The Good Girl Lesson

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here’s a little story about what good girls receive.


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The Good Girl Lesson –

The door opened with the sound of rusty hinges squeaking, startling Lilah out of her sleep.  She was numb all over, a much-welcomed condition as it eliminated the pain of her bruises.  But at the same time, her awakening reminded her of how cold she was.  Her mouth and cheeks were covered with the dried remains of wet cat food, an indication to her that she had been left in that icy cold room for a few hours.  How long she had no idea.  But her bruises felt like they had at least begun to heal, in the sense that the surfaces of her skin that felt wet where bruised earlier now felt dry.  She wasn’t even aware it was dawn, not just for still being blindfolded but also for having been in that basement-like area for quite a while – completely deprived of sunlight.

Lifting her head slightly, she struggled to get up onto her knees – her wrists still cuffed behind her back.  But before she could ever kneel up, she felt a hand between her shoulder blades – pushing her back down on the dirt floor and taking her partial-kneel out from underneath her as she went flat onto her stomach.  That hand held her down as she felt a needle piercing the raw skin of her right bottom cheek, a sedating shot of something easing her instincts to fight back by depriving her of the motor skills to do so.  She had no idea what to expect next from him.  If it was anything like the lesson-teaching discipline she had received a few hours ago, it might well have been her complete undoing.

But as she would soon find out, the polar opposite of her fears was what was about to happen, a dramatic about-face shift that would scramble her mind-n-senses once more and give her a reason to comply in a manner she never would have contemplated.

The game of sensations and emotions was on.

The sedating shot was coursing throughout her body, keeping her limp all over as he freed her of the restraints.  Her wrists were taken out of the cuffs, her arms then falling flaccidly to her sides.  The blindfold was removed, giving her the sight of a few blurry objects in the dim lighting.  And it was then that she grew tremendously dizzy.

Turning her over on her back, he slipped his left arm under her knees and his right arm under the middle of her back – then standing and lifting her up.  Lilah’s nearly lifeless frame collapsed back against his chest, the side of her face finding rest on his right collar bone.

Carrying her out of that icy cold room and into the similarly cold hallway, the echoes of his steps reverberating off the walls.

“Maybe you would understand things more clearly if I showed you exactly what a good girl gets,” he said with his usual deep tone but now with an added sweetness to its quality.

Lilah opened her eyes, looking up at him but not being able to make out his face.  The only light in that hallway came from small overheads on the ceiling that passed directly above them and blinded her barely functioning irises each time.  At the end of the hallway, he began to ascend a flight of stairs.  This was a part of the building she hadn’t been in before … at least not while conscious.

At the top of that flight of stairs, he opened a door with his foot and a stream of bright lights hit her from the windows along with a warmth as the first floor of wherever she had been taken had heat.  Closing her eyes from the brightness, the statement he made played once again in her ears: … if I showed you exactly what a good girl gets.

What did that mean?  It certainly sounded alright, but she had completely given up on believing anything alright was ever going to be the case – at least not while being held captive by this guy.

Keeping her eyes closed, she remained in his arms as he carried her through what seemed like different rooms.  Paying attention to the sounds around her, she tried to determine where she was.  Sounds made better sense as indicators at this point, being as her eyes weren’t working very well.  And the sedative was keeping her well-contained within a web of mental and physical confusion.

Made even more confusing to her was the fact that his handling of her, previously harsh and cruel, was now gentle and compassionate.  What she believed of him and what she had experienced while being his abducted was now being erased and redefined in her mind.

When without any hope at all, the slightest acts of kindness could be felt and appreciated as being paramount.

This was both a reassuring and troubling thought to her.  But either way she viewed it, it was the present truth for her.

She heard a bit of traffic outside, the honking of horns and a church bell ringing – presumably nearby.  Within the closest city, she could think of a half dozen different churches with bells.  So the sounds didn’t help at all in placing where she was, just that her location was rural.

He carried her into another room, this one feeling quite small and very warm.  She cringed as thoughts entered her mind of this being her next room of punishment – where she would be sweated as opposed to frozen.  Keeping her eyes shut tightly, she braced herself for what was to come as he leaned over – preparing to set her down.

