What A Good Girl Needed (Both Parts)

Taken from the dark age play compilation:
Gratification: Volume Three
Available on: Kindle and Kindle Unlimited

here is a little story about the value of being good and about the rewards.


What A Good Girl Needed

It was about 7:30 pm on a Saturday evening in early October.  And Livie walked briskly down Fraternity Row, a mall walk at the end of campus.  The start of her sophomore year had been eventful and she was grateful for even having had the chance to go to college.  Straight out of high school, she worked for three years until she could afford to attend Penn State University.  Her grandfather, uncle, father and mother graduated as Nittany Lions.  So, there was no other choice in her mind.  And she was glad to have waited a bit.  Being in her early-20’s, she would take her college education more seriously – especially since she had to work to be there, as opposed to having it handed to her.

Fraternity Row was hopping with activity on that night, being the concluding night of pledge week.  And her destination was the Sigma Phi Epsilon house.  SPE was notorious for violating the alcohol rules and thusly, would be put on probation every other year.  Having just gotten off their most recent probation that spring, they were headed for more trouble, once again.  In fact, all of the fraternities and sororities on campus were currently in a temporary state of probation because of the craziness from the most recent Thursday night parties.  Penn State had shut down all fraternity and sorority parties from being open to the public.  But this didn’t mean the frats and sororities didn’t party on their own.  It wasn’t as busy as a usual final night of pledging, but a lot as still happening – just in a covert sort of way.

Getting to the front of the frat house, she looked all the way up to the top floor and to the window of the attic bedroom.  That was Owen’s room, her boyfriend and a senior at Penn State.

Walking up to the front door, she knocked – not expecting anyone to answer for how noisy it was inside.  Looking around the neighborhood, she saw that every frat and sorority house was busy with a private party.  Last year during pledge week, there wasn’t enough room to even walk on that mall.  It was really sad to see it so shut down, but Penn State had to do something.  The parties on Thursday were completely out of hand.

Then the front door opened, startling Livie and turning her back around.  It was Mark, the pledge leader and one of the nicest brother in that fraternity.  But he had some not-so-nice news for her.

“Livie, I’m sorry.  But campus security is watching right now and if I let you in, we could get in a lot of trouble,” he said grimly.  “I’ll tell Owen you said hi and you’re more than welcome to visit on Monday.”

“Well … okay,” Livie said with a sad looking on her face.

Lowering her chin, she did her best to keep a smile from forming in her saddened expression.  Mark quickly tossed his eyes to the left and she gave him a small nod of understanding the message he conveyed.

Walking down the front steps, she turned and headed back up fraternity row, sitting on a bench right next to the SPE house.  She would sit there for a few minutes, but then got up and walked along the side of the house to the back door – where Mark was waiting for her.

Her denial of entrance at the front door was a ploy to appease the university security who just might have been watching.  And, given that Sigma Phi Epsilon had a history of breaking rules, the chances were likely that someone was indeed watching just then.

So Livie snuck in through the back door, saying hello to everyone in the back kitchen area – most of whom were already drunk.  Making her way through the sea of people on the first floor as she tried to get to the stairs, she thought about Owen.

He was a criminal justice major, in his final year.  Even though she was the same age, she still felt younger than him – being as she was only a first semester sophomore.  Feeling younger than him worked out just fine for her senses, given the nature of their relationship.

They had met a month ago at the start of a gen. ed. course they had both signed up for.  It was a course Owen had forgotten to take when he was a sophomore.  And she assured him it was no crime to have overlooked the course until his senior year.  Quite to the contrary, there was a little justice in the situation.  Their connection was almost instantaneous.  He was not only attractive but had a career in mind.  This made him even more attractive to her and she pursued him.

Getting to the base of the staircase, she wondered how campus security could be so stupid as to not recognize the number of people who were in that house.  And no matter where she looked, she saw couples paired off – the girls not wearing very much to begin with and getting what they actually were wearing torn off their bodies.

Apparently, the last night of pledging included orgies.

And as she carefully weaved her way through the passionate couples on the first flight of stairs, she kept thinking about her own adoring partner and about how they got that way with each other.

After the second day of classes with him, Livie broke the ice fully – asking him out to lunch.  Inside of one meal, they spoke of their desired careers, their life goals and eventually got into the topics that most didn’t reveal until really knowing someone well.  But they were both young, uninterested in wasting time with a lot of idle pleasantry chat.

