The Waddling Dead: Episode Six

Episode Six: Don’t Drink the Water

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Saturday morning, 8:45 am

Crinkle.  Crinkle.  Crinkle.

The sounds of more than five dozen hips waddling along filled the air as everyone made their way over to the entrance of the nature trail.  Britney looked up at the canopy of leaves above and then all around the campground, marveling over how bright the daytime seemed there – given how pitch-black it got after dusk.

The group wandered down a skinny trail that got skinnier as they went into a thicker patch of trees.  Most of the baby sisters were pulling in their arms and shrinking up their shoulders in an attempt to not make contact with any of the bushes or leaves along the trail.  Britney lowered her chin, concentrating on not smiling too brightly behind her pacifier.  It was just that some of the girls were behaving with such tantrum responses, it was hard to not smile or laugh.

But getting into a clearing just ahead, the smiles and laughter came to a screeching halt.  In the middle of that clearing was a well, made of stone with a little wooden roof.  There was a pulley system attached to a metal bar, with a rope going down into the well that presumably was attached to a bucket.  Everyone gathered around the well, eyeing up what the little sign said next to it:  Don’t Drink The Water!!

“The older a facility or a location gets and the more history that’s record about such places, the more those places develop stories,” Loretta began, standing in front of the well.  “Some of these stories get added to over time because of the whisper down the lane effect.  And in some of the more memorable cases, these stories become legends.”

Everyone looked at the sign again, seeing how old it was and how it was nothing more than a piece of plank wood, the words burned into it.

“The legend of The Shultz Retreat is that the water here is purer than anywhere else nearby.  But purer doesn’t always mean better,” Loretta explained.  “Much like the legend of the fountain of youth that promised a regeneration from consumption or the cup of Christ – for those of you who are religious – that promised eternal life … or so Indiana Jones would have us believe, everything comes with a price.”

Everyone listened in closely, interested as to where this story was headed.  Loretta, an amazing story teller, kept her audience captive.

“Pure water is a wonderful thing, absent of chemicals and other pollutants.  But can you believe that there is such a thing as too healthy?” Loretta continued, backing up from the well.  “It is said that anyone who drinks water from this well goes crazy because of it.  This is what was believed to have been what happened to Dutch Schultz back in 1933.  His friends and family would confirm his unusual behavior during the final two years of his life.  But there have been other stories of people drinking this water and becoming grotesquely deformed because of it to the point that they were unrecognizable.”

All the baby sisters looked at each other, deciding whether they were going to believe this big fish story or not.

“Water in the cabins and the dining hall has been connected to the water system of Arietta, a nearby town, for the past 55 years.  But the water in this well still comes up from the ground and we’re at the lowest point in this valley.  So, it always stays full,” Loretta said, then turning to face the girls.  “You are all very pretty.  And I want you all to stay that way.  So please … Don’t Drink the Water!!”

Everyone laughed, except for Bitch #1 and Bitch #2 who started pulling each other’s hair and scratching at each other’s face.  Some rather foul words were exchanged between them as they came up with new names for female body parts.  No one knew what had set them off, but they were broken apart very quickly by some of the sisters.

“Now you two knock it off!” the head sister from their college screamed at them, Bitch #2 taking her baby bottle and throwing it at Bitch #1.  “Hey!  I’m a little tired of this!  When are the two of you gonna grow up!”

The entire group grew silent, watching the altercation take place.

“Ursula!” the head sister yelled at Bitch #2, Angelina snorting and Britney quickly smacking her right forearm to shush her.  “Get up to the front of the group and keep your mouth shut!”

Then Britney began to smirk, lowering her head and trying not to laugh.  But it was really funny that the pin-straight brunette name was Ursula, just like the witch from the mermaid story.  What could Bitch #1’s name have possibly been, Maleficent?

