The “Daddy” – tude

We are attracted to people who we can relate to and with whom we find the right things in common.  We look for an ease of communication and a chemistry that connects us in ways that we can’t with others.  This is what leads to that bonding of hearts and a connection of souls.  Then comes the ability to be so comfortable with each other that we let down our personal guards and reveal those pieces of the puzzle that make us who we are, but only after we have found trust.

It’s a journey that seeks a foundation from which to build off of, a structure to hold everything inside it that we choose to fill it with … and a roof that never lets anything escape us – even if we find our heads and our hearts in the clouds from time-to-time.

The dynamic we subscribe to in an age play relationship takes the usual method and does it one better by intensifying the emotions that can erupt from within us.  It is this intensity that turns our wants into our needs, our longings into our yearnings, our interests into our passions and our affections into the depths of love we embrace about our significant other.

I’ve had vanilla relationships in my life, before I finally understood and listened to what my heart had been telling me all along.  And those vanilla relationships were wonderful.  But it was the age play relationships which included that “dynamic” that intensified the emotions and those were the girlfriends I got to know on a level far deeper than anything vanilla.

So what’s a “Daddy”-tude? It’s many different things to many different people.

As a Daddy, you don’t just want the BabyGirl you love. You need her. You are strong where she is weak and weak where she is strong. You crave the responsibility of protecting her and may often find yourself wanting to know exactly where she is – not because you’re obsessed, but because as a Daddy you need to know she is alright. The instinct makes him want to protect and need to do so.

She is his best friend and the foremost thought on his mind. She is the passion which drives his actions, for the short-term but also for the long-term. She may not always see the long-term as clearly as he does and vice versa for the goals she sees.

Thoughts of her lead to actions and maybe it’s because thoughts of her create images of her that burn dreams of her into a Daddy’s mind.

In any relationship, we find ourselves connecting well with people who make us feel good about who we are. A Daddy and a BabyGirl do that one better by feeling good about who we are and who we will become because of each other. This comes from getting to know someone on a level which runs far deeper into our souls, to depths no one else has reached. And it is from this depth that we take the concept of “finishing each other’s sentences” and turn it into “finishing each other’s thoughts”.

A Daddy does things which others don’t. Many people can do, but it is a Daddy who does. He is often the last person to sit down and relax, but he doesn’t mind that. He would much prefer that everyone has everything they need before he relaxes. And it’s the BabyGirl who recognizes what he has done who will own his heart and his devotion for her lifetime.

Whereas a BabyGirl yearns to be admired, adored and cherished, a Daddy yearns to be appreciated, but he doesn’t ask for it. He looks to make her happy and anything that he receives beyond that will be the sentiments that bond.

A simple, sweet “thank you” will melt a Daddy’s heart in the same way that those three words do.

But even without words, he conveys to her what she means to him. His eyes, his actions, his sentiments and his touch will speak volumes to her. He finds the center of her heart by continuing to “get to know her” beyond the vanilla point of comfort. And soon, he is able to tell what she is thinking, what she needs – simply by watching the way she moves, the way she speaks and when-and-if she chooses to make it known.

A Daddy isn’t perfect and he doesn’t try to be, but he wants to be. He wants to be perfect for her.

A “Daddy”-tude is a state of mind, for certain. But beyond that, its definition will vary from one guy to the next. And that’s the beauty of it. It gives us the ability to find someone who sees things the same way we do while giving other the ability to find someone the same … or at least close enough to allow starting points to build a foundation.

And the foundation is the start of everything else.

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