“How To Hear the Whispers of a Little Heart”

“Daddy?” she asked with a small voice. “Do you ever get to the point where you tire of thinking about things?”

“Yes, BabyGirl,” her Daddy responded. “It can lead to a state of mind where you can’t do anything. You wind up standing still and living inside your head.”

“So what do you do when you get tired of thinking too much?” she asked, walking up to the edge of the Field of Gold.

“I stop thinking and I start to listen,” he replied. “And what I find sometimes is that if I can quiet my mind long enough, I’ll hear the whispers of my heart. And it will be those whispers that tell me all I need to know.”

She took a step forward, listening to the whispers of her heart. And she discovered that some questions were designed to have no answers, some destinations were never meant to be reached, some days would always be better than others, and that simplicity would always enable her to hear to the whispers of a little heart.


25 “Fields of Gold”

The Pictures Stories

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