But instead of being set on the ground, she was lowered into a bathtub – the puffiest parts of her bruised bottom cheeks making first contact with the warm water and causing her to gasp at the warmth.  Next, her entire backside went into the water and then the soles of her feet – the warm water traveling up her spine and all around her.  Slowly, her entire body was lowered into that envelopment of warmth, a blanketed feeling that initially stung her wounded surfaces and made it seem like all the pain was not just returning but also being reinvented within her.  The nerve receptors were screaming all throughout her body, like a swarm of wasps were attacking her and laying proof as to why it was called a stinging sensation.

Lilah wept new tears, purging her emotions before they overloaded her once again.  But then the most wonderful thing happened.  The pain subsided, slowly but still with a definite and growing mellow.  When the ache left her senses, a mellowing of her mind commenced.  And then his hands provided the rest.

He had big hands, so very big.  It was a power he now kept bridled, holding back the strength he possessed so as to bathe her with such gentleness that she would, at last, find a comfort and trust in his abduction of her.  Oh so suddenly, his abduction of her had transformed into his care of her.  And she had no idea why the sudden change had taken place but she certainly wasn’t going to oppose it … or him.

Feeling him taking a washcloth to her legs, all her thoughts were suddenly about him.  For as brutal as he had been to her in the basement, he was now effortlessly melting her from within – using care on her surfaces to wash away the memories of her punishments.  And this had a profound effect on her, giving her moments when she forgave him completely.  After all, he was a man.  Men were naturally harsh. 

How could she expect him to defy his own nature?  He needed to make clear to her the rules.  He just didn’t know how to do this without physical force and torture … and beatings and bruises.  He wasn’t perfect.  But no man in this world was perfect.  All that mattered was that he recognized his mistakes.  And he had certainly begun making up for those mistakes now.

She felt him place his right forearm underneath the top of her thighs, lifting her slightly in the bath water and keeping her buoyant as he showed the greatest display of care yet by taking the washcloth across her tender bottom.  And he did this was such care that Lilah believed him to fully understand the remnants of the punishment he had put her through.  She didn’t flinch at all, not feeling any pain as he knew how to wash her swollen surfaces.

Bringing the washcloth up between her legs and then to her abdomen, he watched as she did something he hadn’t seen her do since he abducted her.  She smiled, filled with a strange yet wonderful sense of joy that he also knew how to touch a woman – spending a little time affecting her most sensitive areas without spending so much time the rest of her felt secondary in importance to what was between her legs.

He worked the washcloth around her torso, swirling from front to back and front to back – and stopping off at her chest for just as brief of a visit as was spent between her legs.  The gentle treatment felt like a series of gifts he was giving her, not the least of which being the tingles that were beginning to course throughout her frame – replacing the now-forgotten pain.  What happens to a woman’s body and soul and mind when she is handled by someone who knows the importance of effective touch … well, many arousing things can happen.

And though it may have seemed like the most unlikely time and place for Lilah to have been affected as such, that’s precisely what happened to her.  She had given up on trying to figure out the real answer to the question why and was swiftly beginning to respond with why not.  The pain, the cruelty, the punishment of earlier … it all seemed like the training she had been lacking – the training that, when completed, had awarded her the present.

Anything that could go from bad to good so quickly was worth her attention and was worth her submission.  Since the bad had been horrible, perhaps to good would continue her upwards to the Heavens.

He even went so far as to wash her hair, his fingertips kneading into her scalp and working out any remaining mental fatigue.  A bit surprising was how he did the shampoo and then the conditioner separately.  A bit more surprising was how the brands of shampoo and conditioner that he used were the ones she had at home.  And pitcher after pitcher of warm water rinsed her locks clean, making her hair lay flat once again.  Little did she know, she still hadn’t received the greatest bit of mind-melting from him yet.

Letting the water out, he lifted her up-n-out of the tub the same way she had been lowered into it.  Lilah continued to keep her eyes closed, hoping that the pampering hadn’t reached its end and also hoping that she hadn’t just dreamt up this wonderful, glorious bath at his hands.

Lilah was carried into yet another room, this one also being warm and well-illuminated.  And though still wet from her bath, she wasn’t the least bit chilly.  The sedative certainly kept her feeling a bit loopy and, if put to her feet, probably quite docile.  He placed her on a table, on the most comfortable of surfaces – a towel … plush and soft.

