Brave New World

Brave New WorldTaken from the ABDL Sci-Fi book:

Genus One

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here is a story that is literally “out of this world”.


Brave New World –


That evening’s news report played perfectly overhead of the line of bustling souls that awaited their turn to step on the translocation pad just outside the police precinct.  The holographic broadcast spoke of mysterious happenings within the New Argyle City limits.  Mack Swatton was among those bustling souls in that line, a mid-30s policeman who had just ended his shift for the day.

Putting a police station right next to the tourist center seemed a little illogical when it was built, but having the ability to catch folks who had come to the city as thieves was paramount in importance.  It was the element of surprise that aided the police force and in a brave new world such as this, surprise becoming the greatest offensive move of all.

Mack was headed to the mall to meet some friends for dinner.  And he was looking forward to the next two days off.  His intention was to do very little that weekend … merely spending the time with his wife.

*The year was 2116 and crime was just as prevalent as it had always been.  But the sophistication of criminals had to be matched by sophistication in the police force.  When he joined the force five years ago, Mack underwent a series of muscular enhancements within his body, particularly within his legs.  This gave him incredible speed and strength, two things that had aided him many times in the apprehension of felons.*

Just then, the tram pulled up and he decided to take it instead of teleporting to the mall.  Showing his ID, a scannable image that had been placed just under his chest, he got onto the tram and took a seat.  The tram system had restrictions of who could ride it.  But Mack was a cop and therefore had immediate clearance to go anywhere in the city that he needed to.

The tram took off and he glared up at the holographic news broadcast with disdain.  The story being told was of unexplainable robberies and assaults that were perpetrated by no one, seemingly.  No physical evidence of a human presence had been found yet in the nearly dozen encounters.  It was as if a ghost was committing these crimes.

Touching his chest, he logged himself out of the broadcast and looked at the city emblem on the floor of the tram.  It was a picture of a man who had passed away just last year.  His name was Argyle Genus.

“Argyle,” Mack said quietly.  “I hope you’re in a better place now.”


The present was 2116 and the world was a different place, quite literally.  The future was brighter than imagined.  But humankind’s imagination had to undergo a new way of thinking in order to move into its future.  And it had done just that.

Medical, technological and physical advancements had been made.  But there were many things that humankind expected the future to hold that never took place:  No space ship fleets had been created.  No aliens had invaded us, trying to enslave us and take over Earth.  No machines had tried to kill we, their creators.  No apocalyptic outcomes of global war had returned us to primitive ruins.  No heroes had formed human resistances to prevent their own extinction.

Nothing the movies depicted had happened.

Instead, humanity itself had focused on the future with eyes of the past, fixing the dysfunctional brokenness that had taken an efficient society and lackadaisically destroyed it.  In other words, humans had decided to simply do things better.  Instead of looking for the next great thing, they focused on taking the great things that already existed and improved upon them.  And from this collective mentality, some unbelievable advancements quickly took place.

There was no racism anymore, no sexism, no judgment because of orientations or preferences.  The uniqueness of all had become accepted.  In fact, an era of this all-encompassing acceptance had ushered in a great deal of harmony.  There were still other types of hatred – as well as greed.  Perhaps those things would always exist since no governmental agencies had created thought police.  The human condition still wasn’t perfect, but it had survived and bettered itself.

As predicted, of the world’s 6,000 languages, only 10% made it to 2115.  Now one year after that mark, the four most commonly used languages were Mandarin Chinese, English, Spanish and French – in that order.

Though most people could no longer chronicle when or how life had dramatically changed for the better, what would always be remembered was that the future was made possible by one man … because of one problem that Earth faced 86 years prior.

By 2030, it had been determined that Earth could not sustain or support the human population much longer.  As of that current decade census, Earth had 15 billion inhabitants – nearly doubling itself in the 14 years prior.  NASA frantically searched the galaxy for another planet to fill with inhabitants.  Several planets, like Mars and Saturn’s moon Titan, had been studied for years as possible locations for partial placement of Earth’s over-growing population.  But a major drawback was how to get people there and how to make the planets livable.

