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Zeke and Lily (Book Six): Dream Catching

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here is a little story about what you can make when you believe.

Evermore –

The first rays of the morning sun crested over the horizon and began shining through Lily’s nursery window.  The chill of the nighttime gave way to the warmth of those first early morning sunbeams.  The room brightened with sunlight and cascaded down over everything with gracefulness.  The furniture and other items in the room gave way from their silhouette forms and returned to color and life.

Zeke cracked the door open very slowly as to not make any noise.  The smell of the room entered his senses.  He closed his eyes and breathed deeply as if the sweet smell of ambrosia were no competition.  Gazing over at the sleeping girl across the room, he quietly crept around the room, situating and re-situating everything, drawing more attention to detail than ever had before.  This was one particular, specific event that had to be as absolutely perfect as possible.

Next, he turned to her.  Asleep in her crib, his beloved Lily lie nestled in a sea of baby blankets and stuffed animals.  He took one step towards her and suddenly realized there was one more thing he needed to have ready before he woke her up.  He quietly left the room, returning just a minute later with one more item in his hand.  Now it was time to awaken her.

He walked up to the edge of her crib railing and gazed down at her.  Many things in this world were beautiful to him.  Many sights were capable of touching his heart, but the vision of her sleeping peacefully took his breath away like nothing else could.

Curled up in a half-fetal position, she lay resting on her tummy. 

Gently peeling back the baby blanket covering her legs, he took in the sight of her smooth legs.  His eyes began at her ankles and moved leisurely up her frame getting to her waist and the diaper which surrounded her bottom.  He placed his hand on her diapered bottom and patted her softly.  She hadn’t pooped herself overnight.

His eyes continued upward, taking in the sight of her nightie.  Colored with the softest shade of baby pink, it draped over her with a delicacy only befitting of an angel.  The locks of her hair had spread out behind her head on her favorite Princess pillow.  Her head was turned to the side and her face rested on the very corner of that pillow.  The delicate tips of her fingertips wrapped around the very tip of the pillow, keeping it from moving.  Her other hand was wrapped around her Pooh Bear and her arm held Pooh tightly against her.

She hadn’t stirred at all and appeared as if she were slumbering in a dream world that was, in fact, beyond her dreams.  Normally, he wouldn’t have wanted to awaken her or disturb her from such a blissful state, but today was the most important day of their lives and it needed to begin.

They had just recently been married and last evening, they had just returned home from their honeymoon.  It was now Saturday morning and they still had the weekend before any other aspect of their married lives began.

She was a beautiful bride, outside and inside, and now was a beautiful wife in the same manner.  But their union still wasn’t complete.  Aside from being husband and wife, they were also Daddy and BabyGirl.  Infantilism used to be their common fetish, but now it was their lifestyle.  And today would make that dynamic of their relationship complete.

He lowered the side of her crib and knelt beside her.  Stroking the locks of hair out of her eyes, he tucked them sweetly behind her right ear.  The sight of her dreaming eyes brought tears to his and he took a moment to collect himself before awakening her.  It was hard to put to words how much he loved her.  So it served a wonderful purpose that their time alone didn’t always have to include words, but rather actions that defined how they felt for each other.

Tracing the features of her petite face, he reveled at how absolutely happy he was at that moment.  He drew his left thumb across her jaw line, then the rest of his fingertips across her eyebrows.  Leaning in, he touched the tip of his nose to her forehead and drew it down the center of her face until they were nose tip – to – nose tip.

She delicately whimpered and took a breath of air in through her nose and as she shifted her position, turning over onto her back to stretch her arms and legs.  Then she opened her eyes and looked up at him.  A love that arrived from a deep-rooted place formed on her face.  She was so happy he was the first thing her eyes got to see that day that the gaze from her was filled with a twinkle.

“Good morning, BabyGirl,” Zeke lovingly whispered as he drew his fingertips down her cheeks.  “Did you sleep well?”

His words melted her heart and soul.  She wondered how she had been so lucky as to find this man who made her his wife and BabyGirl.

Lily nodded that she had slept well and entered a wonderful baby mode right away, delicately suckling on her pacifier.  She awaited that special attention he gave her when she woke up, but she didn’t have to wait long at all.

