Sweetie Pie

If a picture speaks a thousand words, then a photo set could likely speak millions.

Like so many others, the sight of a girl in a diaper is something most definitely easy on the eyes.  But I always look for a story in pictures.  (There’s a big surprise, huh? LOL)

And being as I am one of those daddies who has little to no interest in physical dominance or spanking or anything of that like, stories that show the sweetness of the gentler approach always jump out at me.


This particular photo sets shows the innocence inside the BabyGirl and the complete trust she has placed in her caregiver.  My take on the set was that the caregiver was a babysitter.  And the sweetness she returned was just as precious as that which she received.

The gentler approach isn’t for everyone.  For myself, I have found it to be intoxicating to melt a BabyGirl’s mind with a few soft whispers, to hold her heart with firm yet reserved hands and to captive her attentions with a touch so  tender she becomes putty that would make anyone gush.

And when you can gush just by looking at a photo set, you know that those pictures have truly spoken a complete story.  A gentler one … of a sweetie pie.

25 “Unforgettable Sets”
The Pictures Stories

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