In 2040, an uber-wealthy individual named Argyle Genus, an early-20-year-old inherent of a family fortune mysteriously unlocked his mind’s full capabilities.  He was a genius that made Albert Einstein look stupid.  But, like most geniuses, Argyle lacked social skills.  He would use his mind, however, to make a plethora of wonderful things happen for humanity.  Several medical advancements came to be quickly from his highly-intelligent brainstorming and financial solutions had been discovered because of his wise investments in the specific things that would move humanity forward.

But in 2045, he would create *cell separation surgery*.  This was the watershed moment that thrusted everyone into the future.  It turned out to be a very simple procedure as compared to what was believed it would take to separate the body down into single components.  A combination of gravity, a pressurized chamber and the ability to maintain the human vital signs artificially would enable doctors to break certain parts of the body down into single cells.  When in this procedure, cancerous cells were either removed or made to go dormant.

In five years’ time, most every cancer would be eradicated globally – including pancreatic cancer, seen as the most lethal of all because of its ability to kill someone inside of a few short months.

Thinking ahead, Argyle approached pharmaceutical companies as well as other medical industries, making his cell separation surgery something that all those businesses could become partial owners of.  And when he shared the profits with them, the companies that likely would have opposed and stopped the implementation of the new surgery instead embraced it, enhanced it and funded it.

In 2050, he used the same idea of cell separation to create the first translocation system, enabling people to be teleported from one location to another instantly – by walking through two archways.  Taking this technology to NASA, he convinced them to send one of the archways to a suitable planet.  And the problem of transportation to a new world would be solved.

The only discovery left to be made was that of a planet that could sustain human life.

Over the next ten years as the search of the cosmic Heavens continued, Argyle showed NASA how to quickly set up an environment suitable for life, how to swiftly create infrastructure, grow food with a single drop of water and how to harness the power of the nearest star in ways that solar energy had never been contemplated before.

In 2060, scientists found three planets in another solar system that were not only suitable for human existence but were so similar to Earth it was eerie.  They revolved around the sun star in that galaxy at a comparable rate to that of Earth’s circle around our sun.  For several years after that, NASA worked frantically to create a rocket ship that could get to these planets in time before humankind outgrew the Earth.

Because of the newness of the galaxy these three planets were in, life hadn’t formed there yet.  And because of the similarities to Earth, time and aging would be the same for anyone who chose to move there.

In 2070, NASA launched *The Journey Quest*, a rocket ship that would travel at the speed of light for 25 years to reach this planet.  Aboard was one of Argyle’s two archways. 

Inside of one year’s time, light traveled 6 trillion miles (10 trillion kilometers).  In 25 years’ time, light traveled 150 trillion miles (250 trillion kilometers).  And that was how far away the first of those three planets was.

In 2095, the rocket reached the first planet – already having been named *Genus One*.  The archway was electronically set into place and *Genus One* began to colonize two years later.

There was plenty of work on this new planet as the entire globe needed buildings, streets and every other advancement humans had built on Earth’s soil.  But it required people to operate machines, not build the structures by their own hands.  Still, tons of people were needed and it was an effective way to get people to move to *Genus One* as well as spark the economy.  By 2110, the entire new planet had been colonized and 10 billion humans had been teleported there through Argyle’s archways. 

On *Genus One*, an unexpected discovery was made.  There were many plants there that had higher than normal amounts of aloe in them.  With the harvesting of these aloe bases and along with the increased use of vinegar, natural remedies became plentiful.

*Aloe Vera was a well-known adaptogen – being something that furthered the body’s natural ability to adapt to external changes and resist illness.  Aloe’s power as an adaptogen stimulated the defense and adaptive mechanisms of the body as well as balanced the whole body’s system. This produced an increased ability to cope with stress – physical, emotional and environmental stresses alike.*

*It balanced the body, internally and externally.  And it created a low acidic system.  It was widely known that disease could not manifest in an alkalized environment.  So the health suggestion of reducing acidic intake down to the point of necessity only became more than just a suggestion.  And with a planet now rich with aloe-based plants, healthiness became very easy to maintain.*

Argyle Genus knew this and implemented it upon colonization of *Genus One*.  He was heralded as the savior of humankind.  And when the planet next to *Genus One* was also discovered to be inhabitable, two more archways were built and set in place.  This second planet, called *Genus Two*, was colonized in just five years – five billion people choosing to move there.

