Sealing the Deal

Take from the ABDL romance:

Forever Young

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here is a little story about overcoming your doubts and believing in what could be.


Sealing the Deal – 

Wednesday, 6pm

Ella walked briskly down the sidewalk, ignoring the noise and the bright lights coming from the ball park two blocks away.  This was not about fun and games, not for her and not tonight.  She wasn’t as angry as she was last night, but she was certainly on edge – for good reason.

At the end of the next block she walked into the Forever Young bar, that same watering hole establishment where all this trouble had begun for her. Opening the door and pushing past the bouncer, she marched right in – beginning to scan the faces in the room until she saw Dante sitting at the far end of the main bar.  Waving the bouncer off, Dante stood up and weaved his way through the crowd of people who were there for drinking and for the bar’s dinner hour specials.

Motioning Ella over to a booth at the side of the main room, he took a seat on the other side of the table.  Placing his elbows on the table and folding his hands, he waited for her to start talking.

But what could she say to him?  What could he possibly expect to hear from her?

“I have some explaining to do.  I understand,” Dante said calmly, hoping to spur the beginning of the conversation out of her.

And Ella tried to begin talking, but suddenly developed a tremendous degree of difficulty in doing so.  Everything had just changed for her and this devilishly handsome man who dressed in all-black was at the center of all of it.  Two days ago, he was a perfect stranger who had found a way to get her to open up.  And she grew comfortable with him entirely too quickly.

But now, looking across that booth table, she no longer knew him at all.  And to an alarming degree, he was more frightening to her than anyone she may have stumbled into in a dark alley.

“Okay,” Ella said, scrunching up her lips and lowering her chin for a moment to find the right words to begin with.  “On Monday night, I walked into this bar and you had a conversation with me about the trouble in my irises I believed you called it.  So, I foolishly told you what was wrong.  I told you what it felt like to be on the doorstep of my 30th birthday and to see signs of aging that reminded me of how old I was every time I looked in the mirror … all of this while being single and beginning to believe I was meant to be alone.  Do you remember having this talk with me?”

“Yes, I do,” Dante replied, then sighing as he knew she was going to take her time with her explanation before eventually exploding.

“Then you told me you wanted to make a deal with me,” Ella said a bit more sharply, making quotation marks in the air with her fingers.  “This deal would … give me back my youthful appearance forever?”

Dante nodded.

“Like an idiot, I doubted you.  But then you snapped your fingers and everyone in this bar froze in place,” Ella whispered, now holding back her rage as she leaned forward .  “You showed me that it wasn’t some pathetic pick-up line you were using.  So, I said Sure!  Make me young again!  I accept your offer!

“Ella, I was there,” Dante said, trying to get her to moved forward towards her point.  “I remember all of this.”

“I woke up yesterday and my skin was so soft and glowing that I almost cried.  It was as if the time I spent baking in the sun in my 20s had never happened.  My hair felt softer and I was even a bit more lifted in the chest than I had been in a long time,” Ella said, then reaching across the table and covering his mouth with her left hand to stop him from replying.  “But I don’t remember the part of our conversation that included me losing control of my bladder?”

Ella glared him down with anger in her eyes.

“I am sitting here, wearing a pad that is so thick that it could suck up all the water in a category five hurricane and still have the ability to handle all the accidents I keep having,” Ella said, tears washing the anger out of her eyes as her voice grew shaky.  “I can’t stop wetting myself.  Tell me what you did to me to make all these things happen.”

“I gave you eternal youthfulness,” Dante answered, lowering her hand from in front of his mouth as he reached into the breast pocket of his suit and handed her his red silk handkerchief.

Ella sat back in the booth, carefully wiping the tears out of her eyes before they messed up her make-up.

“Who are you, Dante?” she asked behind a sniffle.  “You obviously aren’t human.  You’re too cruel to be considered human.”

