The Waddling Dead begins Monday, May 1st 2017

Greetings everyone and happy springtime!  Winter is over!

And in celebration of this wonderful news, I will be posting an online ABDL Zombie story entitled:  The Waddling Dead.

It is the story of eight college sorority pledges who meet an evil challenge on their final weekend of pledging.

For the next three months, follow the story of these eight sorority pledges as they journey to a campground for a Beta-Alpha-Beta sorority pledge rally gone horribly wrong.

(More details and descriptions to follow.)

Beginning Monday, May 1st and going until July 28th 2017, I will post one episode of this story every three days.

You can find this story in one of two places:

  1. There is a Waddling Dead group I started on FetLife where you can join and read the gruesome, crinkly tale:
  2. Or you can read it here on my website.  If you subscribe to this website, you will receive email notifications of all new postings.


Happy Spring, everyone!!!

Zorro Daddy

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