Feeling Devilish? (Part One)

Isn’t it amazing how the things we feared when young are the things that excite us now?  Such as punishment.

If you think about, isn’t that true?

And punishment comes in so many forms.  It doesn’t even require any interest at all in age play or ABDL.  Though BDSM has a wide variety of interests other than punishment, the acts of correction are very much a part of it.

But, focusing in on ABDL (because this is my blog and ABDL is my thing), how many of us feared that pot stick in the kitchen or the leather belt around Dad’s waist or just simply a hand that could make us dance a jig on the living room rug?

That last one in particular I recall quite vividly.  I was a bit stubborn when I was younger.  I guess some things don’t change.  And I guess other things do. 

When young, we feared those punishments.  Now, we either don’t fear them and suddenly want them.  Or we still fear, but suddenly want them.  This certainly isn’t the case for everyone as there are no absolutes, but many now excite from those fears.

And those implements become the favored … weapons of ass destruction as a friend of mine cheekily stated the other day.

You may have stumbled across DevilishDesign on Twitter or Tumblr or even FetLife.  If you haven’t yet, all of those links are at the bottom of this posting.

DerBaron (German for “The Baron”), the owner and creator of DevilishDesign, is becoming a rock star within the BDSM community as he makes quite a few different implements for those have turned fear into excitement.  Everything he makes is one-of-a-kind, hand-made and built to last.

What is initially intriguing about his work is that it is crafted in an old-style artisan fashion, back when things were built with a quality unparalleled.  And every piece of work was built with pride, when every piece of work was a direct representation of the person who made it.

We really don’t see that kind of commitment and effort anymore.  Everything is mass-produced nowadays.  That goes without saying.  And if something doesn’t live up to what it was supposed to be, we the consumers are the ones out of luck.

That’s not case with DevilishDesign’s paddles and other implements.  DerBaron takes absolute pride and ownership in what he makes and you will receive something better than what you expected every time.

Beyond the initial intrigue of his process and commitment comes the material.  DevilishDesign paddles/implements of ass destruction are made of wood.  Shaped, sanded meticulously and polished, his woodwork can give a licking while taking a licking – made of walnut, maple, cherry, purpleheart, poplar, oak and several other types of wood. 

As he explained to me, every type of wood has a different density and this directly effects whether a paddle is “stingy” or “thuddy”.

Walnut, by far, is DerBaron’s favorite wood to work with. 

“It was the main wood he worked with in the shop where he apprenticed and learned the craft of wood work,” he said when I asked him why walnut was his favorite.  “Walnut is also a medium density wood and therefore, is quite versatile as a paddle.”

But he doesn’t just make paddles of different shapes, weights, woods and styles.  He also makes stingers, canes, cock stocks, crosses, stocks, larger furniture and custom pieces as well.  And every piece he makes, he makes to last. 

But even prior to starting DevilishDesign, he had created his own throne room in his house – complete with a most impressive cross he built. But we’ll get into that a bit more in part two.  (Just wait until you see his throne room!)

“I am a Top and enjoy crafting scenes as much as I  enjoy crafting paddles,” DerBaron said.  “Every scene is a journey.”

And his journey included a hobby or woodworking that grew into a small business that now has international customers.

How true that is.  Such as the journey from fear to excitement.

Check back for Part Two of this writing series about DerBaron and DevilishDesign.

In the meantime, check him and his work out all over the web:

Because Devilish Design is a boutique, they aim to keep things intimate.

You can find their entire collection for sale on Fetlife.com
Contact them for a personal sale through PayPal

On Twitter, they are very active, and it has become a major site of advertisement.

On Ebay you can find DevilishDesign work at

Follow them on Instagram

On Tumblr

You can find DerBaron’s writings at

The DevilishDesign interviews on  KinkyCamDom.com:

Online Artisan Paddle Boutique: https://www.kinkycamdom.com/devilish-design-online-artisan-paddle-boutique/

Experience another Exquisite Spanking with Devilish Design: https://www.kinkycamdom.com/experience-another-exquisite-spanking-with-devilish-design/

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