“You’re right.  I’m not human.  Well … at least I didn’t used to be human,” Dante said, suddenly finding it difficult to put to words.  “You do deserve to know.  But it’s hard to explain and it will be even harder to believe who I am.”

“Well … try explaining it to me,” Ella said with a slight huff in her voice.  “I’m sitting here, wearing a flotation device in my underwear – scared to death that, at any minute, I’ll start wetting myself again.  Do you have any idea how unnerving it is to wet yourself and to not know it happened until afterwards?  I’m ready to believe the truth, no matter how far-fetched it may be.  As a matter of fact, I’m ready to back out of this so-called deal altogether.  Or is that not permissible on the alien world you come from?”

“You’ve heard of fallen angels?” Dante asked, leaning back -his dark clothing drawing the attention to the dull golden glow in his irises.  “Angels who fell from divine grace and were thrown out of Heaven?”

“You’re a fallen angel?” she asked, raising an eyebrow and trying to control her anger once more.  “So, you’re not some mutated creature from another world.  You’re tell me you’re a fallen angel?”

“No.  I’m not a fallen angel,” Dante said, matter-of-factly.  “I’m the opposite of one.”

Ella paused her anger and looked him directly in the eyes.  He wasn’t joking around.

“The opposite of a fallen angel would be …,” she stated then pausing to think about it.  “ … a demon who was kicked out of Hell?”

Dante smiled, devilishly.

“Satan kicked you out of Hell?” she asked, Dante nodding.  “Why?”

“He had to do something with me,” Dante said with a jocular tone.  “I guess I just wasn’t bad enough for him.”

“So, you go around Earth and try to make people feel better about themselves,” she said, trying to piece together what he was getting at.  “And you do this because you failed at being one of Satan’s demons.”

“That’s one way of putting it,” Dante said.  “But I don’t just want to make people feel better.  I want to nurture them.  Females, especially, lack being nurtured.  They spend their lives giving to other people and they are taken from on a daily basis.  They learn to accept this and though they express how they feel, no one truly … truly listens.”

“So, you believe you truly listen?” Ella asked, the corners of her mouth curling up in her own little devilish smile as she leaned forward – putting both of her elbows on the table and resting her chin on the backs of her hands.  “Tell me something … when you truly listened to me the other night, what did you learn about me?”

“I learned that you actually know what you want but you don’t know how to state it or how to show it,” Dante answered, then leaning forward and coming nose-to-nose with her.  “There are guys out there who want the same thing that you do … just from the other end of it.”

“I doubt it,” Ella stated bluntly.

“And that is why you’re single,” he replied back, just as bluntly.

Ella lowered her eyes at the harsh statement, only to have them lifted back up into his golden gaze.

“Would you like me to show you the other half of what you want?” Dante asked.  “I’ll give you a taste of it, right here and right now.  And afterwards, we’ll see if you still doubt it.  Deal?”

“Will this show why I can’t hold my bladder anymore?” Ella asked with a scoff.

“Don’t worry about that, right now.  I’ll take care of that later,” Dante stated calmly.  “Would you like me to show you the other half of what you want?  Yes or no?”

Ella raised an eyebrow.  Oh my.  Another deal from Dante.  The first deal had her steadily moving towards incontinence, with troubled taste buds and a greater sense of insecurity than she had ever known.

“Ella, I can read your thoughts,” Dante stated.  “It sounds like you’ve got no direction to go but up.  So, what would it hurt to try?”

“Okay,” Ella said, swallowing a lump in her throat.  “Show me.”

Dante raised his left hand and snapped his fingers, the music going silent in the bar and everyone freezing in place.  He had stopped time again, just as he had done when they first met.

“Now let me see your hands,” he said, placing his palms upward on the table – Ella placing her palms on top of his as he gently wrapped his fingers around hers.  “I want you to sit back and relax your body.”

Ella sat back, relaxing into the cushiony booth seat and smiling.

“You ready?” he asked, Ella nodding and widening her smile.  “Now … inhale deeply.  Then close your eyes and exhale deeply.”

