were attached at the front of the skirt with cherry red buttons.

Under the dress, Boo wore a white cotton long-sleeved shirt with slightly flared cuffs and a neckline that had red edging.  On the sternum of the shirt, positioned above the top hem of the dress and between the shoulder straps, was an adorable cartoon decal design of Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer.

There was a short petticoat that flared the pleated skirt out just a bit and showed off her white ruffled leggings.  Running back into the stall, Crystal returned quickly with a pair of red warm-lined boots that, when she helped Boo step into them, reached up to just above the BabyGirl’s ankles and had caricatures of Santa on the front of the toes.

Though her shoulders were shrunken up and her chin was still lowered, there was a brightly beaming smile that shone from behind her pacifier.  She was all aglow from how the outfit made her feel.

Putting the Santa hat on Boo’s head, Crystal stepped back as Boo lifted her chin and looked at her Daddy.

His mouth had dropped wide open, his eyes two wells of tears – clear from even ten feet away.  He didn’t have the words to say how she looked in that outfit.  And that was the moment of validation Boo was looking for, made even more meaningful by some mental seeds her sister-in-law to-be had planted in her just before coming out of the stall.

Turning her hips back-n-forth slightly, she crinkled as she made her dress swish a little.

“Do you like it, Boo?” Clyde struggled to muster the vocal skills to ask, Boo smiling even more brightly behind her pacifier as she nodded.

Then she ran over into her Daddy’s arms.  As he patted her bottom, sensing and confirming with his sister that a diaper change was now drastically needed, Boo began to hum a Christmas tune.  The tune couldn’t be made out for how she was mumbling it.  However, she was clearly happy.  And for the time being, the stress reliever was working.

But oh my, what adventures did Clyde have in store for her later that day?  The mystery of which was enough to produce new stress for her to deal with.  And that might well have been what happened.  But Boo knew she was safe … with her heart in her Daddy’s hands.

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………….. The Feeling Littles


Feeling Little In A Big World
Feeling Little In A Big World 2
Feeling Little In A Big World 3



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