BabyGirls of Summer: Sand Between the Toes

The idea of letting one’s hair down, throwing caution to the wind and enjoying life to an extent more fully are all thoughts that guide the realities of our decisions and the vitality of our fantasies.

I had a short-lived website about 15 years ago on Yahoo Geocities.  It was called “The Diapered Female Figure Gallery”.  It’s purpose was to define and bring to visual the diapered female figure.  Back then, there weren’t very many pics online of this subject.  And I hadn’t met anyone yet. So I couldn’t take the pictures myself.  The pickings on that sight were very slim and the site would end after a short amount of time.  But the imagery never left my mind.

I re-present to you these images of summertime, as seen when inclusive of a diapered BabyGirl.


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