Pretty, Powdered & Pampered

02That day, she spent the whole morning doing some Christmas shopping for her nieces and nephews.  Finding the gifts they wanted always seemed to be the most time-consuming and the most difficult – especially her nephews.  She was a girl.  Getting her nieces gifts was easy.  But what did boys want for Christmas?

At lunch, she met one of her former roommates from college – spending the time gabbing about that one night at that sorority party when they threw the mixer with the frats.

The afternoon was busy for her too as she ran errands for every relative who knew she had the day off from work.  And by the time she got home, she knew that dinner was going to be late and that her Daddy would be waiting for it a bit longer.  She had just simply lost track of time.  She had been shopping for others and running around with a to-do list that seemed like it would never get done.

But when she opened the front door, she got the most wonderful surprise in the world.  Standing there in an apron and a chef’s hat was her Daddy.  And he had begun making dinner for them.  Right away, she knew dinner that night would be spaghetti.  It was the only meal her Daddy knew how to cook on his own.

But a Daddy meal of spaghetti wasn’t just about the sauce and the noodles.  It was a whole experience.  And as the noodles softened in that kettle of boiling water, her Daddy whisked her away – taking her straight back to her nursery and stripping her of everything she was wearing.

In a matter of a few seconds, he had tied her hair back with light blue ribbons and put that terry cloth bib with the teddy bear designs around her neck – the one that was super-thin but super-soft.  She smiled brightly and lifted her arms up to him as he picked her up and lied her down on her changing table.

Laying there and lifting her legs up, she thought about how wonderful it was to have done things for others on that day – though they seemed like tiring tasks at the time.  But now, feeling that cool touch of powder to her bottom, she was basking in the comforts of being … pampered by her Daddy – literally and figuratively, for the rest of her day off.

Snuggly fastening the tapes of her diaper at her hips, he set her down on the floor of her nursery, then kissing the top of her head and whispering sweetness to her before returning to the kitchen to finish preparing dinner.

“You’re very pretty, BabyGirl,” her Daddy whispered, melting her little heart.

Occupying her time with a toy for the few minutes she knew she would be there, she thought again about how having given all day lead to being given back to.  But she never gave with the intent of receiving – which is what made it extra special when someone did something unexpected for her. There would be a high chair in her very-near future and certainly a bath to follow as a spaghetti dinner, eaten with her fingers, always left her as a mess for him to clean up.

Being Pretty, Powdered & Pampered wasn’t anything more than the garnishments she wore.  But it was those Daddy hands that had babied her up that gave everything meaning to her.  Yes, being Pretty, Powdered & Pampered was a wonderful gift indeed.


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