Livie walked across the second floor and went right to the staircase for the third floor, passing by some craziness where beer was being dribbled down a girl’s leg and dripped into a guy’s waiting mouth.

One week into knowing him, Livie admitted to him that she had an obsession with being controlled and being submissive.  She called it an obsession because that’s what it was.  But then she said no more about it, not wanting to be too forward or aggressive.  She was hoping that he would become that way with her.  And it worked.  The seed she planted in his mind sprouted.  He inquired a bit more and then they started exploring several kinky ventures.

Crossing the third floor quickly and going right to the final flight of stairs that led up to the converted attic, she was beginning to understand why he chose a bedroom all the way at the top.  Though there were people milling about on the third floor, there weren’t nearly as many as on the second floor … or on the first floor.  Being in the attic got him as far away from the madness as possible.

The kinks they tried were elementary, simple in their attempts but designed just to get a taste from explorations.  From master and slave when she dressed like Princess Leia in Return of the Jedi to master and housemaid when she cleaned his bedroom and then got spanked anyway to bondage and bodily torture to mind fucking to pet play, they eventually got to age play.  And it was age play that wound up turning the cranks the most for both of them.

Walking up that last flight of stairs, she got excited.  Her patience was about to pay off.  She was smoothly-shaven everywhere and not wearing panties, a bit of naughty touches she had prepared for him.  Thoughts of him made her tingle in all the right places and in all the right ways.  And like so many other girls in that frat house, she wouldn’t be wearing much at all, if anything, in just a minute.

The only difference was:  she would be with him.

Standing in front of his door, she bounced up-n-down on her toes a few times before taking a moment to gather herself.  Then she knocked.

The door opened almost instantaneously, as if he had been waiting for her.  And there he was, her beloved Owen.  Initially, she grew weak in the knees – her typical first reaction when she saw him.  And initially, his eyes grew big-n-wide as he smiled broadly – his typical first reaction to seeing her … one that always validated to her how much he loved her, how much he wanted, how much he cherished and needed her.

But their initial reactions gave way quickly to unbridled passion – Livie jumping into his arms, wrapping her limbs around him and kissing him.  Owen shut the door with his foot and planted her back to it – their passionate embrace and kiss continuing deeper.  Putting both hands under her skirt, he cupped her bottom cheeks – Livie reaching down with her left hand and locking the door as she smashed her chest into his face.  Connecting pelvic bones, he held her against the door – then reaching up and pulling her baby-t off, followed by her bra.

Oh, yes.  She would be completely naked in just a moment.

As a bedroom in the attic of the frat house, the ceiling was also the roof and therefore slanted sharply on the one side.  So, his bed was positioned in the very center of the bedroom, Owen moving it there when he grew tired of bumping his head on the slanted roof when getting up.  Livie had spent the night with him in that bedroom on quite a few occasions and they had gotten into a routine they rather enjoyed.

Breaking the kiss, he planted his lips on the side on her neck, Livie lifting her eyes to the ceiling as she reached around to the back of his head and made two fists of his hair.

“You didn’t wear any panties, BabyGirl,” Owen said with his breathy and deep timbre, Livie shuddering at the sounds of it.

“I don’t belong in panties, Daddy,” Livie sassed lustfully.  “That’s what you always tell me.  Isn’t it?”

“And you’ve got a little sassiness to you, right now,” Owen said, Livie lowering her chin and closing her eyes – knowing exactly where he was headed with that statement.  “Naughty and sassy.”

Putting his right forearm underneath her bottom, he took a step back – turning and walking over to the bed slowly as he lowered the zipper at the back of her skirt.  She clung to him so tightly, feeling so very small and knowing exactly what was about to happen.  Oh, how she loved their foreplay.  There was no greater fantasy than what they shared.  And nothing could turn her on quite like his aggressive actions.

Working the unzipped skirt down and off her legs, he felt the smoothness of her body – Livie shuddering again as he placed her belly down on the bed.  Then he crossed her wrists at her lower lumbar, Livie staying in that position and burying her face in his pillow as he got out his cell phone.  She was completely naked and being photographed for his archives, as he called them.

“I think it’s time to give you what you’ve earned,” she heard him say as he set his phone down on his desk and walked over to the bed.