Ella did so, inhaling deeply – then closing her eyes and exhaling.

And when she did, she suddenly found herself laying on her back in a bright room – looking up at a ceiling that was made just as bright by beautiful beams of sunshine pouring in through the windows.  She had no idea where she was or how she got there, but she knew she wanted to be there … even though she didn’t know why.

The bed she was laying in was so very soft, even the sheets having a softness to them that made her believe they were made from the finest Egyptian cotton in the world.  It was so comfortable that she had no desire to even sit up, perhaps just stretching her limbs ever-so-slightly.

Had Dante given her a new bed to sleep in?  Was that what this was?  Would she be able to “sleep like a baby” in this super soft bed?

And for as much as this served as no explanation of the deal made or of a taste of what she wanted, she was thoroughly enjoying it.

A gentle, warm breeze blew across the top of her body, Ella lifting her head slightly and seeing a man walking into this brightly-lit room.  She had no idea who he was, but she felt no fear from his presence.  If this was a representation of what she wanted, maybe just maybe, he was the man of her dreams … the man who could read her mind and decipher the real meaning of her emotions … the man who would know what to do. even when she did not.

As he drew closer and closer to her, she began to make out details  about him.  He had a rugged appearance, clothing that wasn’t nearly as sharply-dressed as Dante had been.  But then again, they weren’t out in public.  And his relaxed appearance did the same for her, easing her nerves about what she looked like to him.

But as he drew closer still, she couldn’t make out any details of his face.  Squinting her eyes and focusing on his face, all she could see were the blurred traces of his facial features.  But his voice, oh my, his wonderful voice just melted her.  He had a clear timbre with a deep tone, the kind that made the feminine wiles within her come alive.

He spoke so sweetly, so softly – never raising his tone and never looking away from her.  Sitting alongside her, he set a bowl of strawberries next to her and began to feed them to her while asking her if she slept well.  Ella nodded, then sinking her teeth into the sweet fruit. Oh, how she loved strawberries!  How did he know?

And the more he spoke, the more she was lured in by the tone in his voice.  He was so calm, so inviting and so simply gentle with her.  He was like an angel, sent to her directly from God Almighty – at the right moment in her life.  And that last bit was the most important of all.

Meeting the right person at the wrong time in one’s life was worse then never having met him at all.

Reaching up, she traced the blurred features of his face – his strong jawline, his cheek bones, his forehead.  She wanted so very much to be able to see him more clearly.  But the details never emerged, only how he made her feel.  It was just a taste of what she wanted.  That was all Dante said it would be.

Setting the empty bowl aside, his hands went to her waste and she felt him fumbling with her clothing.  Oh my, what sensations he was putting into her … those little tingles that intensified with time.  And yes indeed, she was happily counting the seconds.  In her bliss, she didn’t notice what he was doing.  In the blink of an eye and the batting of her eyelashes, she felt her waist being undressed – a cool rush of air now at the center of her body.

But wait!  Was that a diaper he just took off her?  A diaper? Really?

Sitting her up, he took hold of the lower hem of her baby-t and lifted it up off her frame.  She sat there, completely naked and feeling more vulnerable than ever.  But before she could even grasp how that truly made her feel, she was lifted up into his arms.

And away they went, this man having a warmth to his body that she clung to as well as a mixture of scents that made her swoon.  Scent was always a big thing for her and the cologne he was wearing along with the trace scent of detergent in his clothing was intoxicating.  He carried her downstairs and through every room, the rustic house having a very home-like quality to it.  Then he carried her back upstairs and into the bathroom where she saw a drawn bath that awaited her.

Still holding her firmly, he knelt down alongside the tub and ever-so-slowly lowered her into the bath water.  When her bottom touched the warm water, she gasped – her body going limp in the process.  But he still held her firmly, incrementally lowering her into the water and allowing her time to adjust to it.  It was like a warm blanket was being put around her, swaddling her and giving her a sense of safety.

