The Power of the Female Mind

The Power of the Female MindTaken from the ABDL Sci-Fi book:

Genus One

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here is a story about potentials beyond our wildest imaginations.


The Power of the Female Mind –

(Start with Brave New World)

Kelly waved to the pacing Nova when they caught sight of each other in front of the restaurant, the unpredictable Nova skipping up to Kelly and embracing her fully.

“Glad you two could make it,” Nova said cheerfully.  “Xenia and Dash are on the way.  They just messaged me.”

“That’s a good thing.  I believe you are getting a little hungry, huh?” Kelly asked her.

“Yep,” Nova said, taking hold of one hand of Kelly and one of Mack as she headed for the door.  “Let’s go in.  They’ll catch up.”

Axel smiled brightly at Nova’s urgency, following the three of them through the entrance opening.  The Purple Tortoise had just upgraded their restaurants to have climate-controlled openings as opposed to doors.  Handles were breeding grounds for the spreading of germs and the only real loss was a slight one of Chivalry in that doors could no longer be opened for ladies.

“There will be six of us,” Nova said to the hostess.

“Would you like a table, a booth, a lounge area or a private setting?” the hostess asked.

“A private setting,” Nova said without hesitation.  “And could you make the atmosphere a sunny park with our table under a shady tree?”

“Absolutely,” the hostess said.  “You will be in room three.  Would you like to wait for the rest of your party?”

“No,” Nova insisted.  “And could we put in for immediate appetizers?  A vegetable platter, a fruit platter and a cheese-n-meat platter.  Lemonade and ice tea.”

The hostess typed a few things into the tablet-like top of the stand in front of her and then looked up at Nova.

“Room three is ready for you,” the hostess said.  “Do enjoy your stay with us.”

“Thank you,” Nova said, leading everyone to room three as she held up her pink finger to her lower lip before speaking.  “Xenia … we are in room three.  What will Dash be drinking? … transmit.”

The four of them walked into room three and into a beautiful sunny park setting.  There was a slight breeze, but not one that was too chilly to blow away the pleasant warmth of the sun’s rays.

Incoming message,” an electronic voice in the room said.

“Dash will be drinking milk at dinner this evening,” Xenia’s voice said as the incoming message played.  “Do not allow him to drink any of the lemonade or iced tea.”

Kelly sighed and shook her head at how both Nova and Xenia so boldly wore the pants in their relationships.  She had no idea of the age play dynamic her friends embraced.  Sitting down, everyone began enjoying the immediate appetizers that were already sitting on the picnic table waiting for them.

Genus One was the closest planet to the sun in The Archer Galaxy, more than 20 light years past The Andromeda Galaxy.  It was lush with plant life, some areas being as thickly overgrown as jungles would be.  Other areas were mountainous and some were flat as plains, but there was no land that didn’t have access to water – whether salted or fresh.  One of the first building blocks of colonization was access to a water source.  Then infrastructure was needed and the necessities of growth and development would be in place.  After that, it was merely a matter of putting the time and effort needed into the projects at hand.

This was very much the process followed to turn Genus One into an inhabitable planet.  And it would be duplicated over and over as humans populated the new world and developed it.  The horticulture was saved as much as possible, being groomed and kept a little less wild.  But when trees and plant life were cut down or removed, they were used as building materials – or, as they discovered in the plants, the aloe was drawn out and put into products that fostered good health.

Xenia and Dash arrived a few minutes later, Dash bursting into room three in his usual boisterous way and Xenia following behind him with a smirk on her face for her husband’s lively behavior.

“Could I have three soft white hand towels, please?” Xenia asked the electronic service, everyone eyeing her up for the out-of-the-blue request.

They took a seat at the picnic table, the towels appearing in front of Xenia and a glass of milk appearing in front of Dash.

