Whatever Comes To Mind (Both Parts)

Taken from the dark age play compilation:
Gratification: Volume Three
Available on: Kindle and Kindle Unlimited

here is a little story about reading signs, about following instincts and doing … whatever comes to mind.


Whatever Comes To Mind

Monday, 11:30pm

Maria walked quickly through the brisk night air.  Though it was late April, the night time could still dip the temperatures low.  But she thought the short walk from her house to Annie Bailey’s Pub wouldn’t be so bad, despite the fact that she really wasn’t wearing very much at all.  She was wrong about this.  With any luck, the bartender there would give her a lift home.  He always flirted with her when she stopped in and admittedly, she egged the flirting on.  He was a studly guy, not a muscle-bound gorilla but definitely handsome and his voice always had the ability to make her wet.  Needless to say, Maria had more than just a little crush on him.  Her skimpy outfit was designed to catch his attention the very moment she walked into the pub.

Keeping her arms folded tightly in front of her hardened nipples, she picked up the pace of her strides.  But this only froze her legs that much more.  Short skirts were fun and sexy.  But they did little to keep warmth in.  None of this would matter though, once she got inside the pub.  And she couldn’t have gotten to that front door too soon, opening it and stepping inside.  Shutting the door and standing there for a moment, she closed her eyes and basked in the warmth of the bar room.  It felt like a warm bath on her chilly frame.

Then, opening her eyes, she was surprised to see how dead the pub was.  It was a Monday night.  Wasn’t there baseball or something on TV that always brought jersey-wearing guys out?

Looking over to the bar, she saw her man crush.  Heath was his name and she could feel the first little tingles between legs, along with those wonderful butterflies in her tummy as she took graceful steps over towards him.  He was rearranging liquor bottles on the display shelf, but he saw her approaching in the mirror on the wall.  Smiling handsomely, he turned around – Maria getting to the bar and grabbing the edge of it just in time to prevent her knees from going weak and making her collapse to the floor.  He had this most amazing ability to throw her off balance with a simple gaze in her direction.  Taking a seat, she put her purse on the bar and smiled suggestively at him.  The flirting between them would begin almost immediately, save for one question that was currently puzzling her.

“Where are all the baseball fans?” she asked, crossing her legs and leaning forward to give Heath a better view of her cleavage.

Maria was wearing a white, low cut top and a playful short skirt with a bit of flowy nature to it.  She had worn her brunette hair down but tucked her locks behind her ears.  Heath once told her that he absolutely loved long hair on a female and he wished they would never cut it beyond split-end trimmings.  Her hair had been long for years and she had no intentions of cutting it short, not so long as it kept getting her such attention from him.  Her make-up was designed to accentuate her eyes, putting eye liner on her top lid as well as her bottom.  Heath once told her eye liner was the most make-up of all because it brought everything else together … mascara, eye shadow, brow color, the whole works.  She had perfected the feminine wiles he enjoyed the most.

“The baseball crowd?  They went home a half hour ago,” Heath explained while making her a Sex On The Beach – a fruity but strong drink.  “The game wasn’t very good tonight.  So, they split a bit early.”

He set her drink in front of her, having made it in a snifter glass – the shape of which always reminding Maria of a boob.  Hence, she called it the boobie glass.  Sipping from the little black straw in the drink, she eyed up Heath’s backside as he turned back to the liquor shelves and kept straightening the bottles.  He was a good-looking guy, not too skinny like a twig but also not so heavy as to have love handles that hung out over his belt.  And he wore clothing that complimented his body shape … all six feet of him.

Maria only stood 5’ 5”.  So, a taller guy was always attractive to her.  Even with heels, she felt short around a taller guy … little even.

“Maria, you always come in here and you tell me about your day, but you never tell me about you,” Heath said, turning back to face her and beginning to wash the glasses under the bar.  “Why is that?”

“I’m shy,” Maria said playfully, sipping a bit more of her drink.

“Well, I think you should drink that straight down so I can make you another,” Heath said with a devilish grin.

“Why?  So you can take advantage of me tonight?” Maria asked with an equally devilish grin.

“I have wanted to take you home with me for the longest time,” he admitted, being playful but also being honest.

“And what would we do when we got home to your place?” Maria asked, egging on the flirtation as she then sipped from her drink.

“Whatever comes to mind,” he said cryptically.

