The CrinkleCast (Season Two): Episode Two – Mommy Red

The second season of The CrinkleCast is now in high gear, the second episode (13th overall) welcoming Mommy Red, a maternal soul from within the community and also the owner of MommyRedOriginals.

Kuri, Philly and I had a wonderful chat with Red about the nature of care giving, the ability to do so from a long distance, the sense of balance in one’s life and how things that last take work as well as understanding.

I truly hope a second episode is devoted to Mommy Red as this one was an enriching experience for us.  When you listen to it, you will be enriched as well.

Episode 13 on Soundcloud
Episode 13 on Stitcher
Episode 13 On iTunes
MommyRed on Fetlife
Her Etsy Shop: Mommy Red Originals
Her Pinterest
Her Facebook
Her Instagram

If you have an idea for an episode topic or would like to be on an upcoming episode, please contact us on the Crinkle Cast Website.

Stay Crinkly!  And keep checking back here as more updates and episodes appear.

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