He began the kissing treatment, first to her forehead, then to her left cheek, her right cheek, her nose, her chin, the nape of her neck, and along her collar bones.  Flipping her nightie up, he kissed her belly, working his way down to her inner thighs where she was ticklish, to her ankles and finishing up at her feet where he kissed the tip of each toe.  Going back to her forehead, he had Pooh and Tigger kiss all the same places.  She lay there and giggled at his silliness.

He sat next to her and placed his hand on the front of her diaper.  Without even thinking about it, she parted her legs and continued suckling her pacifier as he drew his finger along the elastic edgings of her diaper.

“That’s a good girl,” he whispered in a sweet, syrupy tone that only a Daddy knew how to use right.  “Did you wet your diaper, Princess?”

He knew what the answer was already, having slipped his finger inside her diaper and found out, but he always asked her, knowing that the question had the “little” effect on her every time.

This time was no different.  She shyly shook her head no as she remained mesmerized by this man she had wed and how he owned her heart, mind, senses and everything else about her. 

Her eyes remained fixed on him as he slipped his pinky into the handle ring of her pacifier, removing it from her lips.  He slowly leaned over and pecked her very softly on the lips. 

“Open,” he directed as he sat back up.

She unquestioningly parted her lips and received the nipple of her morning baby bottle, but her eyes never broke away from his.  As she swallowed the warm milk, he delicately stroked her hair.  A few minutes later, he spoke from his heart.

“You are beautiful,” Zeke stated.  “And your love beams from your skin.  I’ve been waiting for this moment my entire life.”

Staring into her eyes, he could see what his life would become.  He could see his children and he could see eternity.  He stopped talking, taking a moment to collect himself before continuing. 

“Do you know what today is?” he asked as she finished up the bottle and nodded.

He sat her up and nestled her frail body against his chest and in his arms.  He rocked back and forth and lightly patted her back.  He took in the scent of her body, from her hair to her skin.  She felt so small in his arms, so weak in his hands and so fragile in his touch, yet the power she possessed was very, very strong … and she had no idea.

Finally she burped a few times, and sat up as his “Good Girl” praises rang in her ears, softening her heart evermore.

“Princess, you’ve often told me that make-believe isn’t for grown-ups.  It’s only for those who are still little enough to believe the unbelievable,” he said as she nodded in agreement.  “Well, today everything changes because today, make-believe becomes real.”

She looked at him with confusion.

“Close your eyes,” he said kindly.

As she did so, he placed his hand on her forehead and gently drew his fingers down her face and returned the pacifier to her mouth.  She opened her eyes and looked around the room.

Lined up on chairs and toy chests and anything else that he could turn into a seat was her entire collection of stuffed animals.  One by one, each of the stuffed animals came to life and took the animated cartoon form they had in the movies they came from.

Starting from the left, she watched this happen to Snow White, Dopey, Grumpy, Doc, Happy, Bashful, Sneezy, Sleepy, Pocahontas, Cinderella, Perla (Cinderella’s Mouse Friend), the Fairy Godmother, Belle, The Beast, Aurora, Briar Rose, Mulan, The Teapot, the Grandfather’s Clock, Ariel, Sebastian, Jasmine, Aladdin, Abu, Lady, The Tramp, Bambi, Thumper, The Fox, The Hound, Dumbo, Tinkerbell, Fawn, Iridessa, Rosetta, Silvermist, Bess, Fira, Lily, Beck, Prilla, Rani, Vidia, Fairy Mary, Baloo, Robin Hood, Little John, Pinocchio, and Geppetto.

They all stood silently in attendance, smiling and happy to see her getting “married” to him again.

Friar Tuck walked out from the crowd and stepped forward in front of them.  Still seated on the edge of her crib, she looked down at him and waited for him to speak.

“De-ah-wee Bee-wuv-ed, we awe gavv-uhd he-uh today to join this Daddy and this BabyGuh-wull in AB Matwimony,” the Friar began.  “And who will be giving this BabyGuh-wull away?”

“I will,” her Pooh Bear stated as he slipped out from underneath her arm and presented her to her husband who picked her up and sat her across his knees.  They returned their attention to the Friar.

“Vewwy Good,” the Friar continued.  “Yo-uh mah-wedge is about to be compwete.  You ah joined as husband and wife and now will become Daddy and BabyGuh-wull. So without fuh-vuh adooo … Ezeke-uw, do you take yo-uh wife to also be yo-uh BabyGuh-wull, to have and to hold, to feed and to change, to wove and to chewish, in bathtub and high chaiw, in sickness and in heawth, fo-uh bett-uh or fo-uh wuhse, fo-uh now and fo-uh ev-uh, ti-uw bed time do you tempowawilly paht?”