Genus One had five continents – kept simple with the names of Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and Epsilon.  Alpha was at the northern pole and Beta was at the southern one, resembling the artic continents on Earth.  Gamma resembled the Americas.  Delta looked like Europe and Epsilon took after Asia.  Though most of the heavy colonization remained on the Gamma continent, there were the intrepid travelers who populated the other continents … even a few brave souls who moved to the chilly Alpha and Beta continents.

But regardless of climates and temperatures, the entire planet was on the cutting edge of everything.  The new inhabitants built brightly lit and highly-electronic cities, much like New Argyle City.  At the hub of so many unprecedented advancements, this new world became enriched with everything that Earth had to offer.  And the future had become highly-personalized.  Restaurants like The Purple Tortoise gave you private rooms that could be turned into any location on Earth, in this world or beyond.  And from beaches to islands to spacious views on mountain tops, dining out suddenly was about more than just the food.

“Daddy, what did I get last time we were here?” Nova asked, scrolling through the holographic menu as it appeared in front of her on the picnic table.

“I think you tried the watermelon and shrimp salad,” Axel replied.

“That’s right,” Nova said, then remembering and fidgeting slightly in her seat.  “I think I’m just gonna get the liquid sampler this time.”

Inconspicuously, Axel reached behind her and underneath the back of her dress.  She wasn’t wet to the point of needing a change yet.  But if she didn’t stop wiggling around, a self-induced diaper wedgie was in her near future.  And when that happened, Nova became a fuss pot.

Everyone began to make their selections, placing a finger on their choice and dragging that option to the center of the picnic table where a blank holographic menu was waiting.  The three guys finished first, Xenia looking at the selections they had made.

“It appears the boys are getting the usual,” Xenia said, smirking.

“Really?” Nova asked.  “So Daddy got a maple and bacon burger?”

“And Mack got a spicy jack burger?” Kelly asked.

“Yep.  And this little rascal next to me got his usual spicy jack burger,” Xenia said, looking at Dash.  “And you will be having a fluoride rinser before we leave.”

Dash inhaled deeply and sighed just the same.  A fluoride rinser was a highly-concentrated dental liquid that cleaned the teeth, flossed them and dissolved the food residue before swallowed.  It was very effective and made dental care very easy to keep up, but it did put dentists out of business.  Nowadays, cavities could be detected before they formed.

Though Dash rarely called Xenia his Mommy out loud, it was clear to Kelly that Xenia mothered the living daylights out of him.  Kelly always saw that as being sweet, not weird.  Dash was an amazing individual who got mind-boggling things done.  But he had no self-organization in his life at all.  Without Xenia, he’d be a complete mess.

Xenia and Dash were a match clearly made in Heaven.  She was the calm to his chaos and the loving Mommy to his BabyBoy.  Not only were they ridiculously cute together, but their choice lifestyle was ever-present.  Xenia always kept him under wraps when in public and never allowed the special bond they shared to be thrusted into their friendships or into any other aspect of their lives.  She enjoyed the natural growth of things in private and this was quite effective.  Their relationship had grown so deeply that they shared a bond on subsurface levels.  She knew what he would to do before he did it and she knew what he would think before he thought it.  They were engaged to be married in a few months and would be happily wedded beyond the eventual ends of their lives.  Soul mates had a tendency to last forever, in this world or the next … or even into the Heavens.

Xenia was a consultant for the New Worlds Government – the governing body of all three Genus planets.  She was a people person and the new-aged government took the best interest of humanity into account in a way that had never been attempted before.  This made Xenia an extremely important employee.  Being a people person was her nature and every night when she went home, she had plentiful opportunities to practice her people skills.  Mommies often did that.

Dash was a computer geek, to put it bluntly.  But more correctly stated, he was a computer super-geek.  He was so brilliant at his job that he could foresee technical problems before they happened.  His predictions weren’t always right, but they often led to the discovery of other problems that no one had seen on the horizons.  He was self-taught and so impressively-skilled that he could hack into any computer system, whether tangible or holographic, if needed.  And he could do so completely undetected.  Dash was the go-to at his work place.

