I honestly wish I could say that I have a whole bunch of these magazines stuffed away in a box in the attic somewhere.  But the truth is:  I have never seen a single copy of the Couche magazine to verify that it is (or once was) real, called a Glamour-Magazine for Diaper-Lovers.  The pictures seem real enough.

And if they do exist, then they are, to ABDLers, what Playboy/PlayGirl is to pornography fanatics.  I have always believed it to be some exotic European periodical, couche being French for diaper.

I know that other such periodicals do exist, or at least they did for abbreviated amounts of time.  But these pictures show many different sides of the model, from fun and playful to lustful and sexual … and every conceivable mindset in between.  Though preferred hair colors and body shapes will vary from one person to the next, everyone loves the eyes.  And her eyes speak volumes about the fantasies we keep.

This set has always given me rise to contact a few people and see if a new ABDL magazine could be created – one that had pictorials galore in it but also a section for advice, a section for event advertisements, a section for ABDL-minded companies to show their wares and of course, a story section.  LOL


25 “Unforgettable Sets”
The Pictures Stories


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