The Waltz of the Butterflies

Take from the ABDL romance:

Forever Young

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here is a little story about the first time and about the unforeseen dancing that accompanied it.

The Waltz of the Butterflies

Going along for the ride, Ella was without any ability to shake from her little mind the fact that she had been denied entrance into that room.  And in a matter of a few seconds, it truly had become an obsession for her.  Dante took immediate notice to this struggle, her eyes once again being the windows to her soul.  But in a matter of a few second, she would be distracted in a way like never before.  And in a matter of a few minutes, her mind would be focusing on what she actually had – as opposed to what she thought she wanted … if not thought she needed.

Getting to the bottom step of the staircase, Dante turned and carried her into the front room – walking over to the front bay window and drawing the heavy rod-pocket curtain open fully.  But there was a second curtain behind it that he left closed.  It was made of a silk-like material, very-light and only semi-transparent – still allowing the brightness of day into the room but keeping the view into the room somewhat private to passers-by outside.

Initially, she thought nothing of this, but was about to understand the importance of that second curtain – finding instant gratitude for it.

Keeping his left forearm firmly underneath her diapered bottom, he placed his right hand  on her back – between her shoulder blades.  Then he eased her down onto the small table right by that front bay window.  As he reached underneath the table, Ella was more confused than ever about the purpose of these tables.  But when he stood up with a new diaper in his hand, she finally understood.

They were changing tables, strategically placed in each room of the house – always by a window.  Her eyes grew big and wide at the thought of someone walking by just then, or ever when she would be laying on one of those tables.  In some rooms, it really wouldn’t matter – especially on the second floor.  But she was laying in that front room, displayed in a semi-transparent way only … thanks to that silk-like curtain. Turning her head and looking back at the heavy rod pocket curtain, she began to hope that he would change his mind and close it.

But that wasn’t going to happen and she knew.  Turning her head back to him, she saw him reach into his shirt pocket and take out a white pacifier.  Oh my.  He was prepared, a truth about him she would soon come to embrace.  He was always one thought ahead of her.

“Open,” he said very softly and very sweetly as he leaned in towards her, offering up the pacifier to her mouth.

Timidly and with a captivated gaze, she opened her mouth – taking the silicone nipple of the pacifier between her pinkened lips.

“That’s a good girl,” Dante whispered, then kissing her forehead ever-so-gently.  “You’re a very good girl.”

Oh, my.  He was using a different tone of voice, one that had a timbre to it that softened her defenses – breaking down her guards from the inside.  And oh, my.  His words were praises of her, recognition that he was happy with her and perhaps, just perhaps, loved herMaybe?

“Does someone need changed?” he asked, Ella beginning to nurse on her pacifier as she shifted her hips – suddenly realizing she had wet her diaper … her face turning beet-red with embarrassment.

When did that happen?  She wasn’t wet when she woke up.

“Aww.  It’s okay, baby,” Dante said with a cooing tone, lifting her legs and bottom up into the air – holding them there as he unfolded the new diaper and slid it underneath her to match up the back waistlines.

His hand held her lower half up, so effortlessly and without struggle.  A sense of feeling small washed over her, as if he could manipulate her body with ease.  And as he lowered her legs and bottom back down onto the changing table, she felt a strange sensation in her tummy – one she had felt before when fantasizing about her passions.  But this time, those sensations weren’t fueled by her thoughts.  Rather, they were fueled by his actions – a waltzing of butterflies inside her that kept her completely docile.

His hands touched the front of her stomach, as if he knew what was happening inside her.  Then, they traveled down onto the front of her soaked diaper, moving outward and beginning to unfasten her diaper tapes.  The sounds of the tapes being unfastened were all she could hear, save for his next statement of endearment.

“When the diaper tapes are unfastened, a BabyGirl doesn’t move at all,” he whispered invitingly as she felt the snugness of her diaper being removed with the tapes unfastening.

Then he lowered the drenched front of her diaper, a cool rush of air floating over her smoothness.  Initially, she felt a slight chill but as he placed his warm hands on her, she warmed up – not just in temperature but also in attention … and unknowingly, in passion.

“Aww,” he cooed again, picking up a pack of baby wipes.  “You’re so smooth, baby … as if hair has never grown where it didn’t belong.”

Ella could feel her mind growing simpler in thoughts – like her brain was being turned into mush, into a sponge that only absorbed what it was given.  Beginning to slowly nurse on her pacifier, she welcomed in whatever seeds of romantic sentiment he offered her.

Parting her thighs, he watched as she attempted to fidget, only to fail.  It seemed the rule of not moving when her diaper was un-taped had sunken into her soul and she was faithfully complying.  Taking a baby wipe to her front, from hip-to-hip, he watched as she gasped at the sensations.  Her sense of touch was the strongest of all five and it was that first contact that brought her the greatest urge to submit.

Then he took a second baby wipe down between her legs, ever-so-slightly passing over her sweetness at the center.  It was just enough to warrant a third act of the butterfly waltz inside her tummy.  And it was just enough to spark another reaction that would consume all of her before long.  Ella was now a happily captive soul to him.

“You’re a girl and there is only one proper way to care for you,” he said, meticulously wiping her from front to back with every pass.

The baby wipes felt cool on her skin, made more so the case by her increasing body temperature.  And he was gentle with her.  Oh, so gentle.  She could hardly believe that men existed in this world who understood how much a girl loved to be handled gently.

