Powder-Puff Football

25As BabyGirls, there were always more things to “live for” than there was time to do them all.

But these four lil sweethearts always looked forward to Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  They were all the little end of Daddy/BabyGirl relationships.  Online is where each of them had met their Daddy.  And online is where they met each other.

They were four little lovers of practically everything, except for football.  But their Daddies devoted the weekends to countless hours in front of the TV, watching the silly guys on the screen who had dressed up in the silly outfits and kept running back and forth across the same field of grass.

This loss of time with their Daddies always upset the BabyGirl until they devised a plan that when football was on, all four couples would gather together and watch it.  This way, the BabyGirls would have each other to play with as their Daddies watched football.

On a warm, sunny Sunday afternoon in late September, the BabyGirls decided to join their Daddies in the TV room for the football watching.  By halftime, the endless silly questions the girls kept asking led to a demonstration of football in the back yard.

The first demonstration was how to hike the football properly.  All four BabyGirls lined up and bent over looking between their legs – just like the guy did who hiked the football to that other guy who kept throwing it away.

“Like this, Daddy?” all four BabyGirls said in unison as they looked back at their Daddies.

Halftime was only fifteen minutes long and these Daddies had a lot of things to explain if they wanted any sort of peace at all while watching the second half.  At first, it seemed a daunting challenge, but so was meeting and falling in love with someone online, so was opening one’s heart, so was meeting new friends with the right things in common.

As they headed back into the TV room for the start of the third quarter, it was the Daddies who had learned the greatest lesson of all:

Football will always be a passion that strikes at a guy’s testosterone and make him obsessed with it for 60 minutes.  But it’s a BabyGirl’s love that will strike at a Daddy’s heart and make him obsessed with her forever.

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