“And Hillary!” the head sister said to Bitch #1, Britney shrugging her shoulders as that name was witch-worthy too … or so half the nation believed last year.  “You stay right here until you calm down.  When you’ve come to your senses, then you can rejoin the group down the trail.  And don’t think I’m unaware of what’s going on!  I can spot an antagonist very easily.”

The rest of the group continued down the trail, Hillary the blonde bitch remaining there and folding her arms in disgust.  Oh, if everybody only knew what Ursula had done just a few hours before they arrived at this campground last night, they might have been cheering Hillary on.

Pacing back and forth, Hillary was boiling over.  She really didn’t have very good problem solving skills.  And having grown up in a time when everything was taken care of for her, when everything was handed to her and when she was protected from absolutely every opportunity to learn a lesson in her youth, not only was she spoiled but she was now unprepared to do much of anything on her own in life.

It was tragic and perhaps a little cliché in meaning.  But it was also the unfortunate truth.  Hillary was good at one thing, however … getting even and if needs be, regaining the upper-hand.

Looking down at the ground, she saw Ursula’s baby bottle laying there.  It was filled with water.  Then she looked at the well and to the sign that made a clear statement of warning.  Picking up the baby bottle, Hillary unscrewed the nipple cap and stared at the rope on the pulley as she dumped out the contents of the baby bottle.

Raising her left eyebrow, she walked over to the well and looked down inside it before pulling up on the rope – the pulley having grown rusted from decades of unused time.  There was indeed a bucket attached to the end of that rope and setting that bucket on the top ledge of the well, Hillary dipped Ursula’s baby bottle in it.  Filling the bottle and then screwing the nipple cap back on it, she turned around – finding grace in her waddled strides forward as she quickly rejoined the group.

“Ursula,” Hillary said, the group stopping and turning around to face her as Hillary walked up to Ursula and handed the baby bottle back to her.  “I’m sorry.  I get out of hand sometimes and I always seem to do the wrong thing.  I won’t promise you that I’ll do the right thing from now on – because I know myself.  But I promise you that I’m going to try and if I ever get out of line like that again with you, I want you to scratch my eyes out.”

Ursula smiled warmly.

“Agreed,” Ursula said with a laugh, she and Hillary embracing as everyone lightly applauded.

They journeyed on down the trail and Hillary stayed right next to Ursula, just waiting for her to drink from the bottle.  She wouldn’t have to wait long, either.  The day was growing warmer and Ursula would swig down several gulps, not knowing it was the well water.

At first, nothing happened.  But within a few minutes, Ursula felt painful cramps in her gut.  Being female, she was no stranger to cramps – though they seemed untimely to her to be happening just then.  Minor discomforts were a way of life for a girl and thinking nothing more of those cramps, she participated in the balancing activity on a nearby log.  Everyone was made to stand on the log and then somehow find a way to rearrange themselves by height without stepping off the log to do so.

A few more minutes passed by and Ursula felt a little dizzy, a throbbing tightness forming across her chest and her head feeling like it was in a vice.  Stepping off the log, she dropped to her knees – her face turning white as she struggled with the dizziness.

“Ursula, what’s wrong?” the head sister of her college said, kneeling next to her.

“It’s nothing,” Ursula said, not wanting to say that her sudden period cramps were excruciating this month.  “I’m just a little dizzy from the heat.  I’m gonna go lay down in the cabin for a few minutes until it passes.  I’m sure it’s just the heat.”

“I’ll go back with you,” Hillary offered, faking her concern.

“No,” Ursula said, standing to her feet.  “I’m feeling a little better already.  I’d just like to spend a few minutes in the cabin laying down.”

And with that, Ursula started walking back through the trail, towards the main camp area.

“I’ll check on you in a half hour!” Ursula’s head sister called to her.

Hillary picked up Ursula’s baby bottle, watching her waddle off. 

“Maybe we all ought to head back to the dining hall,” Loretta suggested.  “We can come back to the nature trail later.  Let’s keep heading in this direction, though.  It’s quicker to get back this way.”

Britney looked back in the direction Ursula head off.  She was gone.

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