Taking hold of her ankles again, he raised her legs and bottom in the air once more.  Sliding the wet diaper out from underneath her, he took another baby wipe to her bottom cheeks – continuing to use the one and only direction he had used on her front.  Oh, the sensations dancing across her skin were mesmerizing.  The feeling of cleanliness was intoxicating to her being.  And his voice, that sweet tone echoed repeatedly in her soul.

“That’s a good girl,” he stated with a breathy whisper.  “You’re being such a good girl for Daddy.  I’m so very proud of you.”

He picked up a small white container of baby powder, sprinkling it across her cheeks and making her gasp again – then closing her eyes and returning to nursing her pacifier.  The cool silkiness of the powder on her skin felt as though she was being wrapped in the softest of materials known to humankind.  But then his left palm touched to the powder, beginning to caress it out evenly across both of her cheeks and once more changing the way she thought.  There seemed to be no limit to the pleasantness she was receiving.  And as she melted fully, her body released all the tension she still held in.  Relaxing her entire frame on the changing table, she kept her eyes closed but smiled sweetly behind her pacifier as if she had just made a breakthrough of some sort – a breakthrough … at his hands.

“There ya go,” Dante whispered, his voice soothing all of her senses as he lowered her legs and bottom down into the new diaper.

And once more, her mind learned a new definition of pleasantness as her powdered bottom came to rest in the thick and soft nestle of the new diaper.  Everything about this moment, both physical and mental, felt so different and so much better than when she had diapered herself in the past.  She knew it would always feel so much better when someone else diapered her, someone else who understood how to make memories a touch that was unforgettable.

Parting her thighs widely, he took the powder to both of his hands and then touched both of her hips – moving his hands inward.  The butterfly waltz inside her continued but moved towards a conclusion when his powdery hands trailed down between her legs.

In response, her chested heaved upward and her lower back arched – as if her body was voluntarily rising up to meet the sensation and the touch.  Dante knew more about her than she could have possibly imagined.  And they were still only at the beginning.

Using a wipe to clean the powder from his hands, he took hold of the front waist band of her diaper – lifting it upward and then towards her body.  The feeling of envelopment began as the gathers on the edges of the diaper were stretched slightly and then retracted.  And as he placed the front of the diaper flat to her body, the gathers gently clung to the tops of her inner thighs – wrapping her in a sense of security she had never felt before.  At least, never like this.

Flattening the front of the diaper from hip-to-hip, he reached for the top right diaper tape – Ella’s soul drawing conclusions.

And as he opened and then fastened that top right tape, she saw him, for the first time, as being that faceless man from the dream sequence.  It had to be him, all along.  She could see no one else in that role, at this point.

When he fastened the top left tape, she felt the beginning of a tautness that would quickly refocus her thoughts – allowing her to drift into a state of daydreaming, then pulling her back out of it again and again.  He was in command of her motivation now.

When he fastened the bottom right tape, she no longer wanted to be a Big Girl.  This … whatever all of this was … felt too good to be without, once it was experienced.  And the attention she was receiving from him was the kind of attention that any female craved – even if only comparative in sentiment – and regardless of age or role.

Fastening the bottom left tape, he then drew her thighs back together – Ella curling up into a fetal ball and basking in the clean, powdery, super-soft comfort as she opened her eyes.  Looking up at him with a glow in her irises and a bright smile, hidden partially by her pacifier, she had so many things she wanted to say to him just then – so many thoughts and feelings and emotions she wanted to share with him.  But she didn’t have the words.

Oh, she would find them.  But not yet.  For the time being, the tapes of her diaper were the only type of bondage she truly wanted to be kept within, the only bondage she wanted to shackle her mind.

She watched as Dante put the used wipes inside the wet diaper, then rolled the diaper up into a taped ball before disposing of it in a little metal pail underneath the changing table.  Putting the pack of wipes and powder away, he then offered his hands to pick her up.

Happily, and with a bit of giddiness, she extended her arms out and forward to him.  Picking her up into his arms, he rested her body on his left hip as she wrapped herself around his body – an affectionate gesture she would alter only when he sat down on the couch and cradled her in front of him on his lap.

“Every moment you are here will be just like this,” he whispered to her – beginning to gentle rock her back and forth – Ella clinging to the front of his body.  “And every moment I see you grow, gaining something within yourself, you will also lose something.”

Ella wrinkled her forehead and nursed on her pacifier with confusion but then understood what he was getting at when he reached into his shirt pocket and took out a tiny key.  With this key, he unlocked and removed the pink leather collar from her neck.

Tears welled in her eyes as she embraced him.  Yes, she had a long way to go but she knew, at the end of all of this, she would arrive exactly where she wanted to be … with that right person she wanted to be there with.  Maybe, just maybe, that right person was him.

The pink leather cuffs on her wrists and ankles remained, for now.  Clenching his shirt with her tiny hands, she closed her eyes and breathed in deeply.  That was when she finally figured out what that wonderful scent was about him.  It was the scent of cookies, her favorite scent in world.

And that was the first diaper change he gave her, complete with an emotional and mental journey as well as a full performance of the waltz of the butterflies inside her.  But beyond that, a bond had begun between them – a physically connection that would become the catalyst behind the first bit of sexual spark within her, growing as they grew together and eventually, replacing the slight horny feeling she felt inside herself just then.

That was how it began.

Forever Young

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