Diablo’s Selection

Taken from the Dark Age Play Thriller:


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here’s a little story about meeting the people who will change the course of your life … except, you don’t realize it yet.


Diablo’s Selection

Saturday night, 9pm

The Lair was hopping that night, a downtown dance club formerly known as The Chameleon – purchased by an entertainment group and rebranded into the hottest night spot the city had seen in a long time.  As an old factory building, The Lair had an old brick look on the outside but a modern interior.  There were three levels to the inside with balconies that overlooked the enormous dance floor on bottom level.  A sound system to rival that of stadiums played the music and kept the walls bouncing but the sound-proof structure kept the noise to a dull thump from the outside.  So, the surrounding neighborhood never complained about noise disturbances.

The Lair had to be booked months in advance if a group or organization wanted to schedule a private event there.  But this particular night at that dance club was indeed a private event, although it had only been booked out two weeks ago.

There was a reason behind this preferential treatment.

A gentleman named Victor sat in a seat at a small table on the third-level balcony.  Approaching the table was a gentleman named Sam who had just been to the third-floor bar and was carefully balancing three drinks in his hands.  Setting one drink in front of Victor, Sam put the other two on the table and took a seat.

“This is …… really impressive,” Sam said, looking over the balcony edge and seeing a sea of people dancing below.

“Yeah,” Victor said, picking up the beer in front of him and taking a swig.  “Diablo Daddy is filthy stinking rich.”

“That’s the guy who rented this place out, right?” Sam asked, picking up his beer and taking a swig.

“Yeah,” Victor said with a laugh.  “What that guy wants he gets.”

“What do you mean?” Sam asked.

“Aside from creating perhaps the most popular ABDL munch this area has ever known, his other accomplishments include: the amassing of wealth at other people’s expense as well as being judge and jury about who is and who isn’t allowed in the munch.  Also, he is a Daddy without a BabyGirl.  His eyes go places they shouldn’t sometimes.”

“I don’t know that all that makes him bad,” Sam offered as thought.

“What do you mean?” Victor asked, returning the question.

“Well … you make him sound like a horrible person.  But you gotta look at it from his perspective,” Sam said with honesty.  “I get the impression that he is a successful businessman, shrewd but successful.”

“Okay, I’ll give you that,” Victor said, conceding that point.

“And certainly, running a munch of any kind is daunting,” Sam added.  “I would assume he is liable for what might happen here tonight.  And if he’s liable, I would say that gives him the right to say who can and can’t attend.  Hopefully, he doesn’t wield an unreasonable fist of power when denying people.”

“Do you know what the name Diablo means?” Victor asked.  “Sam, we’ve been best friends all of our lives.  I’ve never known you to be so accepting of behavior that is shoddy, at best.”

“Diablo is the Spanish word for devil,” Sam said.  “And wandering eyes means he likes what he sees.  But I understand what you’re saying, Victor.  When someone develops a reputation for looking too much or too intensely, they are headed for trouble … especially if they are not the kind of person who is accustomed to hearing the answer no.”

“Now you’re getting the picture,” Victor said.

“Where is this guy anyway?” Sam asked, looking over the balcony.

“He’s sitting at the main table to the right of the dance floor,” Victor answered, pointing to the gothic-looking guy with sunglasses on.  “Where is Lilah right now?”

“She went to the bathroom,” Sam answered, studying Diablo Daddy and how people interacted with him.

“Wait a minute.  Isn’t Lilah diapered?” Victor asked with a grin, looking at Sam.

“Yep,” Sam answered, grinning back at him.  “Just like all these ABDLers who are running all over the place.  Geez, security must be a nightmare to pull off at this place.”

“No. No. Wait,” Victor said, stopping Sam from moving to another subject.  “If Lilah is diapered, then why did she go to the bathroom?”

“She will eventually use her diaper before this night is out, but she doesn’t want to have to put her clothes back on to leave the building and be changed in the back seat of the car,” Sam explained.  “And she doesn’t want to use the diaper and feel that discomfort for the rest of the night until she gets changed later.  So, she pretends to be a big girl and uses the potty.  And eventually, she’ll wet herself.”

“You two are so perfect for each other,” Victor said with a smile, clanking his beer bottle with Sam before they both took another swig.  “Speaking of which, did you guys pick a date for the wedding yet?”

“No,” Sam said, seeing Lilah approaching the table.  “We’re still in the stage of being newly engaged and therefore, we’re just going around and telling everyone.  Then she shows them her engagement ring.”