Gripping her crossed wrists with his left hand and pinning her down, he raised his right arm in the air. Livie braced herself, determined this time to not nibble on her lower lip as she bit herself the last time.  Owen’s right arm sliced down through the air and his flattened right palm connected with the center of her bottom – his hand then traveling straight upward to make the contact a quick smack that affected her skin surface only.  It was a nice bit of warm-up that enhanced everything.

Livie winced and whimpered a small squeak into his pillow.  Then his arm swung down again, this time his hand connecting with the underside of her bottom.  She struggled to wiggle underneath his pinning left hand as she tried to displace the initial smart of the pain.  But she knew she wouldn’t be moving from that position until he let her up.  Owen was strong, very strong.

“Tell me the five statements, Livie,” Owen said, his third strike landing on the center of her bottom again and making her seize up.

Lifting her head and placing the side of her face on the pillow, she tried to catch her breath – a condition brought about by a rapidly beating heart, an influx pf pain signals and the whims of submissive bliss.

“Good girls deserve a spanking,” Livie said softly, his hand striking the underside of her bottom another two times and making her voice shaky.  “… so they remain good.”

Then he paused for a moment to allow her to speak again.

“Good girls need their minds messed with,” she said with teary eyes – her mind inundating with the pain signals from her nerve endings, Owen landing two more strikes to the center of her bottom.  “… so the whispers from their Daddies will be what they hear in their dreams.”

As she gasped for air in an effort to control her emotions, her mind began to retreat from the moment slightly – in its effort to avoid extreme overload.  Her journey into a head space had begun.

“Good girls want to be led and to follow,” she said with a sniffle, Owen merely rubbing her pinkening bottom this time.  “… so nothing feels uncertain and so they always feel secure.”

Then his hand cracked her bottom twice as hard as before, Livie whimpering and seizing up before relaxing her entire frame.  A comfort zone had been found, one for which she freely drifted deeper inside.

“Good girls get attention,” Livie said with a grin, his hand rubbing her bottom.  “… and they always find happiness in what they have.”

Gently patting her bottom, he listened for the final statement.  It was, in fact, his favorite of the five.  It was also her favorite, too.

“Bad girls deserve nothing at all,” she said with a smile and a raised eyebrow, Owen releasing his grip of her wrists and then turning her over – taking another picture of her for his archives and then crossing her wrists on her stomach before parting her legs.

“Good girl,” he said, sliding his arms under her legs and putting his arms across her stomach – locking fingers with her.

Leaning her head back on the pillow, she looked up at the slanted ceiling – then closing her eyes and gasping intensely for air as the tip of his tongue touched her clit.  Heaving her chest upward, she arched her lower back slightly while squeezing their interlocked fingers.  Owen knew exactly where to go.  There were particular areas on the outside of her body that, when warmed and affected, would set off everything else – making her a time bomb.  She had particular areas on the inside that would do the same thing, but he would get those a bit later.

For now, she just needed to quiver a bit.  Owen was gonna make that happen, knowing how affectionate she would become afterwards.

He had such focus, his hands holding her down firmly – even when she started whimpering into louder moans.  A lot of times, she would have a pacifier in her mouth to muffle her sounds.  But on this night, there was so much noise in the frat house that no one was going to hear her.  And even if they did, it really wouldn’t matter.

That’s probably the reason why no one came running when she skyrocketed into a core-tightening orgasm that sat her straight up, Owen forcing her right back down.  He raised his shoulders slightly, preventing her feet from being able to reach the mattress.  And he held her there, concentrating his tongue on driving her to a higher and higher peak of the summit.  It wasn’t until she forced their connected hands down on the top of his head that he let up.  This was the nonverbal sign that she couldn’t take anymore, her pledge that she would never say the word no and his pledge to stop when she alerted him otherwise.

Releasing her hands and standing up, he cracked his neck to the left and the right – then turning up the passion a bit more by going to work on her mind.  The night was young and so were they.

“Let’s get you ready to go downstairs,” Owen said, walking over to his dresser and opening the second drawer.

Livie blushed as she saw what he took out of that drawer, the effects of her afterglow being in full-bloom as it appeared that mind-melting would be the theme of the night.

It was what a good girl needed.

He took out of that drawer a pair of her white ankle socks and the pair of her sneakers she always kept in his bedroom.  This seemed like strange items for him to pick up first, given what else he kept in there.  But she loved how he had devoted an entire drawer of his dresser to her.  It showed that, though they were merely a new couple, he was willing to make a place for her in his life.  And that meant the world to her.

