That Season Is Upon Us

It’s that time of year again – when the leaves start to fall from the trees and the nights get cooler.  Soon, snow will be here.  And with colder temperatures comes … the footed pajama season.

BabyGirls everywhere will be slipping into their favorite PJs for the warmth.  But each and every one of them will scarcely realize how her new attire adds a bit more cuteness to an already-adorable package.

Her diaper will become completely covered and out of sight for the first time in months.  Out of sight, but not out of sound.  Waddling and crinkling with every little baby step she takes and every bit of crawling she makes, her little diaper butt will puff out the back of her pajamas – letting everyone know that she’s a BabyGirl.

Even when clothed, she still can’t hide the truth. And the real truth is: she honestly doesn’t mind letting it show, even if she can’t control it.  There is something to be said for being helplessly adored.

But sometimes, her diapered bottom will come out – making a guest appearance.  The pajamas with the drop seat in the back not only accidentally pop open on their own, but they make it so much quicker and easier to check her diaper.

And when she needs it, changing her while she is in a pair of pajamas makes her the most adorable little sight on the changing table, or the floor or wherever you lay her down.

It’s so hard for her to resist the feeling just then.

No more trying to find the most secure place on her baby-t to clip that pacifier string. 

Now it goes on her pajama collar with no trouble and she can’t help but feel a bit naked without that clip.

No more cold piddies.  Her feet will always stay toasty all autumn and winter long in the attached footies or perhaps in separate booties.

She’s such a little cutie pie with her creativity, even more so when her creativity yields a practical result.

And then there’s the sleeping pants option for those nights when the house is heated just right, making full and footed PJs too warm for comfort.  Another is the matching top and bottom pajama sets.

Choices!  Oh my, yes!

With either of these options, her diaper is still visible underneath.  But the cutest thing in the world happens.  As she waddles and moves about, the waist of her diaper proudly appears and grows as her sleeping pants slide down a little bit at a time.  She can yank them up as often as she wants, but her diapered bootie will always push them back down.

When thickly diapering her to put her down for a nap or for the night, whether she is in footed pajamas or otherwise, always make sure to take a few pictures to capture the moment for a lifetime.

And make absolute certain that her zipper is up.  Because it may be a long cold set of seasons ahead for us, but with her pajamas, you’ll keep her warm while she returns the favor – melting your heart … like only she can do.


Happy Autumn!

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