The West Coast Jungle Gym

The West Coast Jungle Gym

Have those five words recently shown up on your FetLife friend feed? How about on Tumblr or Twitter or Facebook?

It’s an ABDL convention that will take place on the west coast, Pacific breezes fueling the sails for the energetic team of ABDLers who are planning it.

And just by its name, the intrigue begins.

A jungle gym is a most interesting piece of equipment you find on a playground. Unlike a see-saw or a merry-go-round or even a swing set, a jungle gym has no one specific look to it. It can be built like a dome or erected like it was the structure of a sky scraper.  And there are so many other shapes it can take, each unique and different … yet still the same in principle.

That’s kind of like the ABDL community and more specifically, the members of the ABDL community. We are all unique and different, yet the same. We all have different interests – the dark, the pure-n-innocent, diapers or no diapers, outfits, pacifiers, stuffed animals, cribs, high chairs, humiliation, nurturing … or perhaps none of that.

For each ABDLer, the interests are unique. And that’s why the Jungle Gym is such an amazing way to describe an ABDL convention. And it’s even more brilliant that these west coasters put Jungle Gym into the name of their ABDL event.

Playgrounds are great places to go during recess. They are also great places to lend a helping hand to someone else – whether that’s sitting on the other side of a see-saw so the other person can raise up in the air or if that’s taking hold of the merry-go-round bars and giving it a spin for all those sitting on it or if it’s giving a push to someone who is sitting on a swing.

The West Coast has joined in on the ABDL Convention circuit. And TeddyCon is not only thrilled to hear this, but wants to give them a push – so they can reach the stars as they swing for the first time.

I love to promote anything that is ABDL-positive in nature.  And I’m going to support The West Coast Jungle Gym as they take their first baby steps towards the first west coast ABDL hotel convention … or at least the first one that has happened in quite some time.

It has always been a joy to give back to the community, providing them with something they will enjoy and recreating it every year – improving upon the experience and adding new things so they will further enjoy the experience in years to come.

In discussion with the leaders of The West Coast Jungle Gym, I can tell you that they are doing this for the good of the community, giving as opposed to taking.

And it is that one fact that defines their intentions, right from their inception.

Welcome to the community, West Coast Jungle Gym!

So, everyone … when you get the chance, stop by and say hello to our fellow crinklers of the west!

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