To Make Memories of the Future

17Oh, how quickly life had changed for her.  Sometimes, it all seemed a blur, but the greatest comfort she found was knowing it wasn’t a dream which would suddenly disappear when she awakened.

Not long ago, she had a troubled little heart with more past disappointments to dwell on than hopefulness for the future.  And she wondered why she had led such a broken life.

In her big sister’s arms, she stared at the funny device her Daddy was holding in front of his face.  Click it went.  As the backdoor of the car opened, the BabyGirl saw a blanket on the back seat and her diaper bag sitting on the floor.

She looked back at her Daddy again as her big sister kissed her cheek.  The blur of memories lessened as the comfort of littleness overtook her senses, sending a tingle across her frame.

She knew the only way to find the change she needed was to change her needs.  Repeating the past had made the future a dream which never found its way into her memories.

And all it took was meeting the right guy to make memories of the future.


25 Precious Pacifiers

The Pictures Stories

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