What a Daddy Gets From It: “Back Relief”

Every now and then, I make reference to the question: “What Does A Daddy Get From the Dynamic?” I’ve seen this question pop up on a quite a few sites and I’ve received this question in emails and private messages. And I’ve done my best to answer it. But it doesn’t seem to matter how many times it’s stated, the answers given are often hard for a BabyGirl to understand. Perhaps the only way to know what a Daddy gets from it is to be a Daddy – just the same as the only way to understand what a BabyGirl gets from it is to be a BabyGirl.

It’s frustrated me a bit that, though I find it easy to write, I just simply can’t find an all-encompassing answer to this question. So what I’ve decided to do is create a series of on-going blog entries, until I have fully answered the question.

This is the first entry and each entry will detail a small little “something” that I’ve gotten from my time as a Daddy. But these are only my answers, my opinions and what I get from the dynamic. It may differ for others and that’s the beauty of it. Much like Age Play and ABDL itself, it is as individual as we are.

So the first entry I will entitle as: “Back Relief”.

For the majority of my life, I’ve suffered from occasional back pain. It’s always in my lower back (the lumbar region) and it’s always because I did something stupid to give myself this pain. I’ve taken back pills, worn lifting braces, worn the back patches and even once slept on top of several bags of ice to seek relief from the pain.

I am very luck in that I haven’t done any permanent damage to my back at all, always having just pulled muscles. But whether the pain was temporary or not, it hurt so bad that I could hardly move sometimes and often woke up because of the ache.

Back ThumperRecently, I “re-found” this picture on Tumblr. I had found it a while ago and commented on it but had then forgotten about it. When I saw it again a few days ago, the thought entered my mind that what this picture demonstrates is something I have gotten from the dynamic.

It might seem odd to think of the physical comforts a Daddy could receive, aside from sexual ones – if the dynamic is also sexual for you. But when I over-work my back, this is the greatest thing in the world I could be given at that moment.

Back Thumper 2I recall when I actually received this for a “little one”. She plopped her diapered bottom down on my lumbar and rocked her hips while leaning forward ever-so-slightly and shifting her weight on top of me. She really didn’t have much body weight, but of what she had – she centered on my lumbar as she then proceeded to knead her fingers and thumbs into my shoulders, then my spine then down to my tailbone.

And for as silly of a remedy as it seems, having experienced it, I can tell that it actually works. Try it sometime. Lie on your stomach on a bed and relax. Ask your BabyGirl to plop her diapered bottom down on your lumbar and you’ll not only see but also feel what I’m talking about.

But wait! There’s a bit more in this!

The trick to it is: If she does it correctly and moves in the right way, she gets a little something “extra” out of it, too.

Think about it.

Oh, there are many more “What a Daddy Gets” rewards out there and there will be more to come. But a diapered back massage from a BabyGirl gives you something that you not only want but truly need when you’re in pain. And for a BabyGirl to recognize that and take action tells you that she is willing to give back just as much as she takes.

And to me, that’s dynamic.

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