“I do,” Zeke stated.

“And Wiwy, do you take yo-uh husband to be yo-uh Daddy, to have and to be held by, to wisten to when being fed by, to not sqwerm when being changed by, to not spwash when being bathed by, to not kick when yo-uh in a high chaiw, in sickness and in health, fo-uh bett-uw or fo-uh wuhse, ti-uw bed time do you tempowawilly part?”

She slowly nodded with sincerity, still completely in awe of what she was seeing and what was happening.

“And now you will pwee-sent yo-uh tokens of yo-uh commitment to each of-uh,” the Friar said.

Zeke removed the pacifier from her lips (which would forevermore be her bachelorette pacifier) and began to place her new pacifier in her mouth when she spoke up.

“But Zeke, I don’t have a token for you,” she stated in horror.

He smiled back at her and placed the pacifier to her lips.  She took it in her lips and began to nurse off it, feeling ashamed she had nothing for him.  His smile never dimmed and he kissed her on the forehead, before placing his finger beneath her chin and raising her eyes back up to look in his.

“You are a BabyGirl,” Zeke said.  “You’re not supposed to have a token.  Your token is the love in your heart.”

They both looked back to the Friar.

“By the pow-uh of make-beweave invested in me, I now pwo-nounce you Daddy and BabyGuh-wull,” the Friar said as all the animated stuffed animal characters began cheering.  “You may now change yo-uh BabyGuh-wull.”

Her eyes grew wide with amazement that the Friar knew she had wet herself during the service.  Zeke stood up and carried her over to the changing table.  Placing her on her back, he eased her head down onto the table, making a pillow out of a blanket for her.  She looked back over at the cartoon characters.  They had returned to being stuffed animals, but the entire nursery still had a feel of magic to it. 

The sound of her diaper tapes being unfastened drew her attention back to him.  He looked down at her with such love and passion in his eyes that her heart was warmed by his presence.

“Make-Believe is as real as you want it to be,” he said as he lifted her bottom and legs into the air.  “And all I had to do was believe in it as you do.”

She felt the coolness of the wipe as he gently stroked it across her bottom.  As she stared at the ceiling, she marveled at how real her make-believe had become.  Hearing her new diaper being unfolded and placed beneath her on the table, she smiled sweetly behind her new pacifier at the thought of being changed like this all the time for the rest of her life.

Then came that sweet scent of baby powder which she adored.  It felt as cool and as fresh as the wipe.  He lowered her legs and bottom back down to the table into the softness of her new diaper.  She smiled once more behind her pacifier, now taken in by the thought of always crinkling when she crawled or walked for the rest of her life.

And with each thought, her happiness grew more and more.  She felt powder being applied to her front and then his gently hand as he spread it around to cover every inch of skin which might otherwise have fallen victim to a rash.  He folded the front of her diaper up and into place, fastening it at her hips to the sound of diaper tapes being opened.

He lifted her up and onto his chest.  She wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist.  Resting her head on his strong shoulder, she knew that her life would have more meaning now than ever before.  She knew that her “littlest” emotions would feel a love that only a Daddy could provide.

And as he placed her back in her crib on her tummy, she knew she would always be a good girl for him.  If he had chosen to be as loving and as kind as possible to make her feel as she now did, then he deserved to receive a love and submission from her that never questioned the gifts he freely gave of himself.

He tucked Pooh Bear under her arm, covered her with her baby blanket, kissed her on the forehead, told her to go back to sleep and raised the side of her crib up and back into place.  He exited the room and quietly shut the door.


Lily awoke from the dream and sat straight up in her crib.  She wasn’t scared nor frightened, but instead the look on her face told the story that she had just had the silliest dream of her life.

She lied back down and curled up into a ball with her teddy bear in her arms.  Looking at the star-decal covered ceiling and nursing on her pacifier for a few minutes, she tried to allow the emotions of her mind to wind down enough to go back to sleep.  But, over and over and over again, she kept reliving her AB marriage and would certainly do so evermore.


Zeke and Lily - Dream CatchingZeke and Lily: Dream Catching

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