Getting a Little Kinkier: The Back Room of the Boutique … and more.

Have you ever seen the movie Click?  It was one of Adam Sandler’s most successful films to date.  He’s probably more known for Happy Gilmore, The Waterboy, Billy Madison and movies like those.

But in the movie Click, he walks into a Bed, Bath & Beyond.  I forget why he was there, but getting to the back of the store he finds another room that has a sign above it saying: Beyond.

In that room, he runs into Christopher Walken who sells him a remote control that enables him to fast-forward through the parts of his life he’s not crazy about, rewind and relive the parts of his life he enjoys the most and pause his life when he needs to take a breather.

When folks think of ABDL and age play, they don’t often think of dark age play … at least not initially.  Most non-ABDLers I’ve spoken with don’t think of sex when ABDL comes to mind.  They don’t view it as being erotic or exciting in that manner.  They think of people in diapers, babbling and crawling around.

And while that imagery holds truth, it doesn’t hold total truth.  A few years ago, I detected a growing trend in the young crinkling masses that led me to understand that ABDL has never really been pure-n-innocent.  Now, for some it is and it always will be pure-n-innocent for them.  But there’s an openness to getting kinky while being crinkly.

I jokingly referred to that young contingent group as ABDL converts, since they incorporated BDSM and the like into the mix as much as the diapers, pacifiers and all.

Much like that room in the back of that store in the movie Click, Lil Kink Boutique has some naughtier items.  But don’t worry, using these items won’t get you put in the corner.

Chastity devices, special ball gags, restraint sets, plugs, vibrators, bullets, mittens and masks.  All of different colors, shapes, sizes, lengths, girths, tightnesses, speeds, and intensities.

Sometimes, the less-than-innocent thoughts need a few garnishments.

To see the back room of Lil Kink Boutique, click here:

But there are still more things to tell you about that Lil Kink Boutique offers on their website as well as the different conventions and parties they vend at.

Firstly, go check out their other posting on this website: Are you a lil kinky? Here’s a boutique for you.

Then follow the link back here.

They have hand-made jewelry – the made-to-order necklaces, the glass pendants, Mommy Domme pendants, Baby Boy pendants, Baby Girl pendants, watches, earrings, the jibbitz bracelets … the list is endless.  And so much of it is detailed by specific wording, colors and styles that you are certain to find something that is absolutely perfect for you or for that special someone of yours.

There are 23 pages of different necklaces and earrings, 30 different watches – themed and 29 jibbitz bracelets.

And then there’s their hand-made clothing –

diaper covers, mittens, shortalls, overalls, dresses, skirts, t-shirts, pajamas, rompers, onesies … 


I counted 58 different dresses, dozens of socks, half a dozen diaper covers, eight skirts, 14 shortalls, pajamas. 

And they will be making more … always!

I must mention the hair accessories and bows!  There are 22 pages of options.

And I would be remiss without informing you that they sell diapers.

You will be adorned in so many things that are a lil kinky and more.

So, visit their website:

Here is a list of ways to contact them and to see what they’ve got:


FetLife Group:

FetLife Profile:


Ebay Store:





  • By ABDL, For ABDL.
  • Custom-made and Personalized.
  • A Daddy and BabyGirl who go above-n-beyond to accommodate your littlest wishes.

That’s what makes Lil Kink Boutique as unique as you are.

Please share this posting if you have read it and would like the spread the word about Lil Kink Boutique.

There is a list of social media options at the bottom of this posting for your use.

Keep Crinkly.
Stay Awesome.
Stay ABDL.
and as always … Dream Big About Being Little.
Zorro Daddy



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