Leaning her back and easing her into a reclined position, he stroked her hair out of her face, his hand being just wet enough to pet back the fallen locks and to keep them from dangling down over her eyes again.  He ran his hands all over her body.  His hands were so huge, giving her the naughtiest of wishes to accompany this luxurious moment.  He took a wash cloth and bathed her with his hands, all the while continuing to talk to her with a softened and inviting tone.  She could tell he was concentrating on keeping his absolute attention on her.  The warm water, the sensations across the body, the sentiments of care and of tenderness and of love … all of it melted her from the inside.  He never took his eyes off her.  Though she couldn’t see his eyes, her return gaze back to him showed how much she enjoyed what was happening to her. 

He was dreamy and loving … and nurturing all-around.  This was exactly what she was looking for.

After the bath, he dried her off and wrapped her up in an enormous towel.  Sitting her on his lap, her combed out her wet locks – allowing her hair to dry in the air.  Whoever he was, he had gifts that didn’t come with every guy.  He knew how to use a brush, how to do so in a manner that would send wonderful sensations across her scalp – some of which traveling down her spine.

She was still wrapped in that towel when he carried her into his bedroom, the king-sized bed making her eyes grow big-n-wide when she saw it.  Her bed, back in her apartment, was a tiny single mattress.  She had never seen a mattress as big as the one he had and when he placed her in the middle of it, she felt like she would never be able to get off it.  It was like she had been placed in the middle of a sea of softness.

Then he unwrapped the towel from around the front of her body, Ella now being on full-display for him.  And oh my, did her mind drift into fantasies just then.  But the fantasies would quickly fade away into something even better … reality.

He leaned over her body and began to kiss down the front of her frame.  Ella placed her hands up along either side of her head, allowing her body to relax into the mattress.  Oh yes.  This was way better than fantasies that would only happen in her mind.  His lips pecked her skin, traveling downward and making her breathe just a bit heavier as he drew closer and closer to her center.

Oh, she wanted so very much to reach down and grab his hair – forcing his head down between her legs.  But she resisted the impulse, opting to maintain the modesty she would shortly lose anyway.

Luckily, she wouldn’t need to resist that urge for very long as the tip of his tongue passed over her clit.  It was those first bits of contact that were always the most alarming for her but also always the most invigorating.  His tip then traveled down to the very top of her labia as he laid flat and slipped his arms under her thighs.  Contouring the length of her labia, his tongue made long circles – drawing tighter until it reached her very center.

Oh, the sensations were intensifying and he sure knew how to affect her most sensitive spots.  Again, the urge to grab his hair filled her thoughts – smashing his face into her sweetness and maybe even begging him to slip his fingers inside her.  And the more these thoughts filled her mind, the more her entire body fidgeted.

Her heart began to beat with the pace of a galloping race horse.  Her breathing turned so heavily that her chest heaved up with each inhalation.  She felt the swell of her softest tissues, the wetness of a slickening path and the tightness of inner muscles – her body naturally preparing itself in response to instinct.

And once again, as if he was somehow connected to her mind, he knew the exact moment to pull his mouth away from her peach – right as her trip to the summit was about to begin.  And with arousal peaking in both of them, he slid up the front of her body, his hand undoing his belt and unzip his pants.  Then the tip of his erection met the opening of her canal, that split moment before penetration commenced.  She found a way to curb her fidgety disposition, now remaining still and waiting.

Shifting his hips, his tip slipped into her opening as the sweetest words whispered out of him with breathy quality to them.

“That’s a good girl,” he said as his stiffness entered her, filling her canal and causing her legs to instinctively wrap around his body.

This was the ultimate moment of submission, when everything she had sought after had been attained – save for the climactic ending.

Continuing to shift his hips downward, he withdrew his length and then slid right back inside her – her wetness increasing by the second and making easier his penetrations.  And with each pass inward, his tip grazed the ridges on the front wall of her womb, searching for one more treasure – her G-spot, that precise location in amongst those ridges that would send her to the stars and further upward.