Now, sunlight seemed to be beaming down on her frame directly.  Likely this table was right next to a window.  This only encouraged her to keep her eyes closed and it was now as if he actually wanted her to keep her eyes closed – as opposed to her doing it on her own.  The warmth increased as did his physical care of her, first wrapping her in the towel and gently drying her off.  Oh my.  He might well have been a masseur with what he could do with his hands.

Unfolding the towel from her front, he took ointment to her wounds but did so with such tender care that she only winced momentarily – just from the initial touch.  He wasn’t at all as she expected and having gotten to know so much about him without laying eyes on him, there was only one thing let to do – superficial, but nevertheless, part of the natural process.  And one she was now ready to embark on.

He picked her up off that table, leaving the towel there and carried her into yet another room, this one also warm and bright.

Now where was he taking her?

And how many rooms did this house have?

This room had a scent to it, one that was mild but sweet.  And with eyesight still out of the picture, all her other senses came alive that much more.  Curiosity quickly began to kill her kitty and she opened her eyes ever-so-slightly, still protecting them from the brightness.  But when she saw what was in the room, she then opened her eyes great big-n-wide, her jaw dropping open as well at what she saw.

From her place in his arms, she looked around the room in disbelief, too shocked to make a sound.  And because of her silence, she could hear her heart pounding in her chest as a bit of excitement, ill-timed and ill-placed for her present circumstances, took her mind over.  A sense of submission melted into her.

The room was a nursery, but not just one with a crib and rocking chair.  Rather, it was completely decorated and filled with the wishes and dreams she had written about online – almost like he had read her postings and made note of every detail she described when he put this nursery together.  Though it couldn’t have been the case, to Lilah, it felt like he had listened in on her dreams.

Looking around the room she saw:

A crib – wooden and enormous in size, soft pink in color with decals and blankets and pillows, a mobile of little dream fairies hanging above it and stuffed animals galore inside it.  And she could only imagine what it would feel like to be inside it.

A rocking chair sat next to the crib, a shelf of books next to it and a tiny little night stand just behind it on the right side.

A changing table sat next to the rocking chair, also made of wood with a matching soft pink color.  The top had a tiny set of rails all the way around and a changing mat that looked super thick. Underneath the top were shelves that were loaded with diapers, put into OCD-laden perfectly straight stacks.  Though she couldn’t make out all the different brands as some weren’t obvious from the folded point of view, she was well-versed in the dozens of different diapers available from the dozen or more different diaper companies.  There were wipes and powder and even a few cute outfits that looked like bedtime attire.

Next to the changing table was a wicker basket that was billowing out with baby dolls and Barbies and other toys she had written about having in her youth.

In the one corner of the room was a closet that had likely been left open deliberately.  On the shelves in the closet were even more diapers and above them – a clothing rack that had been filled with every conceivable little girly outfit that he could fit in there.

Next to the door was a wicker vanity table, its top loaded with every imaginable thing one would need to do up their hair – whether in curls or in pigtails or a ponytail.  And there was also an open caboodle that not only had make-up in it but had the exact brand of make-up she used.

The center of the room was covered with a huge circular rug that had a winking unicorn in the very middle of its pink and cloudy design.  The unicorn had a rainbow-striped horn and it seemed like it was looking up at Lilah and smiling.

This room wasn’t just a dream nursery.  It was her dream nursery, exactly how she had described it online … exactly.  And this must have meant he had read her posting and indeed had followed her instructions when designing this nursery.  For as creepy as it seemed, given the allowance that he had abducted her and was obsessed with her already, this nursery also plucked at her heart strings.

This guy actually cared enough to pay attention, real attention to what she dreamed about and to what she wanted.

He carried her over to the changing table and placed her down on it, keeping his right hand behind her neck and his left hand under her bottom.  His lay of her suggested his belief that she was fragile and made of China glass.  Coming to rest on the super-thick changing mat, she turned her head and looked out the window.

They weren’t in a house at all, but rather, in a warehouse in the very center of town.  She now knew her exact location.

“Be a good girl now,” he said with his usual deep tone but a syrupy-sweet kindness in his timbre, Lilah looking up at him.