“So tell me what comes to mind,” Maria said, reaching to her waist and pulling down the front of her low cut shirt just a bit more to allow a greater amount of her cleavage to be revealed.

“Just so you’re aware, I’m keen to what you’re trying to do,” Heath said, raising an eyebrow at her.  “And it won’t work.”

“Oh, really?” Maria sassed back playfully.  “Tell me what it is you think I’m trying to do and why you believe it won’t work, Bar Man.”

“You have safely redirected the topic of discussion away from yourself, as usual.  Tell me about yourself,” Heath said, playfully jousting back as he looked down at her outfit.  “… Schoolgirl.”

 Maria smiled knowingly, wrinkling up her lips as she had indeed been caught in a misdirect.  But she had known him long enough at this point to tell him a little about who she was.  She certainly wanted the guy she dreamed of sleeping with to know who she was before she found herself in the middle of his bed, staring up at the ceiling and arching her back towards a forthcoming summit.

“Okay,” she said, then sipping the rest of her drink straight down and sliding the glass over to him to refill.  “I am a Catholic girl who hasn’t been to church in a long time.  I am a regional coordinator for The Spina Bifida Foundation.  I am an only child.  I blaze my own path in life and I’ve never gone home with a guy from a bar before.”

“Well, there’s a first time for everything,” Heath suggested, sliding another Sex On The Beach in front of her.

“Oh, don’t get me wrong, Heath,” Maria said, leaning in towards him.  “I am very much in favor of wearing your clothing at breakfast.”

“Now you’re talkin’,” Heath said with his deep timbre, Maria all-but shuddering at the sounds of his low tone.

“I’ve always liked the bad boys and I’ve always refused to believe that bad boys were poor marriage material,” Maria said with a growing lust in her irises.  “But sometimes, to get a bad boy’s attention, a girl needs to be a little naughty.”

“Naughty girls get spanked,” Heath flirted, keeping his voice low.

“If they get spanked, they deserved it,” Maria flirted back.  “Tell me something that’s a secret about you.  Something that your appearance and demeanor would never reveal.”

“I am a sucker for a submissive girl,” Heath answered with no hesitation at all.  “Now, you tell a secret.”

“When handsome guys flirt with me, they get me wet,” Maria admitted.  “I used to be embarrassed by this, but now I welcome it.”

“So, you have extra panties in your purse?” he asked with a grin.

“Nope. No spare panties in my purse,” Maria said, patting her purse on the bar.  “Your turn.  Tell another secret.”

“Hmm,” he said, thinking about it for a second.  “I love girls who are confident but who aren’t femi-Nazis about life.”

“Do you want to get married someday?” Maria asked.

“Yes.  But I don’t want to have kids,” Heath answered quickly.

“Why not?” Maria asked, raising an eyebrow at him.

“I waited a bit too late in life for that.  Becoming a father now would mean my kids would be graduating college when I’m getting ready to retire,” Heath answered with honesty, pouring himself a ginger ale and adding raspberry syrup to it.  “Besides, I’m an uncle.  And I’ve got plenty of interaction that way.  How about you?  Marriage?  Kids?”

“Marriage, yes.  Kids, no,” Maria answered, just as quickly and confidently as he had answered.

“Why not?” he asked, sipping from his drink.

“I’m not able to have kids.  It was the result of a car accident I was in when I was young,” Maria answered with honesty.  “So, wanting to have kids would only upset me.  But I still have baby fever.”

“And how do you handle that?” Heath asked, detecting the subject wasn’t something that seemed to upset her and pressing forward with it.

“I baby myself,” she answered with a laugh, then sipping her drink.

“Yeah?  Teddy bears?  Hair bows?  That sort of thing?” Heath asked, Maria nodding and taking down the rest of her drink.

“Yep,” she answered, sliding the empty glass over to him, Heath washing it in the sink.  “Nighties, pacifiers, baby clothes … diapers.”

“Really?” Heath asked with wide eyes.

“Yep ………. and no, I’m not wearing a diaper right now,” Maria said before he asked.  “I’m wearing panties.”

“Are they wet?” Heath asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Soaked,” she answered with flirtatious suggestion.

“That’s naughty,” he flirted back, leaning in towards.

“Then I guess I need a spanking,” Maria whispered to him.

“Well … I need to go back into the cooler to inventory the beer,” Heath whispered to her.  “How about you come back with me?  And I’ll warm your backside … provided you don’t heat up the beer for being such a hot little thing.”