Each pass helped him to pinpoint where to aim and when her spot was found, he concentrated on it as she came undone beneath him.  At points, she cried out in elation and then at other points, she couldn’t make any sound at all – being reduced to full-body trembles.  But at last, she erupted, her core muscles tightening inside her as a wave of pleasure rolled out of her and washed over her entire body.  She went paralyzed as she orgasmed, not for lack of ability to move but for lack of desire to move.  All that mattered to her just then was prolonging the ecstasy she felt inside.  And as her muscle contractions clenched around his girth, he orgasmed as well.

Ballooning down from the summit, she felt his still fully-erect and rock-hard condition inside her – indication that he still wasn’t done.

Turning her over on her belly, he put her wrists behind her back and entered her rosebud.  A whole new journey began, one that had a much-tighter pathway, that also used pain as fuel for passion.  To be entered from behind was all it took to make her physically submit completely in the hope that no resistance would ease the ache.  But my, oh my, it gripped her up with a sense of submission that was not only physical but also mental and emotional – stronger than in her most vivid and satisfying dreams.

He orgasmed inside her again and she began to twitch with immediate afterglow the very moment he withdrew himself from her rosebud.  Laying down, he came to rest on his back – Ella turning over and nestling alongside him, now overwhelmed with love and affection for him.  Her heartbeat slowed down and she fell asleep a short while later – but not before he picked up another diaper to dress her in.

And that was the moment when she opened her eyes, returning her mind to the present in the Forever Young bar.  Her jeans and the pad in her underwear were soaked.  The room was still perfectly frozen and silent and she began to breathe heavily as it was a jolting return to reality for her.  Dante held her hands until she was able to collect herself and then he helped her to her feet, leading her to a back room in the bar where she found a beautiful little black dress. 

He left the room and Ella finally had a moment to collect herself a bit more fully, beginning with an emotional purging so intense that she wept tears inconsolably for a short while.  And once the initial purge was over, she was able to function again – stripping out of her clothing and into the little black dress.  All the while, she kept thinking about the trance Dante had just put her in, about that wonderful faceless guy and how he made her feel so good in so many different ways.  Straightening the dress on her body and pulling it down to an acceptable height on her thighs, she heard the music return to its usual blaring level out in the bar – signifying Dante has snapped his fingers again.

Wrapping her clothing up, she picked up her purse – opting to go commando for the second time in as many days.  Walking back out into the main room, she saw Dante sitting at the bar – waiting for her.

“Do you doubt now?” Dante asked her as she walked up to him.

“No,” Ella admitted shyly.

“Then stop dreaming about the other half of what you want and pursue it,” Dante said, handing her a small paper bag.

“You make it sound so easy,” she laughed, then opening the paper bag and looking inside it to see a diaper.  “Seriously?”

Dante stood to his feet.

“This is your solution to my … leaking problem?” she asked with a laugh.  “What exactly are you trying to get me to believe this time?”

“Ella, you know I didn’t plant any seeds in your mind,” he said with a devilish grin as he led her out of the bar.

“Now that is something that I do doubt,” she said with a laugh.

“I simply gave you the ability to get past your own insecurities long enough to finally embrace what you desire most … for once in your life,” he said, Ella’s eyes growing big and wide.

“You mean … everything that happened to me in that trance …,” she asked with a tone of disbelief turning opposite.

“… was the creation of your own mind, your own thoughts,” he said bluntly.  “I showed you the pathway you couldn’t find.  You made the decisions.  And it became your yellow brick road to follow.”

Suddenly, Ella had quite a bit to think about.  Everything that happened in that trance was her own imagination?

“Call me whenever you need me,” Dante said, kissing her forehead and walking back into the Forever Young bar.

Ella looked inside the brown paper bag again, turning and walking back up the sidewalk towards her car.

What did all of this mean?  What was it she was truly after?

Forever Young

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