This was the first moment she had actually looked at him.  And, having just confirmed her location, she could now also confirm the identity of her abductor.  It was indeed Hiram, Diablo Daddy from the club munch night a few weeks ago.  That was the night he met her and the night he had the staring contest with her Daddy, Sam.

Hiram reached under the changing table and picked up a disposable diaper, gleaming white and as thick as could be.  Lilah smiled at the sight of it, a Dry 24/7 – the kind of diaper that would force her to have maximum waddle.  Unfolding it with his left hand while pinching her ankles together and lifting her legs-n-bottom into the air, Hiram continued the mind-melt as he demonstrated the control he naturally possessed – a quality for which she took notice.

“Aww, look at you,” Hiram said with a cooing fashion.  “Smooth all over.  Just like the little baby you already are.”

Lilah went from looking up at him to gazing up at him.  He also knew how to talk to a BabyGirl as well.  How this guy didn’t have a significant other was a mystery to Lilah.  True, he clearly had some sort of mental disorder because folks don’t normal kidnap the people they love or at least are infatuated with.  But she was beginning to look beyond that and to see who he was on the inside.  There were quite a few charming attributes to him, more examples surfacing as this pampering treatment continued.

He slid the unfolded diaper underneath her raised bottom, the back waistband touching the very base of her lower lumbar – the perfect spot for a diaper to fit around her … just how she liked it.  This she had never written about anywhere and it was something only her Daddy knew.  So the fact that Hiram was able to find that perfect spot on his own raised his stock in her mind.

“I’m so proud of you, Princess,” Hiram said, still holding her legs and bottom in the air as he reached to the shelves below for powder.  “You’ve learned so much already and this is why you are now being shown what a good girl gets … because you are a good girl.”

Ohhhhh, did this guy have it all figured out so very well.  And as he sprinkled a coating of powder across her cheeks, then caressing it out evenly with his hands, she felt her spine melt just a bit more.  She had been touched by how he addressed her insecurities already, having made the re-assuring statement that he was proud of her and then having called her Princess.

Though he had spanked her to the point where he had not only bruised her bottom but also scourged it to open wounds, the ointment and now the baby powder had soothed her backside.  And in the process, it was now soothing her mind.  If she didn’t know any better, she would have believed that she was falling in love with him.

Perhaps, just perhaps, she truly didn’t know any better.

“Just relax yourself, Baby,” Hiram said, lowering her bottom into the thick nestle of the diaper and her legs down to the changing mat, Lilah instinctively parting her thighs right away.  “Gooood girl!”

Her eyes glazed over.  Oh my.  He had called her baby, a pet name that did wonderful, wonderful things to her mind.  And now, after a gentle coating of powder on her front – from hip to hip and then down between her legs – she was turning to mush all over.

“A good girl is touched with such gentleness and such tenderness that she often cries for how wonderful it all feels,” Hiram said softly, caressing the powder evenly across her front and then down between her legs – giving her a small shudder and tingle to enjoy.

Maybe there really was magic in his fingertips, the same magic that seemed present in everything he was saying to her.

“There ya go,” Hiram said, folding the front of the diaper up and into place – fastening the tapes snuggly at her hips and enveloping her in a sense of security that went beyond the physical and the plastic and the softness.  “Back where you belong.”

He took a pacifier out of his shirt pocket and touched the silicone nipple to her lower lip.  Opening her lips, she took the nipple in her mouth.  Oh, her head was spinning, but now for all the right reasons.  She had lost touch with reality and couldn’t have been happier about it.

Bending her knees and pulling her parted legs up to her chest, she folded herself in half while placing both of her hands on the front of her diaper.  Closing her eyes, she smiled behind her pacifier – as brightly as the sun was shining through the window next to her and as sweetly as he had spoken to her.  She was indeed a very happy BabyGirl.

“Oh, I know that feels good,” Hiram said, sliding his arms underneath her and picking her up off the changing table.

Good?  Good?  It felt amazing!

Taking a seat in the rocking chair, Hiram placed her across his lap – Lilah growing fidgety with the continuing good feelings and not finding the poise to be still … not until he put his hand on her diapered bottom and squeezed – pulling her close to him.

Instantly, she submitted and collapsed against him.  She was in such a state of bliss, of absolute loving affection that she would’ve done anything he said to do – even if he took her back to that horrible, cold basement.  She had now seen how good things could be for her.  She had now felt how good things could be for her.  And everything was becoming crystal clear as to what she needed to do.  There were no uncertainties and no insecurities – the greatest gift of all.

