The LLAMA Munch Quotes – The First 4 Years

Located in the heart of Amish country, the LLAMA munch is a gathering of littles, age players, middles and adults who enjoy a meal at a restaurant as well as the fellowship of each other.

Beginning in May 2014, we’ve met every other week since – growing as friends and more. Early on, a funny statement was made at one of the munches and the reply was: “That is quote board material!”. And from this was born the idea of the quote list.

So, a list of quotes began to be taken down at random munches. Then those lists were posted on the LLAMA group on FetLife.

We are now into our 5th year of munches and recently, it was suggested that the quote lists be put into an ebook and made available.

So here they are, the first 4 years of quotes from the LLAMA munches, filled with no regard for anyone or anything – just in the name of fun.

This ebook is available to you now.

Free on Smashwords (all formats, including epub)
On Kindle (strictly Kindle ebook format only)


For more information about the LLAMA Munch, check out their FetLife profile:  LLAMA_Munchie or their FetLife group: LLAMA.

For a directory of other munch groups and ABDL groups on FetLife, check out The Ultimate Directory of Fetlife ABDL Groups.

For a world wide directory, visit The Munch+Adult Local Links (MALL) Directory.


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