That was another thing a good girl needed.

Then he picked up that anal plug they got two weeks ago, a late-night purchase they made on Amazon that led to a very Mission Impossible delivery with such secrecy she later laughed about how nervous she was that she would be caught with it.

“Assume the position,” he said with a smile, Livie getting up on her hands and knees – then lowering her head and resting on her elbows as she stuck her bottom up in the air.  “Good girl.”

Parting open her rosebud with his left pointer and thumb fingers, he touched the tip of the plug to her pucker and gently slid it inside her.  Livie whimpered ever-so-softly until it was in.  Though she wasn’t brave enough yet to try anal sex, she knew she eventually would find herself asking him about it.  He was always open to try most anything.

Then he reached into that dresser drawer again and took out a diaper.  It was disposable, a somewhat thick one.  Having perused online the endless options of diapers from what seemed like an even more endless number of diaper companies, she settled in on a plain white diaper named Simple.  Bypassing the decal stickers of space, ponies, princesses, sea life and others – not to forget to mention the diapers that were completely colored or had side panels with checkered and striped designs, she chose the most basic one.  The Simple diaper seemed the most authentic to her and fit her like a hand in a glove.

Turning over onto her back, she lifted her legs straight up in the air – slightly lifting her bottom as well and all-but laughing at how she already had done what he was about to instruct next.  This wasn’t her first time on his bed – completely naked, spanked and about to be diapered.  And it certainly wouldn’t be the last. 

This also wasn’t the first time he was going to take her out of his bedroom in a diaper.  They had done that a few times before – once taking her to a Penn State Football game in a diaper.  She wouldn’t need to go to the restroom even once during that game.  It was always an adventure to stand in that endless bathroom line forever, trying not to let the flood gates open before hopefully finding an open stall at Beaver Stadium.  So, she was grateful to be diapered then.

Owen unfolded the diaper, placing it flat on the mattress and sliding it up underneath her slightly-raised bottom.  Then he reached in the drawer for the container of baby powder.  Oh, my.  She loved that stuff.  It smelled sweet, always felt like droplets of silk and was cool on her skin – an especially wonderful bonus presently as her bottom was reddened and sore from the spanking.

He coated her cheeks liberally, holding her ankles with his right hand and folding her in half until her knees touched her shoulders.  There was a little something to be said for being held in such a position, a strange sense of vulnerability that really wasn’t strange at all.  And the familiar only added to the eroticism.  In other words, Owen was keeping her.  And she was quite happy with that, attention from him that was white-hot.  What girl wouldn’t be thrilled with the idea of receiving one of the most sought-after things in the whole world, attention?

It was a most unique way of receiving it, but it worked for her … so very well.  She couldn’t have complained if she had tried.

Bending her legs at the knees and parting them, he took powder to her front – Livie still remaining in a compact position but basking in the caressing feel of his fingertips.  Oh, he knew how to touch a female in the right manner, in just the right way – fueling her desires onward without jumping ahead to the big conclusion too soon.

What good was trying to start a fire without kindling to ignite first?

Folding the front of her diaper up and into place, he lowered her legs and fastened the tapes oh-so-snuggly at her hips.  Then he went to his closet, Livie placing both of her hands on the front of her diaper and relishing the delightful feel of envelopment while reliving every single moment in his bedroom since she had knocked on his door.  Owen came back to her with a dark blue Penn State Football jersey.  The number on the jersey was that of next year, the year he would graduate.

He also had a white jersey.  One was the away jersey.  The other was the home one.  Most Nittany Lion students had both.

Lifting her arms straight up, she happily accepted being dressed in that jersey.  Wearing his clothes was always a pleasure. 

Without having to say a word, it brought her recognition that she was taken and was with someone.  It was always an impulse she had to make mention of him when she met someone knew, especially when it was a guy.  Without suggesting that the new guy was interested in her, following the impulse of mentioning Owen was a pleasant and non-confrontational way to make her unavailability known. 

Standing her to her feet, he embraced her – kissing the top of her head and then reaching into the drawer again to get her pacifier and pacifier clip.  Attaching the clip to the collar of the jersey, he put the pacifier inside her shirt for temporary keeping.  Livie’s stomach began to churn with flutterflies, not just from the knowledge that she would be wearing that pacifier clip outside of his bedroom but also because it didn’t appear that she would be wearing her skirt … or any pants … or any shorts … or anything at all over top of her diaper.