Maria smiled and picked up her purse, getting off the stool and walking around behind the bar.  Oh, my.  He was so tall.

“Good girl,” he said, pointing in the direction of the back and playfully patting her bottom through the back of her short skirt.

Heath led her into the cooler, picking up the reordering clipboard and handing it to her.  The cooler was definitely that … cool.  But it wasn’t nearly as bad as the chilliness outside.

“Okay,” he said, looking at the racks of booze.  “We will need to order more ….. Coors, Coors Light, Yuengling, Guinness, Boston Lager, a keg of Budweiser, a keg of Pabst’s Blue Ribbon … and also Corona and Corona Light.  Did you get all those?”

“Got ‘em,” Maria said, putting the pen on the clipboard and handing it back to him.  “But I don’t wanna be too good of a girl right now.”

“Don’t you worry, Little Miss Catholic Schoolgirl,” Heath said with a deep timbre as they walked out of the cooler and headed towards the office.  “I won’t let that happen.”

The manager’s office was directly behind the bar room, a tiny little closet-like space with a cluttered desk and a stone-aged desktop computer … so old that it still used a tower.  Shutting the door, he locked it and then walked over to the swivel chair – taking a seat it in and looking up at her with a smile.  Maria lowered her chin, shyly.

“Show me why you need to be spanked,” he said, relaxing in the chair and getting ready to enjoy the show.

Standing with her legs together, her shoulders shrunken and her chin kept lowered, Maria reached down to the lower hem of the front of her skirt and lifted it up – revealing the wet spot on the front of her red satin panties.  The wetness was a straight vertical line down the middle with a cute little spot right at the bottom where she dripped from her perineum.  Oh, did she blush the shade of her panties, mortified – not just that this hunky crush of hers was seeing what a mess she had made of herself, but also because she had welcomed all of this with flirts.

“Now take your top off,” Heath said, Maria submissively taking her white top off to reveal her matching red satin bra.  “You really are a hot little number, aren’t you?  But hotness or not, you won’t be able to tell your panties from your bottom when I’m done with you.”

That comment alone made her drip again.  She never truly understood why the mere thought of having a hand taken to her bottom was such an arousing one.  But it seemed superfluous to waste time trying to figure it out … time that could better be spent building up the anticipation of what was to come.  Pain was evident, pleasure to follow.

Heath stood up and Maria released the lower hem from her fingertips, the front of her skirt falling back down as she folded her forearms in front of her abdomen – trying to find a place to keep them out of the way.  Standing behind her, he reached around and gripped her red satin cups – then pulling them down … her breasts falling out of the bra.  His hands, oh, his huge hands groped her – his thumbs and pointer fingers pinching and rolling her nipples around at his fingertips.  She fidgeted and fussed just the slightest bit at the pinches, but she really didn’t want him to stop doing anything.  He was working on her mind as well as her body and another well-placed comment would set more in motion.

“You are a naughty girl and you do need a spanking,” he said, releasing his gropes and turn her to face him – placing two fingers under her chin and raising her eyes to gaze up at him.  “And if I’m spanking you, then that makes me your Daddy, doesn’t it?”

“Yes …,” she said softly, looking up at him lustfully.  “… Daddy.”

She could feel another little tingle at her center and another little drip adding itself to the wet spot on her red satin panties.  She was mesmerized by the moment, by what he was doing to her, by what he was saying to her and by his scent – a mixture of his cologne, the detergent in his clothing and his sweat from having worked.

“Take my belt off,” he said with a deep timbre, Maria reaching down to his waist and fumbling with the buckle but getting it apart – sliding the belt out of his pants loops, then holding the belt and lifting it up to him.  “Good girl.  But you’re still naughty in my eyes.  And you still need a bit of correction, don’t you?”

“Yes, Daddy,” she whispered almost inaudibly as he took the leather belt from its offering on her open hands.

“Now slide those wet panties down your legs and step out of them,” he said with a controlled growl, taking a step back and watching.

Maria reached under her skirt and up to her waist line, bending over and pulling down the waist band of her red satin panties.  Heath watched from just a step away, folding his leather belt in half and holding it on either side to then crack the belt a few times.  She rolled the panties down her legs, slowly as to give him a visual sight he would enjoy.  Stepping out of the panties and picking them up, she stood up straight – preparing to hand the panties to him.  But the moment she stood up, he pulled her close to him – his left hand indeed taking the panties from her, but his right hand going under the front of her skirt and onto the smoothness between her legs.

