Thank You

I love this community … the ABDL community. It is a truly amazing group of people who are creative, passionate, compassionate, unique and very special. They are run-of-the-mill people you may well have never met the likes of in your lifetime – without having been a part of this community.

When I first discovered that ABDL was a thing, I was 22. And it was a discovery I made online. Back then, the internet was not nearly as equipped with resources as it is nowadays. I found a few random, unkept ABDL sites. That was about it, but it didn’t matter to me. All that did matter was that I abruptly and unexpectedly knew I wasn’t the only one.

In the years to follow, ABDL websites would emerge. Diaperspace and DailyDiapers suddenly became filled with folks who shared a common interest. FetLife and Collarspace (originally known as CollarMe) would surface. And suddenly, a piece of myself that I believed would always be useless in life had purpose and meaning.

And the community just growing and growing. Opinions varied and interests did the same. Some enjoyed the darker play. Others enjoyed the pure-n-innocent approach. Some embraced an uber-sexual interest in it. But everyone somehow fit into the community.

I have a dear friend whom I have had many discussions with about conventions and books and munches and life. He doesn’t believe that it is a “community”, instead believing that it is more of a “social cohorts” organization at best.

And this is perfectly okay by me. Because it shows the variance of opinions that exist harmoniously.

I watched as the younger masses would form their groups on FetLife, showing a whole lot of passion in what they posted. Then I watched those younger masses go at each other’s throats, later finding a return to friendships.

Those different points of view and opinions sometimes clash. But from those clashes comes a greater respect. Sometimes this takes a long time for people to get there. LOL But they always seem to get there eventually.

The ABDL community is a vast collection of races, genders, preferences, and ages – all mixing into one interest salad. The friendships I have made are some of the closest that I keep, communicating with some of them on a daily basis – though we live hundreds of miles apart and only see each other a handful of times each year. The relationships I have had have been more fulfilling than at any other time in my life.

I’ve seen eye to eye with so many people, offering my back and hands to them to help an event grow.

I’ve had differences with people, forming my own belief that when you can be the same person in real life that you present yourself to be online … when you can have that courage and conviction – then and only then will you have merit.

This community is amazing because of the people within it. And what they do together is as magnanimous as what they do individually.

The podcasts they have created.
The events and conventions they built from the ground up.
The groups and munches they lead.
ABDL companies emerged, like Lil Kink Boutique.
Let’s not forget how many different ABDL diapers we have to choose from.

Yeah, they split hairs from time to time. And maybe that’s because they are so passionate about the same things. But it is those conflicts that make for advancements forward, advancements as amazing as the community itself and the people within it.

In 2010, I went to my first munch.
In 2011, I helped a hotel convention happen.
In 2011, I started a website and began writing ABDL ebooks.
In 2011, I attended FetFest for the first time.
In 2012, I attended CAPCon for the first time. I also attended Brimstone, an Abdulia house party and a GKE.
In 2014, I helped start a munch and also helped TeddyCon come to be.
In 2014, I was a part of the Littles Express.
In 2015, I traveled with a friend up to The Littles Invasion in New England.
For the past three years, I’ve helped keep up a munch, traveled to the CAP and the Teddy … and also written a few ebooks.
Next year, there will be a west coast ABDL hotel convention.

I am a blessed individual to be a part of this community. I look onward and upward with a few simple thoughts in mind as guidelines:

  • There is no wrong way to do this ABDL thing, unless you are hurting someone else by doing it.
  • When two people give, there is no take.
  • Everyone is entitled to their opinion. But everyone is also entitled to disagree.
  • Be yourself, at all times.
  • Say what you want and do what you want, but always own your words and your actions … as well as the consequences of each.
  • Follow your heart, but use your head.

Thank you, ABDL community.  If I could think of a word that is better than magnanimous to describe this community with, I would use it.

But right now, all I can say is: Thank You

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