The ladies placed their orders and set the arrival time of their meal to be in ten minutes.  Food service was very efficient.  Then the talk at the table shifted to the baffling robberies of recent.

“So Mack, what’s been going on with all these strange robberies?” Xenia asked, moving Dash’s glass of milk to the center of the table as he had contracted a mild-but-growing case of shiny object syndrome.

“We really have no idea,” Mack admitted, sighing at the mere thought of the recent unexplainable crimes throughout New Argyle City.  “It’s the most puzzling case I’ve dealt with in my five years on the force.  Sometimes, I swear we’re chasing an apparition.”

“There hasn’t been a bit of evidence found,” Kelly added, feeling for her husband’s frustration.  “The initial conclusions all point to the same thing:  that these crimes are being committed by a shapeshifter.”

“But shapeshifters are a myth, aren’t they?” Axel asked, joining in.

“Yes and no,” Mack answered.  “We haven’t seen evidence of one in ten years – which has led us to believe, if they were real, they would be consistently among us.  But the fact that we do have records of them from a decade ago refutes the possibility of them being a myth.”

“What exactly is a shapeshifter?” Nova asked, sipping her drink.

“Shapeshifters are humans who have the ability to take whatever form they like, so long as the form they take is carbon-based,” Mack answered.  “It’s one of those advancements of the mind we’ve discovered and unlocked over the past few decades.”

“So, does this mean anybody can be a shapeshifter?” Xenia asked.

“I suppose but it requires that more than 50% of one’s brain capacity be used,” Mack answered, to the best of his knowledge.  “The thing is: we really don’t know what is required to be a shapeshifter.  We don’t know what their abilities are and we don’t know how to find them.  So any answer I give is simply my best guess.”

“What are they stealing?” Nova asked.

“Information, for the most part,” Mack answered, trying not to reveal anything classified while also trying to reply to the question as fully as he was allowed.  “That’s the most disturbing part about it.  We are in an age of information.  The police can track anybody down, if needed.  Bank accounts and credit companies … none of that stuff can be stolen anymore.  We have defenses far stronger than the electronic firewalls of the past.  But this shapeshifter, whoever he or she is, has found a way to slip past all those defenses.  And that is unnerving.”

“Wow,” Axel said in deep thought, putting his arm around Nova and embracing her.  “That really puts into perspective what you need to keep track of and who you need to take care of and protect.”

Axel and Nova were another good match, but they had to work at it a bit.  Nova was a very outgoing and independent girl, personal natures that weren’t always common in BabyGirls.  Axel was the same way and the two of them often butted heads until they got the personal spacing figured out.  It wasn’t just important for Nova to be extroverted.  It was a necessity, both for her sake as well as the sakes of others.  It was always Nova’s main concern that everyone was comfortable.  Axel was the compliment she overlooked for a short while.  But they grew to appreciate each other and that made their Daddy/BabyGirl dynamic all that much stronger between them.

They had actually grown up as next door neighbors, played ‘house’ quite a bit when young and spent many nights playing ‘house’ with each other through virtual reality head gear.  It was safe to say that he had always possessed a Daddy-tude and she had always been a cutie who wanted nothing more than to crinkle uncontrollably.  Getting into their teenaged years, they became boyfriend and girlfriend.  And their clear future became history.  They were married at the age of 21.

In present day, Nova was an online blogger.  And her website topic was to inform the worlds about the goings-on throughout Genus One, Two and Three.  Through heavy research, both online and in physical trips, she acquired a wealth of knowledge about all three planets.

She also had an extremely dirty mind, but with no filter for social settings.  Axel occasionally provided the filter for her.

Axel was a construction operator, a new-aged job version of a construction worker.  He had been on Genus One since the beginning and in that time, had helped to colonize 60% of the planet.  With the colonization of Genus Two several years underway, he was considering moving to that planet to begin working there where the colonization was only at 30%.  Earth had a human footprint on 83% of the seven continents.  Because of this, Humanity had learned the need to not build so much on these new planets.  And Nova was quite happy with the idea of moving with him to Genus Two as it would bring her closer to the crystals on that planet, mineral deposits she had great interest in.