“A good girl gets all the smiles, all the loving pats and all the softness she can handle,” Hiram whispered, Lilah gazing up at him as she rested her neck on the inside of his left forearm.  “A good girl is told that she has been good – so she always knows the difference between good and bad.  And she always knows what to do.”

All her attention was fully focused on him at that point.  Her mind was now rewired and his whispers were the most important words she had ever heard – because within them, she found herself and she found a place not only where she belonged but where she was needed.

Feeling as though she had a place in his world that had been reserved specifically for her produced in her a plethora of streaming thoughts of how he had the heart and mind of a tender daddy.  He just hadn’t ever had the chance to have a BabyGirl to give his gifts to.  So, she found herself being inundated with his returned affection as he saturated himself with the experience.

Standing up and keeping his left forearm under her diapered bottom, Hiram carried her over to the crib, pointing down to the crib mattress and drawing her attention to the gift-wrapped box that was sitting there.

“What is that, Baby?” Hiram asked with playfulness, then holding her firmly as she leaned over the side railing – reaching down and picking up the gift-wrapped box.

Lowering the side railing to make it easier for her to get a good grip on the box, he then carried her over to and set her down on the changing table.  Putting the box on her thighs, he encouraged her to open it.  And when she did, she found a pair of ever-so-super-soft pink footed pajamas.  Picking it up and brushing it up against the side of her face, she whimpered affectionately behind her pacifier.

“Arms up!” Hiram said with animation, taking the pajamas and setting the box on the floor – Lilah lifting her arms up as he slipped her hands into the sleeves, then making her lay down on the changing table.

She looked out the window again as he slid her legs into the pajamas and then began to button up the front.  Closing her eyes, she fidgeted a little – another smile forming behind her pacifier at the feel of how super-soft the pajamas were on the inside.  As she fidgeted, she heard the diaper at her waist just crinkling away and filling her with more wonderful feelings.

Up into his arms she went as he carried her over to the vanity table, grabbing something and then carrying her back over to the rocking chair.  No matter where he took her, Lilah was happy with being along for the ride.  The pajamas were the most wonderful thing she had ever felt and, because she was a creature of touch, the physical sensations had that much more of an effect on her.

Hiram sat down in the rocking chair and placed her across his lap again, becoming a bit overwhelmed by his emotions too.  Reaching back to the small nightstand, he picked up a baby bottle – Lilah’s eyes opening widely at first sight of it.  Grabbing it with both hands, she lifted her chin up to him – Hiram smiling lovingly and taking the pacifier out of her mouth a split second before she plunked the nipple of the baby bottle between her lips.

Curling up and nestling against his body, Lilah nursed from the bottle, tasting the formula and happily swallowing it with tiny gulps.  It was nourishment that was very welcomed, coating her stomach and easing her hunger pains as she listened to his mind-melting words.

“I trust you now understand clearly what a good girl gets,” Hiram said, taking the hair brush he picked up from the vanity table and beginning to smooth out her still-dampened locks.  “No one will disturb you.  No one will hurt you or take you away … ever again … provided you remain a good girl from now on.”

The bottle had sleeping medication in it, Lilah not realizing that she would soon be fast asleep again.

“You’ll get used to being my BabyGirl.  You’ll get used to loving me more than anything else in this world,” Hiram said with a softened tone, continuing to brush out her locks as she continued nursing on the bottle.  “Soon, you won’t remember anything before me.  Everything in your past that didn’t work out, everything that didn’t live up to the promises made to you will no longer be a regret in your mind.”

Hiram had brought her out of a dark place, literally and figuratively.  He carried her into the light and into the warmth, also literally and figuratively – treating her with a kindness she had forgotten existed.  He worked on her mind, pulling everything out of her from the inside while healing her on the outside.  He was both the destroyer and the redeemer.  And he had taught her the lessons of bad and good, allowing her to make the decision to be the latter.  But no matter where he led her, she would now follow him.  Hiram had given her something she didn’t realize she longed for.  Lilah had given him something he had always wanted … and knew he needed.

But for this to have happened, she had to first be stolen.

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