When she took a shower before making the brisk walk to the pub, she shaved herself to silky smoothness everywhere in the hope that his hands just might make their way down under her skirt.  She had lost track of how many times in her life she had made that preparation, only to be disappointed by a lack of result.  But, for some reason, she knew she would get lucky with him that night.  Call it female instinct.

He felt her wetness and the swell of her outer lips, his palm sliding up and down her labium with ease.  Doing her best not to show too much reaction to his touch, Maria kept her eyes to the floor – tightening her lips and concentrating on keeping her breathing steady and even.  She knew that her emotions and her thresholds were about to be pushed beyond their limits.  So, there was no sense in exhausting herself prior.

Tucking her red satin panties into his left pants pocket, Heath turned her to face towards the desk.  Pushing the clutter out of the way, he then made her take a small step backwards before bending her forward at the waist.  Instinctively, she put her hands out – her palms going flat as they landed on the top of the desk.  Then he flipped up the back of her skirt and began tapping the insides of her thighs with the folded leather belt, Maria shuffling her feet further apart and widening her stance until he was satisfied with her position.  He stepped behind her and there she remained – the room going silent, the satellite radio music in the bar room seeming louder and clearer than before.

It was then she realized that no one was going to hear anything that happened back in that little office.  Her heart began to pound heavily in her chest.  Her breathing picked up, but still was kept by her tightened lips and conscious control.  Then the sound of leather cracking rang in her ear drums, over and over and over again as Heath cracked the belt in his hands.  With a widened stance, she had trouble locking her knees and this would likely be the case throughout everything that was about to happen to her.  He had smartly taken away one of her defenses.

“I think ten smacks will be adequate for this offense of wet panties, don’t you?” Heath asked, cracking his leather belt again.

“Yes, Daddy,” Maria said softly, swallowing a lump in her throat while trying to keep the heavily-pounding heart in her chest from rushing too much blood into her head and making her dizzy.

“So, you will count every one of these and then you’ll thank me for it,” Heath said, stepping to her left and placing his left hand on her lower lumbar to hold the back of her skirt up and out of the way.

“Yes, Daddy,” she said with a shakier and more whispered tone than before as she braced herself for the forthcoming first strike.

CRACK!  The leather belt connected with her bottom, squarely across both bottom cheeks – the reverberation in that little office being quick but still loud as the sound echoed everywhere.  It was postceded by the same preceding swish of air his arm made when swinging.  But the first strike really didn’t hurt very much, though it was delivered with a lot of muscle strength.  It jolted her and she clenched her bottom cheeks for a moment, feeling more shock from it than anything else.

“One,” she said softly.  “Thank you, Daddy.”

CRACK!!  The second strike landed, the belt having audibly sliced through the air and landed across bottom cheeks again.  But this time, they landed on the lower half of her cheeks.  She seized up for a moment, closing her lips tightly to prevent from squealing as this second offering was twice as powerful as the first.  It left a slight sting on her skin and added in with the growing discomfort from the first strike, she began processing a lot of sensations simultaneously.

“Two.  Thank you, Daddy,” she said, dealing with the sudden distraction of being a switchboard for nerve-endings.

CRACK!!! A third strike landed across her bottom cheeks, but this time, across the top.  He was making an American flag out of her backside.  The sounds echoed in the room as did her gasp for air from the sting.  There were no new areas left for him to strike and she knew that the next time that belt sliced through the air, it would deliver the first offering that would travel inward.  Her skin had been affected, but now the meat underneath was the focal target.

“Three,” she said, staring down at the cluttered desk and breathing a bit more heavily as her mind had already decided that this spanking was about to go up to a whole new level of discomfort.

CRACK!!!! Strike four landed squarely across the center of her cheeks, his wrist turning as he connected – then pulling the belt back quickly and allowing the sting to indeed travel inward.  This produced her first whimper as she closed her eyes and did all she could to mentally displace the pain … to little avail.

She hated the fact that she was right, for as much as she loved it at the same time – a bit of opposite confusion added into the present mix.

“Four,” she said with a shaky tone, then pausing to collect herself before finishing the statement.  “Thank you, Daddy.”

CRACK!!!!! The belt landed across the center of her bottom cheeks again, Maria seizing up again and rising up on her curled toes as she fought the pain and a sting that seemed to not want to lessen.  It felt like she was stuck in that single moment when a bee sting was at its affected worst.  It was a seemingly never-ending bite of pain.