They were very cute together and, while working from home, Nova was able to remain as much of a BabyGirl as possible, having her own holographic babysitter by day when Axel was at work.

Just then the food arrived, everyone sitting up and leaning back slightly as their plated meals appeared in front of them on the picnic table.  Cooked too perfection, everything had steam rising up from it.  Dash’s mouth salivated as did everyone’s mouths.  But he pushed his plate back a bit to pick up a fork, Xenia readying the hand towels as he knocked over his glass of milk.  Before he had time to stand up or react at all, the milk spilled onto the table – rolling back towards him and dripping off the edge of the table onto the front of his shorts.  Xenia paused a moment before beginning to clean the spilled milk.  There was a two-part lesson he needed to learn and this would be the first part.

While lifting his plate and wiping the milk up, Xenia ordered him another milk.  But this time, she asked for it to be served in a plastic cup with a lid.  And with a snap of her fingers, the new drink appeared.  Dash blushed slightly and lowered his chin as Xenia told him to take a drink from the lidded cup before eating his meal.  Watching Xenia’s maternal control and fuss over him, Kelly smiled warmly.  For as strange as it seemed, it was also undeniably adorable.

Mack and Kelly were a typical, hard-working husband and wife – at least on their surfaces.  He was a police officer of five years, having first started as a translocation officer – the new-aged equivalent to a subway cop from a century prior.  At the beginning of his career, he stood by one of the translocation pads throughout the city, hoping for any sort of action to happen to save him from his own boredom.  Nowadays, he prayed for the opportunity to go back to that position.  His job was extremely stressful, but there wasn’t anything more emphasizing of duress to him than a dynamic love he felt for his wife.

Though he was a Daddy at heart, she wasn’t a BabyGirl the same.

Kelly was a primary coordinator for “The Betterment Society”, a non-profit organization that raised awareness and money for the continued acceptance of uniqueness.  In other words: she gave aid to organizations that targeted and helped specific races and ethnicities.  Since bigotry was a curse of the past, Kelly raised money from everyone – all willing to do their part to help fund a lot of businesses that struggled from time to time.  The Argyle Genus foundation had always been and still was one of her strongest donating supporters.

Their meal went without further incident, the guys finishing their plates and helping themselves to a bit of their counterpart’s food.  They guys always had appetites and the ladies always had leftovers.  So they were matched well, in this of many respects.

“Do you wanna go to the market?” Xenia asked Nova and Kelly, the ladies gabbing about this for a few minutes before making the decision.

Mack was extremely tired from his long day, but felt the decision to be a good one.  They were in the company of friends and though seeing the four happy examples of a dynamic he could only dream of having with Kelly was sometimes a bit painful to his heart, he was happy for the blessings in his life – mainly, the love he felt for Kelly.

Axel was more looking forward to getting Nova home so he could melt her insides with a much-needed dosage of Daddy and BabyGirl bliss.  He was especially anticipating this since his day had been a long and tiring one as well.  But Nova always loved the market place and Axel had no desire to deprive her of yet another trip there … even if she desperately needed her diaper changed at this point.

Dash was a bit more selfish at different times, but no more so than the present since the front of his bulky shorts was visibly wet from the milk he had spilled all over himself.  But understanding how knowledge of the age play dynamic was always respectfully withheld from Kelly, he struggled to behave as he gave in – swallowing the glass of fluoride rinser before the six of them walked out of The Purple Tortoise Restaurant and headed towards the market.

Given the simple name of The Market Place, this bustling scene at the end of the mall was always packed in a 24/7 kind of way.  It was the perfect cultural salad mixture of life, a picturesque sight of how wonderful humanity could be … when enough things were done right and when right was always consciously chosen over wrong.  It had always been a pipe dream to see such a place of harmony, but this was a brave new world – built not by moving in new directions, per se.  But rather, by moving in directions that had always been known.