“What are you two talking about?” Lilah asked with sweetness, fluffing out the back of her skirt and sitting her diapered bottom down on Sam’s lap before picking up her drink.  “Daddy, what is this?”

“Well, we were talking about how you are pretending be a big girl,” Sam answered with a syrupy-rich playful tone as he wrapped his arms around her.  “Is that right?  Were you just sitting on the potty, trying to pee like a big girl?  Yes, you were.  Do ya think you’re a big girl now?”

“I am a big girl,” Lilah said with a most adorable bit of fussiness in her voice as she lowered her chin and smiled brightly.

She knew what he would say next and what was about to happen.

“No, you’re not,” Sam said with playfulness, Victor smiling from ear to ear as he watched Lilah and his best friend flirting with each other.  “You’re a little girl.  So little that …”

Sam slid his hand under the front of Lilah’s skirt and cupped the underside of her diaper between her legs with his left palm.

“So little that you are still kept in diapers,” Sam said, really laying the Daddy Voice on thick.  “Does Daddy keep you in diapers?  Hmm?”

With a lowered chin and a blushing face, Lilah shyly nodded – her mind already turning the mush.

“Do you use your diapers?” Sam asked, Lilah nodding shyly again.  “Yes, you do.  And does Daddy change your diapers?”

Lilah nodded shyly again, quite grateful that he had wrapped his arms around her and pulled her back against him as her head was spinning on the inside with the urge for further regression.

“Victor changes your diapers sometimes, doesn’t he?  Let’s ask him,” Sam said, then looking at him.  “Victor, if she wears diapers, uses diapers and is changed, is she a big girl?”

“There’s no possible way she could be a big girl,”  Victor said, playing along – Lilah now practically doubling over with tingles as both of them were working together to melt her.  “She could never be a big girl.  She’s a BabyGirl.”

“Are you a BabyGirl, Lilah?” Sam asked her with sweetness in his voice.  “Are you my BabyGirl?”

“Yes, Daddy,” she said, then lifting her chin up and picking up her glass.  “I’m a BabyGirl who drinks alcohol … as soon as her Daddy tells her what this pinkish drink is he got for her.”

Sam smiled and laughed.

“Oh, I love you,” Sam said with affection.  “That is a Sex On The Beach.  It is strong and has a fruity flavor.”

For a little while, the three of them watched the happenings going on all over the place.  There had to be at least 100 people there, diapered bottoms waddling here and there or twerking away on the dance floor.  Diablo’s monthly munch had never been bigger.

“What is Diablo Daddy’s real name?” Sam asked Victor.

“I have no idea,” Victor said, raising an eyebrow with surprise.  “I’ve been going to his events for five years and I have no idea what his real name is.  That’s quite shocking to me.”

“Daddy, we’re gonna go dancing soon, right?” Lilah asked.

“You betcha, BabyGirl,” Sam confirmed.

“So, Victor, who is who here?” Lilah asked, seeing several couples cutting it up currently on the dance floor.

This was the first ABDL event Sam and Lilah had attended.  Victor was the only person they had ever shared their dynamic with, he often being their third.  And it was through Victor’s referral that they were granted permission to attend by Diablo Daddy.  Everyone there were members of a fetish website.  And that was where these gatherings were born from.  A year ago, Victor encouraged his best friend to get onto this website.  Inside of three months, Sam had met this adorable BabyGirl named Lilah.  And the rest was history.  They simply hadn’t gone out to any events yet.

And this was why Sam and Lilah hardly knew any of the regulars.

“There are a lot of singles here,” Sam said, seeing diapered littles scurrying all over the place and a collection of BabyGirls hovering around Diablo Daddy’s table next to the dance floor.

“There certainly are, but there are a lot of couples too.  And those are the ones who frequent the munches,” Victor stated, leaning forward to the railing and pointing down to one particular couple on the dance floor below.  “You should recognize her, Lilah.”

“Bonnie!” Lilah exclaimed, setting her drink down and clapping her hands rapidly.  “She and I message each other every day!”

“And that’s her Daddy … Clyde,” Victor added.

“Bonnie and Clyde,” Sam said with a laugh.  “I love their names!”

“Careful there, Sam,” Victor said with a grin.  “I realize you don’t have long hair, but still …”

“Whatever,” Sam said with a smirk.

“If you like those names, then you will like the Daddy and BabyBoy couple dancing next to them,” Victor said, pointing to that couple.

“Who are they?” Lilah asked.

“Cain and Abel,” Victor said with a grin.

“Oh!  That’s who Abel is!” Lilah exclaimed.  “Bonnie told me that she sometimes babysits a boy named Abel!”