This was a new twist, another bit of kinky fun to add to their repertoire.  And oh, how intense this was going to be.  How humiliating and embarrassing this would be and how absolutely thrilled by this prospect she was.  In all honesty, she would probably have more clothing on than most other girls in that frat house just then.  Besides, it was college.  Exploration of all kinds of shades was the norm.

Taking her by the hand, he reached into the dresser drawer one more time – grabbing that soft pink ribbon he loved to tie around her neck … a BabyGirl’s collar, if you please.  Tying it into a bow at the back of her neck, he opened the bedroom door and they walked out into the hallway – Owen scooping up the tiny back pack he had sitting by the door.  The rising heat from all the lower floors instantly hit them as did the smell of beer and the sound of heavily-blaring music.

Livie was a bundle of excitement, readjusting her strides to accommodate the thickness of the diaper without making it too obvious.  His jersey reached down to her thighs, covering her diaper.  But she looked like she didn’t have anything on her lower half.  So, this was indeed going to be a riveting experience – heightened by her accoutrements and primed to turn her mind to absolute mush.

A table was set up and Victor, the fraternity brother who was also a bartender, set up 50 shot glasses.  The call was made for ten girls to step forward as Victor filled the bottom half of each of the 50 shot glasses with amaretto liqueur.  Nine girls stepped forward.

Victor then filled the top half of each of the 50 shot glasses with Irish cream liqueur, topping them all with whipped cream.

“Be a good girl,” Owen whispered in Livie’s ear, then patting her diapered bottom and encouraging her to walk up to the table as the tenth girl – Livie waddling over to the table.

And that was exactly what she craved, being told to do something but being told in such a manner as to not feel degraded. 

A little encouragement … that was what a good girl needed.

“Now, I need ten brothers,” Victor called out, Owen and nine other frat boys stepping forward as Victor then addressed them.  “Guys, these ten brave ladies are about to take down five blow jobs a piece.  And we wouldn’t be gentlemen if we didn’t hold their hair out of the way.”

Everyone laughed as each of the ten brothers chose a female.

“But guys!” Victor said, picking up a baseball bat, the audience gasping and then laughing.  “If you touch any part of these women other than their hair, I will use your head to hit a homerun.”

The audience laughed again, applauding Victor.

“This means you don’t grope their breasts, grab their asses or offer them a sixth blow job,” Victor said, the audience howling with laughter.  “Except for you, Owen.  You may do whatever you want to Livie.”

Livie smacked her lips, then looking back at Owen and winking.  The audience laughed once again, the main room of the first floor becoming packed with spectators – people climbing up on each other’s shoulders in the very back for a better view of the forthcoming action.

“Ladies, I would suggest that you swallow, not spit,” Victor said, the crowd roaring with laughter – the ten girls themselves even laughing.  “Whoever finishes their five blow jobs first wins a free public paddling from Owen.”

The nine other girls looked over at Owen, Livie stepping in front of him and waving her finger at the girls.  The crowd laughed hysterically.  Oh, it was on now.  Livie was suddenly determined to win this thing.

“Place your hands behind your backs, ladies.  Guys, pull their hair back and hold it all up in a ponytail,” Victor instructed, the girls crossing their wrists at the lower lumbars as the guys gathered the girls’ hair up into ponytails – Owen stepping up directly behind Livie.  “On your marks!  Get set!  Go! … Go!  Go!  Go!”

All ten girls bent over, their lips parted widely as they took the first shot glasses in their mouth.  All ten of them stood up and leaned back against the brother behind them.  Livie looked up at Owen and opened her throat – the shot sliding right down with one simple gulp.  She bent back over and placed the empty shot glass on the table, five of the other girls doing this at the same time as her.  The other four were still struggling to take the first shot down.

Livie mouthed the second shot glass and stood up, lifting her chin and looking up at Owen once more as she opened her throat and gulped it down.  Bending back over and putting the second shot glass on the table, she looked to her right – seeing that only she and one other girl had finished two of them, at that point.

The race was on, Livie and the other girl mouthing their third shot glasses and standing up, lifting chins and swallowing.  They placed the third shot glass on the table and immediately mouthed the fourth one, standing and swallowing and bending back over.  Putting that fourth shot glass on the table, Livie mouthed the fifth and final shot glass – deciding to win the whole thing … right then and there.

