The Scent of Angelica Flowers

The Scent of Angelica FlowersTaken from the ABDL Sci-Fi book:

Genus One

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here is a story about potency, forth-sight and mystery.


The Scent of Angelica Flowers –

(Start with Brave New World)

The Market Place had every conceivable type of food imaginable.  It covered half the length of a city block and was surprisingly easy to keep up as the products on the shelves were made to straighten themselves and replace themselves when empty.  People shopped there on a daily basis to get the freshest foods they could find.  Just as there was a rush hour to the translocation pads at 4pm – being the end of the first shift, there was also a rush hour at the market as everyone redirected their journey home to include a stop there.

But The Market Place wasn’t just a food stop or a social gathering spot.  It had a specific and lasting purpose.

In the 100 years prior, a lot of illnesses had been mapped down to the last genes and more was known about viruses than ever before.  It had been determined that a lot of the prevention of diseases and such could be attained from the right diet and intake of foods.  This was particularly the case for cancer.  It was determined that on Earth 40% of humans would have some form of cancer in their lifetimes.  Once the cost of treating cancer became unsustainable for the medical industries, pressure forced a pursuit towards the eradication of cancer.  This should have been the pursuit all along, but once the medical field could no longer afford to put a bandage over a gaping wound, change took place quickly.  And a major contributor to the success of this illness extinction was to replace preservative-laden foods with fresh foods – thusly strengthening, not weakening the membranes of human cells.

From there, the average human body could do the rest for itself.

The Market Place was the nucleus point for every current improvement of nutrition, but it also offered every guilty pleasure as well – giving the consumer the choice to live healthy or not.  For as much as eradicating the mere treatments of illnesses like cancer had been conquered, it was also the desire of humanity to prevent illnesses by living a bit healthier.

“Hello Xenia!” a lady behind the medicine counter said.  “Are you here for Dash’s meds?”

“Yes, indeed,” Xenia said, then pausing for a moment and looking over at Dash who was still looking at the videos across the aisle.  “Dash, take three steps to your left now!”

Without hesitation, Dash took three steps to his left a split second before a light from the ceiling came crashing down on the very spot he would have been standing – had he hesitated.  Everybody looked up at the ceiling and then back to Dash.  It was a very bizarre accident.  Hanging lights weren’t used very often anymore and they were only put in that section of the market for nostalgic purposes.  But as the little cleaning gizmo machines appeared from all over the place and quickly swept up the glass mess, Dash walked over to Xenia’s side – spooked and for good reason.

“You okay?” Xenia asked, brushing the hair back off his forehead.

Dash nodded, not capable of doing anything more than mumbling since the hovering pacifier was still in his mouth.  He stood as close to the medicine counter as he could in an effort to hide the wet milk stain on the front of his shorts.  Even if not pacified just then, he wouldn’t have been able to say much anyway.  He understood clearly what the second half of his two-part lesson was all about.

A little humiliation would do him some good … if it didn’t destroy his psyche in the process.

“That was a close call,” Axel said, watching the mechanical gizmos continuing to sweep up the glass.

Xenia inhaled deeply and sighed the same, putting her arms around Dash and being filled with horrifying visions of how he just might have been hurt.  She truly wished her clairvoyant visions would come to her a bit quicker than they did, but she knew it was a matter of clarity of thought on her part.  Every mother wished she had greater sight beyond what eyesight permitted … even the ABDL mommies like her.

Just then, the ring on Axel’s left hand began to vibrate a little, Axel turning to face Nova and to smile at the pinkish blush that had come across her face.  She lowered her chin and slowly walked into his arms.

“It’s okay, Princess.  You’ll make it home without leaking,” Axel whispered to her, kissing the top of her head – Nova then hugging him more tightly and making him wince with pain.

“What is it?” Nova asked, looking up at him.

“Just a little stiffness in my back from work,” Axel admitted.

While still hugging him, Nova placed both of her palms flat to his lower lumbar and then looked up at him.  His lower back began to feel a slight warmth as the healing touch of her fingertips worked their magic into his sore muscles.  Axel closed his eyes, feeling instant relief.  It was intense but soothing every step of the way as Nova had the ability to relax the tightened muscles and remove the ache.

“I need my Daddy to be able to bend in all sorts of positions, tonight,” Nova whispered with a lustful twinkle in her eyes.

“Even if my entire back was to seize up right now, I’d find the strength, BabyGirl,” Axel whispered back with an equaling lustful twinkle in his eyes.

Placing the side of her face on his chest and breathing in his scent deeply, she looked over at Dash who seemed somewhat disconnected from the moment.  Nova knew that he was still in the middle of learning his lesson, but she couldn’t stand to see him so forlorn about it.