“Who are those two?” Sam asked, pointing to a guy with a high-n-tight military hair cut and a girl with a bob cut hairstyle.

“You ready for this one?” Victor asked.  “Adolf and Ava.”

“Oh my,” Lilah said.

“They are a German-accented Mommy and BabyBoy couple,” Victor explained.  “They are also intolerable busy bodies and always in everyone else’s business.  Reveal things to them with caution.”

“What about the leggy brunette down there with the black-haired Johnny Depp look-a-like?” Victor asked, pointing to another couple.

“Geesh, she really is tall!” Lilah remarked of the brunette’s lengthy legs that stretched down from the schoolgirl skirt the girl was wearing.

“They are Mia and Eric, a thirty-something Daddy-n-BabyGirl couple who recently got married and have just returned home from their honeymoon,” Victor answered.

“Love is definitely in the air,” Sam said, holding Lilah’s left hand up and making her show off her engagement ring.

“There is also an early-20s Daddy-n-BabyGirl couple named Gabriel and Gina.  They’ve only recently started attending munches.  They go to a local college,” Victor said, searching the dance floor but not seeing them.  “They’re around here somewhere.  Lilah, you should really get to know Gina.  She is an absolute sweetheart.  But if you only speak with one person tonight, let it be the girl who is just know walking onto the dance floor.”

Lilah looked down at the girl who was leading a much taller guy out into the middle of the dancing couples.  She couldn’t have been more than 5’2” or 5’3” and she was so skinny she looked sickly.

“What’s wrong with her?” Lilah asked.  “Is she dying?”

“No,” Victor answered.  “Quite to the contrary, she is living.”

“But she looks so …,” Lilah said, not knowing how to say it kindly.

“… frail?” Victor asked, Lilah nodding slowly.  “She was diagnosed with a rare form of Hodgkin’s disease: Lymphocyte something or other.  She has been battling it for years.  And it nearly killed her a ways back.  There is no cure, or at least not one that has worked for her yet.”

Lilah stared down at the girl who had begun slow dancing with the guy she led onto the dance floor.  She moved so gingerly and was so cautious that it seemed she might break a limb at any moment.

The girl stepped up onto the guy’s insteps and gazed up at him, wrapping herself inside his arms.  Tears came to Lilah’s eyes as she watched, Sam wrapping his arms around her as well.

“What’s her name?” Lilah said through her emotions.

“Her name is Lily.  And his is Zeke.  They too are Daddy and BabyGirl … in their early-40s I think.  I don’t know for sure.  They been a part of the community long before this munch ever existed,” Victor answered.  “Their journey together, the struggles they’ve faced … it always reminds me that, no matter what I deem as being difficult in my own life, there are others who have overcome greater obstacles.”

Victor led Sam and Lilah down the side staircase, continuing to show them how neat this building was.  When they got to the first floor, they were stopped by a roadblock of BabyGirls who were surrounding Diablo Daddy – all of them trying to be the next to sit on his lap.

Diablo was a long dark-haired man with an even darker tan.  He was dressed in a suit and wore sunglasses.  The scruff on his jawline drew attention to the smirk on his face.  He was very much all about himself and was eating up the attention the flock of BabyGirls was giving him.

As Lilah walked past him, he lowered his sunglasses and eyed her up.  Raising an eyebrow, Sam stepped in front of Diablo’s view and glared him down – then was pulled away by Victor.

“Now you’re getting the idea,” Victor said, patting Sam on the back and leading him over to Lilah the dance floor.

“You betcha,” Sam said with a clenched jaw, but then focusing on Lilah when he caught sight of her.

The music went slow again and the song Unchained Melody began to play, Sam and Lilah slow dancing with each other.  Lilah looked over and made eye contact with Lily who was silently mouthing the words Step up on  his feet! followed by a sweet smile.  So Lilah did just that, stepping up on Sam’s insteps and wrapping her arms around his chest.

It was then that she realized what Victor was talking about with regards to Lily.  Life may have had struggles, from time to time.  But no struggle would every define who a person was, if they chose to live beyond it.  Lily gained nothing by giving silent advice to Lilah.  But she did it anyway, perhaps recognizing the purity in Lilah’s heart – a mutual approach they shared.

And while the girls were exchanging sweet pleasantries, Sam kept glaring Diablo down as the dark host had yet to take his eyes off Lilah.  Then Diablo pointed at Sam, as if to mark him with a mental label that would never be removed.

Holding Lilah close to him, Sam gazed down at her and then back over to Diablo, shaking his head and adorning a grin of ownership.  Diablo was going to take no for an answer this time, whether he liked it or not.

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