“Five.  Thank you, Daddy,” she said with the first vocal signs of weeping – a weeping that would grow worse quickly.

CRACK!!!!!! The belt landed across the center of her bottom cheeks yet again and she clenched her lips shut, closing her eyes and beginning to breath heavily through her nostrils.  Gritting her teeth, she tried not to break down.  But the pain was far too intense.  And the sting had traveled so deeply into her meat that she could feel a pulsing throb from it.  She wouldn’t be able to hold out through all ten, not without giving up and showing the strength of her weaknesses.

“Six.  Thank you, Daddy,” she said, sniffling repeatedly.

CRACK, CRACK!!!!!!!  Two strikes landed, one to the top half of her bottom cheeks and the other to the lower half of her bottom cheeks – the second landing quickly in succession of the first.  Her entire body tensed up, but her wide stance prevented her from locking her knees.  If she had been able to do that, she could have tightened her leg muscles enough to withstand the primary shocks.  Tightening might have proven worse for her down the road, but it would have helped with the initial.

“Seven.  Eight.  Thank you, Daddy,” she said, barely capable of making any sound at all at this point – other than crying like a baby.

She shook all over, her mind trying to escape the overload of the moment.  But with a constant influx of messages being sent from her nerve-endings, she found herself helplessly being thrusted back into the present … repeatedly with each excruciatingly painful pulse.

CRACK!!!!!!!!! The belt landed again, right across that same center stripe of her bottom cheeks.  She had to be welted and swollen on that stripe.  There was no way she wasn’t in that condition.  She was sure of it, though she couldn’t look back over her shoulder or turn around to see … at least not without serious consequence for having done so.  And besides, she was too busy crying to do anything else – her tears having begun to stream down her cheeks … the ones on her face, this time.

“Nine,” she verbalized through her sobs.  “Thank you, Daddy.”

CRACK!!!!!!!!!! The final strike landed on the lower half of her bottom.  However, the pain instantly lessened within her.  Though that final strike hurt, it wasn’t nearly as bad because she knew there would be no more to follow it.  She had somehow survived the ten smacks for having been a naughty girl.  And she had indeed won the attention of a bad boy.  Though it took an extreme amount of effort on her part, she had done it.  So, when Heath stood her up and turned her to face him, she knew exactly what to say.

“Ten.  Thank you, Daddy,” she said with breathy exhaustion.

Now you’re a good girl,’ he said, picking her up in his arms and taking a seat on the swivel chair – Maria smashing the front of her body against him to take in a nose-full of his scent but also to keep her bottom in the cool, free air.  It had a wonderful numbing effect.

Though there was still pain, it was nothing like what she had just felt.  And the fact that he was not only willing to sit there and care for her as she pulled her emotions back together but also be the primary aid in her recovery meant more to her than anything else in the world.  He wasn’t the guy who spanked her.  She didn’t see him that way.  Instead, he was the guy who kept her honest and kept his word and saw her punishment through – albeit a playful game.  But the sentiment was no game at all, not to her … and obviously, not to him either.

Her red satin panties weren’t coming out of his left pants pocket and she knew it.  They now belonged to him and she was quite happy with that fact.  Besides, she had made them wet.  He wasn’t going to allow her to put them back on.  So, she pointed to her purse on the near end of the cluttered desk.  Heath picked up the purse and opened it, smiling as he saw the diaper she had rolled up and put inside it.  It was only a generic disposable, not really intended to withstand any heavy use.  But that really didn’t matter.

Standing her back up and putting her back in the position she kept while being spanked, he unfolded the diaper and placed the back waist line of it to her lower lumbar.  Pressing his center against the back of her body, he held the diaper in place as he folded the front of it up and in place – opening the tapes and fastening them loosely at her hips.  She could tell that air flow would be able to pass through the diaper.  This would be helpful, given that her bottom was enflamed.  And without the seasoning of baby powder that would have been the same as pouring salt in a wound, there would be some comfort.  But the greatest comfort would have been knowing whether or not the diaper stuck out below the back hem of her short skirt.  Some insecurities would always remain.

Turning her to face him, he put her breasts back inside the red satin bra and slipped her back into her low-cut white top.  She took a few moments to put herself back together, fluffing and primping herself before looking in the little mirror by the office door.  He picked up the clipboard of beer reorders and turned to her, wiping the tears from her face before leading her back out into the main bar room.