“I’m gonna go cheer Dash up,” Nova said to Axel.

“Good girl,” Axel whispered back to her, patting her diapered bottom through the back of her dress as she then crinkled over to Dash.

“Are you peein’, Dash?” Nova whispered in his ear, Dash nodding slightly.  “I just got done peein’, myself.”

Dash smiled brightly and shook his head, Nova’s playful comments having raised his spirits a little.  But he couldn’t respond to her since that hovering pacifier still occupied his mouth.  Thinking of how to make him smile again, Nova touched the underside of her chin with her left thumb and a hovering pacifier formed in her mouth.  Pushing up on it with the tip of her tongue, she increased its size until it had completely filled her mouth.  Then she puffed her cheeks out and crossed her eyes, Dash practically snorting his laughter.

Taking him by the hand, Nova and he crinkled along as they headed in the direction of the clothing aisle.  Kelly walked up between Xenia and Axel, hooking one of her arms with each of them as they followed after the waddling duo ahead.

“What is it about those two?” Kelly asked, making reference to the behaviors of Nova and Dash.

Xenia and Axel quickly glanced over at Mack who was following alongside them.  He shook his head no, silently telling them both to not reveal anything to Kelly about the age play dynamic.

“What do you mean?” Xenia asked, pretending she didn’t know what Kelly was getting at.

“Well, it’s just that … sometimes Nova and Dash seem to be in another place,” Kelly said, tilting her head to the side as she noticed how the duo’s strides were indeed waddly.  “It’s as if their minds are in another world.”

“Truth being told, they both love the virtual reality game,” Xenia said, trying to steer Kelly away from any other sudden realizations.  “Axel and I have actually recorded several of their dreams.”

“I don’t know,” Kelly said quickly, not wanting to offend anyone.  “It’s just me, I guess.”

“I will admit that I pamper the daylights out of Nova every day,” Axel said, Xenia flashing him a wide-eyed look but Axel following through with his thought.  “I love her.  So I spoil her.”

“She must be the luckiest girl in the galaxy,” Kelly said sweetly.

“I tend to think so,” Axel said with a smile.

Turning the corner, they walked into the clothing aisle.  There was one single aisle devoted to clothing in the market.  It was often seasonal wear, but it had nearly 1,000 different outfits – a lot of the clothing appearing as holographic images that could then be taken to the registers and made into the clothing.  It was an easy way to prevent theft, but also an easy way to put 1,000 outfits in a single aisle.

Present-day clothing was also made of a thinner material that allowed a certain amount of sunlight to get to the skin at all times.  It had long since been known that sunlight contained Vitamin D which was good for the immune system, important for the growth and development of bones and improved the resistance against certain diseases.  But with UV ray scares under a damaged ozone layer on Earth, sunlight was seen as harmful.  Much like everything, sunlight exposure was healthy in moderation.  Now on a planet with no ozone depletion at all, sunlight was once again viewed as a nutritionally good thing.  And the clothing industry was capitalizing on this renewed faith.

The three couples paired off, all three guys remaining close to their female counterparts but also getting quite fatigued as the ladies just loved to go shopping for clothes.  After 45 minutes, they finally made it to the other end of the clothing aisle – all three guys visibly taxed by the oh-so-slow stroll through fashion.

Perhaps this might have been the breaking point when they could have left the market.  And that might well have actually been the case – had the next aisle not been the make-up aisle.  But luckily, in this aisle there were small benches for guys to sit on as their ladies perused the bazillion and four different choices of cosmetics.

The nice thing about the advancements of make-up was that it no longer required the purchase of so many things.  Instead, it required two purchases only: an applying washcloth and a removing washcloth.  The individual make-up products were purchased by customers and then at the registers, the products were put into the washcloths. 

Make-up was now applied that way … with a washcloth – placing it on the face and swipe straight across.  Make-up was taken off with a washcloth in the same manner.  So, the process of getting ready in the morning was far quicker for females as well as the males who had taken to wearing make-up.

Growing wearier still, Axel got up from his seat and walked up behind Nova – discreetly slipping his hand under the back of her dress to check her wetness.  His ring had vibrated three times since they entered the market and he was beginning to get worried that she might not make it home before starting to leak.

The most amazing thing about the trip through those two aisles was that, after more than an hour of browsing, not a single outfit was purchased and not a single bit of make-up was bought by Kelly, Xenia or Nova.  In fact, none of the three of them actually needed any clothing or make-up.  They just wanted to see what was available.

