The “Littles” Express Rides Again!!

It’s back, in full-steam and ready to take you away all over again!

Lil XAnd now it’s in two locations:

Near Chicago

Wilmington, DE

But what is this holiday event all about?

It’s a magical experience that includes a private train ride with music and story, a gathering at a local restaurant afterwards, fellowship and memories.  And all of this happens as the holiday season kicks into high gear.

In 2016, the price to attend and participate is $20 … if you buy you ticket before November 7th.  After that, it will cost $25 – for either location.  You will also need to bring money for the food afterwards.  But you get an evening of memories for an extremely affordable price.

For folks who may have to travel a bit to get on this magical train ride, there is a Holiday Inn Express hotel about 6 miles away.

I attended this train ride in 2014 and can tell you that it was unforgettable.  It was also at the perfect time as the buzz of the first TeddyCon was still in my veins. It was great seeing some of the TeddyCon folks again.

And for the midwest ride, this serves as a chance to see the CAPCon folks you may not have seen since the spring.  Plus … it also gives you the ability to talk, face-to-face, with people about possible CAPCon 2017 room shares.

To read more about the first Littles Express, here is the posting I put up about it two years ago: The “Littles” Express.

Tickets are limited and going fast.  So to  read up about all the details of The “Littles” Express, visit here first. 

Then go here to get tickets for the MidWest train ride.

Or go here to get tickets for the East Coast train ride.

 All aboard!

The Littles Express Website
The “Littles” Express MidWest Tickets
The “Littles” Express East Coast Tickets
Mako Allen’s Website
“Concerning Littleton” by Mako Allen
The Big Little Podcast

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