The main pull of people in the market place were steadily pouring in from the nearby translocation pad, a device more ingenious than any other creation in human history and a device more symbolic of how glorious the future would be – if progress kept its integrity and pace.

The translocation pad system was global, larger ones enabling people to travel from city to city in an instant.  But throughout the City of New Argyle, this futuristic advancement had served as the archetype for all other places.  There was a translocation pad at every street corner in the city as well as a stop of the tram system right next to it.

Trams were the alternative way of traveling, restricted in availability and accessibility to those with stomach issues, health concerns, pregnancy, recent medical treatments and a slew of other physical reasons why the sudden and rapid relocation of body cells would be damaging.  The trams rolled about the city at blinding speeds, like rollercoasters – but without the feel of motion.  They remained twenty feet above the ground, except for when at their stop stations.  Much like a subway system, there was a local tram that halted at every stop and an express tram that stopped only at specific locations.  And the whole tram system was based on two things: pressurized air to move and the planet’s gravity to move quickly.

“Do you wanna go out for breakfast tomorrow morning, Nova?” Xenia asked, Nova looking at her Daddy at receiving his approval.

“Yeah,” Nova said excitedly.  “Can we go to the Intergalactic House of Pancakes?”

“Of course,” Xenia said, then getting Dash’s attention and taking hold of his hand as they neared the entrance.  “Stay nearby me.”

“But my shorts are wet,” Dash whispered to her with fussiness.  “This is embarrassing.  What if someone from work sees me?”

“Then they see you, baby,” Xenia whispered back to him.  “Show Mommy what a good boy you can be, okay?”

“Yes, but–,” Dash whispered back, nearing tears but suddenly cut off when she touched a fingernail under his chin and closed his mouth.

Then with a snap of her fingers, a hovering pacifier formed in his mouth – one of many discreet advancements in age play that continued to keep the interest under wraps, so to speak.

 A hovering pacifier was nothing more than a soft natural rubber nipple that formed inside the mouth.  It did exactly what its name suggested.  It hovered directly over the center of the tongue and with no mouth guard, could be put into any fussy baby’s mouth when in public – regardless of that baby’s real age.  Because they remained in place, they never fell out, not when the baby was awake or asleep.  But what made these devices so wonderful was how they could be increased or diminished in both size and shape – allowing the nipple to be shaped exactly like the nipple, if not the entire areola, of the mother’s breast.

Dash very slowly began nursing on the nipple, its softness of feel reminding him of Xenia’s areola and instantly calming the fussiness right out of him.  Xenia smiled warmly, taking his hand and leading him into the market place.  It was as if he had completely regressed.  And the reasoning was so much more than just maternal instinct.

The innovations of humanity that had paved the way to new worlds and bought such harmony to life were born in human minds.  And it seemed that estrogen was the main derivate of these advancements.  It simply took great thoughts to dream up better ways of doing things and since both genders were at least partially comprised of estrogen, anyone could have these great ideas.  But it was the female gender, having the higher amount of estrogen, that had utilized its value.  And for several generations, females had found ways to unlock greater percentages of their minds.

What this led to were personalized mental developments in every female.  No two females were the same any way and this was yet another example of that.

Nova had the power of healing in her touch.  From her finger tips, she had the ability to reduce pain in others.  But her healing touch had its limitations.  As she grew older, she learned how to unlock more and more of her brain’s capacity.  And thusly, the power of her healing touch grew.  This was why she wanted to move to Genus Two where she would be closer to the healing crystals that resided there.

Never before had the idea of ‘kissing a boo boo all better’ been more accurate.

Xenia was clairvoyant and could see the future.  She used this ability often, both at work and in her personal life.  At dinner that evening, she asked for three soft white hand towels when she sat down, knowing that a few minutes later Dash would spill his glass of milk on the front of his shorts.  But she never stopped the things she could see from happening as they always taught Dash a lesson every time.  She would only stop them when she saw that he would otherwise get hurt. 