Retrieving their guys from the benches, Xenia and Kelly joined Axel and Nova as they all strolled to the exit.  But it was at the exit that a most precarious thing would happen, setting into motion a series of events that would span across all three planets in the next few weeks.

“Excuse me,” said a girl in a most adorable-looking little scout outfit.  “Are you Xenia, the government consultant?”

“… yyyyes,” Xenia said cautiously, uncertain of what to make out of the idea that she was known by face.

“You’re the people person consultant, right?” the little scout lady asked, walking out from behind the donation table where she had been sitting.  “This is so amazing that I found you!”

“…….Why were you looking for me?” Xenia asked, baffled.

“Oh, I’m sorry.  Let me explain,” the little scout lady said, pausing to collect her thoughts before starting at the beginning.  “My name is Benita and I am a part of the exploration society on Genus Three.  As you probably know, Genus Three is mostly water but has a few wonderful islands on it with most interesting plant life.”

“Okay,” Xenia said – folding her arms and hoping Benita would skip ahead to the part where she explained why she knew who Xenia was, where Xenia worked and why she was looking for her.

“In our explorations, we came across this flower,” Benita said, picking up a glass vase with a multi-colored flower.  “It’s called an Angelica Flower.”

“It’s beautiful,” Xenia said, the others gathering around her to look at the flower.

“What we’ve learned is: it has no specific scent,” Benita explained.  “Instead, it has a different scent for each person who smells it.”

Xenia leaned forward and sniffed the flower.

“It smells like a rose,” Xenia said, Nova and Kelly smelling it next.

“No, it smells like a gardenia flower,” Nova remarked.

“No, it smells like a honeysuckle,” Kelly said, still relishing its scent afterwards.

Kelly looked over at Mack and folded her arms while paying attention to what else Benita had to say.  But as she listened to the woman, Kelly moved her right index finger up and down.  And in doing so, began to move Mack’s zipper up and down- making good use of her telekinesis.  Clearly, she had grown a bit aroused at her thoughts of what the work-free weekend to come with her husband would entail.

In fact, all three girls had the same thought on their minds, just then.  The scent of flowers wasn’t necessarily an aphrodisiac for them, but it certainly helped set the wheels in motion.

“This flower has the ability to grow stronger in scent by eating a simple piece of chocolate,” Benita said, picking up a small box of chocolates from the table.  “It’s quite remarkable.”

Kelly grabbed a piece of chocolate and put it in her mouth, then taking a deep whiff of the Angelica flower again.  Her eyes rolled back in her head.  Oh, my.  Benita was right about the increased potency.

“But even more amazing is that this flower never dies,” Benita said, setting the box of chocolates down while still holding the glass vase with the flower in it.  “It simply needs to remain in water.  When you take it out of water, it instantly wilts.”

As curious as can be, Xenia took hold of the stem of the flower and lifted it out of the glass vase.  The moment the stem came out of the water, the flower wilted.  But it still had a strong scent to it.

“When we cut this one from its roots, a new flower grew up in its place,” Benita said, Xenia then shrieking as a thorn on the stem pricked her thumb.  “Oh, I’m so sorry.”

Benita carefully took the flower and returned it to the glass vase, setting it down on the table and turning her concerns to Xenia’s bleeding thumb.  Nova took Xenia’s thumb in her right hand and gently drew several fingertips over the wound.  Instantly, the blood disappeared and the tiny prick healed.

“So what does this have to do with me?” Xenia asked, rubbing her thumb as she drove this meeting to its elephant-in-the-room point.

“We were hoping you would tell the right people about this discovery,” Benita answered.  “In fact, we have several other discoveries as well that we would like to show you.  Is there an address you could give me where I can reach you in the future?  It was such luck to have found you that I don’t want to lose contact with you now.”

Xenia raised an eyebrow and then answered Benita directly.

“If you want to reach me, you can contact the main offices of the New Worlds Government headquarters.  If you are a legitimate organization, then you applied for an exploration permit before going to Genus Three.  Following protocol is necessary,” Xenia stated frankly.

“You’re absolutely correct,” Benita said quietly.  “I just get a little excited about my work sometimes.  I don’t want to hold you or your friends up anymore.  Have a wonderful weekend.”

The six of them walked away and Benita waited until they were out of ear-shot before she pulled up the cuff of her right shirt sleeve, speaking into her wrist quietly.

“The blonde ate the chocolate.  You can begin the trace,” Benita said as her eyes began to glow with a yellowish hue.  “And the dark brunette’s blood type is being transmitted to you now.  The person you’re looking for has to be one of the two of them.”

Then Benita disappeared without a trace.


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