Tilting her chin back as she stood up, she swallowed the last blow job before she got completely upright.  Tapping the back of her head against Owen’s sternum, she bent back over and put the glass down.

The crowd erupted with applause, all the rest taking a considerably longer time to finish.  Even the girl who was battling neck and neck with her struggled to finish that last shot.  Livie turned to face Owen, lowering her chin and smiling as she looked up at him with a submissive gaze.  She knew that her secret was about to be revealed, should he decide to give her the spank reward right then and there.  The look in her eyes told him she was ready for it and all it entailed.

Even more people gathered around to watch the victory spanking. And, not wanting to be cheated out of any of the overwhelming embarrassment she was about to receive, Livie took his hands and directed them down to the lower hem at the front of the jersey.

Her heart pounded so hard it hurt.  Widening her stance a bit, she compensated for the slight dizziness she was feeling.  She felt so very alive just then.  That was what a good girl needed … to feel that way.

Taking the lower hem of the jersey, he pulled it up – tying it into a knot and revealing her diapered bottom.  Livie closed her eyes, expecting to hear laughter, but she didn’t hear laughter at all.  Much to her surprise, the crowd went silent for a few seconds.  And then a sea of awws was heard, adoration even.  Livie was quite shocked.

Facing her towards the crowd, Owen lifted her chin – Livie opening her eyes as her face blushed with a pinkish hue.  Most looked down at the front of her diaper first and then up into her eyes.  But all attention went to Owen’s hand when he reached into the front of the jersey and took out the pacifier on the clip, putting it between her lips.  Holding her by the arms, he faced her towards the table.

Everyone knew of Owen and Livie’s kinky nature but had never seen it in action.  So, they weren’t surprised, just presently fascinated by it.  The revelations weren’t over yet, though.  And as he lowered the back of her diaper, showing everyone her heavily-powdered bottom as well as the nub of that anal plug, embarrassment turned to full-blown humiliation inside her.  And she felt herself growing wet because of it.

Victor handed the fraternity paddle to Owen and Owen lifted it up in the air.  Livie parted her legs as widely as the lowered diaper would allow.  He swung the paddle down as the crowd chanted ONE!  The paddled connected with the middle of her bottom cheeks and he held it there as the powder flew up.  Livie winced at the reawakening of the soreness of her spanking from upstairs, along with the new sting from the current strike.  She tensed her body slightly but had no trouble displacing the pain in her mind as it mellowed out.

Owen swung the paddle down a second time as the crowd chanted TWO!  Livie winced just slightly, whimpering once – then lowering her chin as she displaced the pain again.  Though her reactions from the second strike were a little milder than from the first, the second one was a lot more challenging to handle.

THREE! The crowd chanted as Owen connected with her bottom again, Livie raising up on her toes and closing her eyes as every muscle in her body tightened up.  The pain was excruciating.  Reading this in her reactions, Owen stopped the paddling.  There were supposed to be five strikes, but he decided three was all the more she was going to take.

People applauded as she stood up.  Livie turned to Owen and smiled up at him behind her pacifier.  He pulled the back of her diaper up into place and kissed the top of her head.  The attention of the room then went to other tables, set up in sporadic locations on the first and second floors as beer pong became the next activities to watch.  But Livie, always known as the little sweetheart by Owen’s side, was suddenly a celebrity – of sorts.  And as such, she left the knot in the front of the jersey, allowing her entire diaper to remain visible.  She also kept the pacifier, string and clip on the outside of the jersey, no longer nursing from it but allowing it to remain visible as well.

As she joined in on a game of beer pong, Livie proved that she was force a to be reckoned with.  Owen warned the two frat boys who challenged Livie and another girl to a game of beer pong that they would lose to her.  She had a wickedly accurate aim and after three straight games of making the boys drink, she had proven herself to be so much more than just a Pretty in a Pamper

While still indulging in the embarrassment she felt, she marveled over the fact that no one had a problem with her being in a diaper.  Thinking about it in clear hindsight, it made sense that no one would have a problem with it.  It was her business, even if Owen had made it everyone’s business.  By continuing to make her part her legs as he checked her diaper repeatedly over the next hour, Owen kept making it everyone’s business … or at least everyone’s entertainment.

He just kept fucking with her mind and she just kept craving it all.

Getting what she wanted … that was what a good girl needed.

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