It was so warm out there, the remnant of quite a few bodies having been in there that night.  She could feel the diaper moving somewhat freely with each step she took, given how loosely he had taped it onto her.  And though the sound of amplified music filled the pub, she still heard the crinkling of her diaper.  Glancing back quickly, she indeed saw just a bit of it peeking out from under the back of her short skirt.

Not wanting anyone to see it, she took a seat once again on the very same stool she used before.  And the moment she sat down, her eyes grew big and wide as she bit into her lower lip to prevent from crying in pain.  Very carefully, she stood back up and went to the end of the bar, just a few steps away.  She would be fine with standing for the rest of the night because sitting wasn’t a very comfortable thing for her to do.

Heath went back behind the bar, continuing to clean up.  That was the moment when the owner of the bar walked over to them.

“Hello, Maria,” Rick, the owner of the bar, said – walking up to her and giving her a hug.

“Hi, Rick.  How’s Glenn?” Maria asked cheerfully, hugging him back, but keeping him in front of her – for fear that he might catch sight of her peeking diaper.

“Glenn is good.  We’re both excited,” Rick answered, Heath having already made his boss’s favorite drink.

“There ya go, Sir,” Heath said, setting the drink in front of him.

“I see no Sir anywhere around me,” Rick joked, then picking up the drink and taking an enormous swig of it.  “Ah, yes.  There’s nothing like a red-headed slut going down a parched throat.”

Maria started to smile and then she laughed.

“It’s okay, Maria.  You can say it,” Rick said with a big grin.

“Glenn is a ginger, right?” Maria asked.

“Yep.  And he’s my slut, too,” Rick replied.  “In a few short months, he will be all mine forever.”

“Yeah.  When is the wedding?” Heath asked.

“July 15th,” Rick answered.  “We haven’t sent the invitations out yet, but I want both of you to be there.  I can’t imagine it will be as big as your wedding was, though.”

Maria and Heath look at each other, smiling brightly. 

“Yeah, I kinda invited everyone I knew to our wedding,” Maria confessed, reaching out and taking Heath’s left hand to play with his wedding ring.  “But I got lucky when I married this guy.  I knew every day of our marriage would feel like the first day we met … only better.”

“Heath, I’ll close up the bar tonight,” Rick said.  “Why don’t you two head home?  It looks like your little lady is quite affectionate right now.  I always know what’s on Glenn’s mind when he gets that way.”

“Thanks, boss,” Heath said, walking around the bar and heading out with Maria on his arm.

Keeping herself smashed against his side, she crinkled with each step – her sore bottom brushing against the inner softness of her diaper.

“I walked here,” she admitted, feeling quite affectionate.

“It’s a chilly night, Princess,” he said, unlocking his car and opening the passenger’s side door for her to get in.

“I know, but I knew that if I got here, you would warm me up,” Maria said, pecking his lips and then getting into the car.

Oh, yes.  Life was good.  And for three years of marriage, life had been even better than that.  Right from the moment they first met, they effortlessly assumed their roles of dominant and submissive.  But they initially did so in a very vanilla manner.  He was so open and willing to explore anything with her that she felt quite comfortable in revealing her kinky nature to him.  Because of this, their lives together had become quite Neapolitan in flavor, but she didn’t add the chocolate and strawberry all at once.  She never inundated him with anything.

Instead, she gave him kinky things to look up and to research.  Then she waited for him to start asking questions.  When he did, she explained what that particular kinky thing meant to her and how it made her feel.  After his curiosity peeked, he aggressively suggested they try some of these things out.

And try them out they certainly did.  But he never let the power go to his head and she never took his willingness for granted.  This was the most important bit of their evolution together.  That, and a mutual need for balance in life.  There would always be such a truth as too much of a good thing.  So the trick was always: how to avoid too much.  

“Oh!  I forgot to tell you I have tomorrow off!” Maria said with excitement, Heath smiling brightly as he started the car.

“And tomorrow night is my night off at the bar,” he said, devilishly raising an eyebrow.  “So, we have a whole day to do …”

“… whatever comes to mind,” Maria said, completing his thought.

“Ya got that right, BabyGirl,” Heath said, slamming on the gas as they sped off into the night.  “And that’s exactly what we’re gonna do … whatever comes to mind.”

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