“Super” Preparations & One Last Thing

JerseyBabyGirlStacy finished straightening the last garnishment to turn around and greet her Daddy’s arrival home.

It was just a few minutes before the pre-game festivities began.  Her Daddy, who had begrudgingly gone into work on this Sunday, had raced home afterwards so that he wouldn’t miss any of the Superbowl.  But because he was called in to work on this day, he and Stacy’s plans of that evening had to be cancelled.

Stacy decided to not let the sudden change ruin Superbowl Sunday for him.  After all, her Daddy was upset  that his team didn’t make it to the big game anyway.  There was no need to wreck anything else.

So, she prepared an entire spread of food and placed it all in perfect display on the coffee table, centering that table in front of the couch which gave them bird’s eye view seats of the big screen TV and surround sound system he had set up.  She put her favorite blanket and stuffed animals on one side of the couch, got out her coloring books and crayons, her mad libs, her crossword puzzles and her diaper bag – arranging it all perfectly for her to sit alongside him as he watched the game.

Then she hopped in the shower, drying her hair and putting it into pigtails afterwardds before slipping into the BabyGirl necessities and one of her Daddy’s favorite team jerseys.

She bounced on her tippy toes, proud of the “super” preparations she had made.  Her Daddy stood there with a dropped jaw and it was that stunned reaction which made her giggle.

“All ready to go, Daddy!”  she said with a tiny, chipper voice.  “Except there’s one last thing …”

Her Daddy looked at her with confusion.  She had prepared every conceivable thing that could be needed for watching the Superbowl.  What else was left to be done?

With a playful twinkle in her eyes, she lowered her chin and smiled.

“I need my diaper changed, Daddy,”  she said softly as she blushed.

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