Never before had the idea of Mommy ‘knowing what you were thinking’ or ‘knowing what was best for you’ been more truthful.

Kelly was telekinetic.  And the power to move things with her mind enabled both she and Mack to not have to get up off the sofa when watching a movie.  But she had found more meaningful uses for this power as she could help others lift things that were heavy, whether in an emergency sense or in a more casual way.  But she had the greatest ability to move objects that had a certain degree of metal in them.  When getting passionate with her husband, she often pulled him closer to her by focusing in on the metal in his clothing – whether a zipper or otherwise.  And she constantly discovered new uses for her telekinesis.

Never before had the idea of ‘mind over matter’ been more literally the case.

“Well, if they’re going out to eat, why don’t we go to the any movie theater?,” Axel asked Dash, referencing the theater that could play whatever movie they wanted to see.

Dash nodded enthusiastically, unable to verbalize his response for the hovering pacifier in his mouth.

“I know what movie Dash will wanna watch,” Xenia said, playfully squeezing her BabyBoy’s hand.  “The Never-Ending Story 65.”

“I don’t get that,” Mack said.  “If the story is never-ending, then how could they have made 64 sequels to it, let alone just one?”

“It’s best we don’t try to figure these things out,” Xenia said, her attention going back to Dash who had broken free from her hand and run over to MVD movie section – MVD standing for Mind Video Disks.

Axel walked Nova over to the toy section, the bright colors and blinking technological wonders around her filling her eyes with the same wonderment.  The shelves rearranged themselves to put the pinkest, most girliest toys right in front of Nova.  Oh, how wonderful she felt – so wonderful that she unknowingly flooded her diaper.

Age play, like everything else in life, had seen wondrous advancements, too.  Nearly 100 years ago, there was a rush of new diaper companies that emerged and suddenly there were more adult diapers than could be kept up with.  Casual diaper lovers became hoarders of the new, colorful and thick brands.  And what this sudden increase of purchases led to was a steadily-growing market that proved quite profitable.  Diapers continued to improve in quality and grew even more colorful.  But it was 20 years ago, when the greatest advancement of diapers came to be.

This phenomenal future had not only improved life as a whole, but it personalized it for every individual.  Following suit, diaper companies created products that could not only be ordered with unique specifications but could be altered instantaneously – given the circumstances.  Nova loved the feeling of thickness between her legs and she also loved the crinkling noise.  So Axel ordered her the super-thick Out-Of-This-World diapers that had the ability to crinkle loudly in her ears while remaining completely soundless to everyone else.  They felt thick to her but were actually quite thin. 

And these diapers were also complete with the wetness alert sensors that only Axel could hear.

Tummyflies were no longer just a condition created by thoughts in the mind.  Now tummyflies were available in liquid and pill forms, the liquid tasting like apple juice and the pills being sweet-n-chewy like gummy bears.  When someone took tummyflies, thoughts of their greatest fantasies gave them flutterances in the belly – lasting for hours.

Happy memories from one’s past could be extracted through dreams and enhanced in the present, enabling someone to feel happiness at any point.  This over-the-counter treatment found great success in helping with depression.  The yellow topaz crystals on Genus Two that helped so much with mental clarity were the reasons why this treatment came to be.  But for ABDLers like Dash and Nova, it was successful in an additional way – unique for each of them.

Nova was able to recall memories from the very beginning of her life and because of this, she could easily slip into a blissful state of regression whenever she wanted.  Her dreams made her feel little.

Dash could recall his past memories and state them clearly, but he couldn’t feel them.  This was where Xenia stepped in and reacquainted him with the scents, sounds and touches from his earliest point in life.

The stage was set, but for what exactly, they couldn’t have known.  Making their way through the market place, none of them could have possibly even contemplated how their futures were about to be suddenly altered – not even those with the increasing power of the female mind.

From a distant corner within the market place, a shadowy figure closely watched the six of them – readying to make their acquaintances.

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