BabyGirls of Summer: Pretty Posture

Being a gushing Daddy, I’ve always believed a BabyGirl to be properly dressed when wearing a t-shirt, a diaper …and a smile.  When a crinkly Princess smiles, her entire face lights up.  And this, in turn, brightens everyone and everything around her.  As she beams with an inner glow that could challenge the intensity of the sun, she turns her head and lowers her chin, giving an adorable bit of shyness that mixes perfectly with the innocence of her heart.

A bit of pretty posture.

Summertime is about glowing, about the beauty of what I like to call skin season and about all the possibilities that warmth brings.

I re-present to you these images of summertime, as seen when inclusive of a diapered BabyGirl.


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