*Genus Two* had a similar atmosphere to Genus One and therefore to that of Earth.  But it also was plentiful with crystals.

Whereas aloe had the ability to prevent and ward off health problems, crystals had the power of healing health problems that were already afflicting a body.  They created an energy flow within the body that was necessary to human health.

*A century ago, scientists did not believe that crystals could heal anything because diseases had never been found to be the result of a so-called energy flow in the body.  But once all diseases were mapped down to their last gene, those doubting scientists were proven wrong.*

*On Genus Two, crystals were everywhere and each one had specific uses.  Amethyst, for example, was favorable for the intestines.  Yellow topaz postulated mental clarity.  Green quartz aventurine aided the heart.  Various crystals colored between red and purple associated with the seven chakra points on the body.  There were seven points in the body, from the base of the spine to the crown of the head that – when balanced and aligned – enable the central nervous system to allow energy to flow evenly throughout the body.  This gave the body the ability to strengthen its own natural defenses.*

In 2115, the third planet was colonized as well, this one having 90% of its surface covered with water.  It was called *Genus Three*.  One year later, the colonization of that planet was well underway – all three planets having the ability to share resources easily.

*Genus Three* had medicinal qualities in its water.  Little was known as to what the qualities were but it was deemed safe for human contact and use.  *Genus Three* was the vacation planet as well as a rehabilitation planet for people who had undergone surgeries.

Also in 2115, Argyle Genus passed away at the age of 95.  Shrines were erected for him all over the three planets as well as back on Earth.


*This story of the future begins that following year, in 2116.*

The tram pulled up alongside the mall and Mack stepped off it, his eyes immediately being drawn to a blonde woman who was standing at a holographic map of the mall.  He quietly walked up behind her.

“And what could a pretty lady like you be looking for at a mall like this?” Mack flirted, placing his hands on the woman’s shoulders.

He was a sucker for a blonde and it appeared this lady was a natural blonde since she had no roots showing.

“I’m here to meet someone,” the lady said, continuing to search the mall’s holographic map.

“You’ve already met someone,” Mack said, flirting even more heavily with her.

“Well, the person I’m meeting is late as usual,” the woman said, finding what she was looking for on the map.  “So I’m going to turn around and if you are an attractive man, I’ll take you home with me tonight and show you how good old-fashioned sex can feel.”

Then she turned around to face him.  Oh, she was breath-taking.

“But I have to tell you that I’m married and when my husband finds out that we slept with each other, he’s going to kill you,” the lady said with a twinkling of lust in her eyes.

“Oh yeah?” Mack asked, raising an eyebrow.  “Is he a big guy?”

“No bigger than you are,” the lady said, admiring Mack’s build.  “As a matter of fact, he looks exactly like you.”

“Yeah?” Mack asked, smiling into a playful grin.  “Is he a cop too?”

“You betcha,” the lady said, putting her arms around his neck and kissing him.  “How was your day, sweetheart?”

Mack sighed and then wrapped his arms around her body.

“It just got a whole lot better when I saw you, Kelly,” Mack said, then looking at the holographic map.  “Did you find them?”

“Yeah,” Kelly said, turning around and pointing to the two blinking blue dots that were currently in the lingerie store.  “Xenia and Dash are in *Valentina’s Treasures* right now and I’m sure Dash is going nuts as he’s likely the only guy in the whole place.”

“Whipped boys like him don’t have a choice when their ladies go panty shopping,” Mack said, smirking.  “Where are Axel and Nova?”

“They are already at *The Purple Tortoise* and it seems Nova is getting hungry,” Kelly said, pointing to the two blinking red dots.  “She’s pacing back and forth in front of the restaurant.  She always does that when her stomach is growling.”

“That’s surprising since she has gone on the vegetable juice diet,” Mack said as they started walking towards the entrance of the mall.

“It’s no more surprising that her incessant desire to call him Daddy all the time,” Kelly said, taking Mack’s hand as they strolled along.

Oh, how Mack wanted to tell her everything.  Oh, how he wanted to reveal to her that their friends were age play couples – Xenia and Dash being Mommy and BabyBoy, Axel and Nova being Daddy and BabyGirl.  But beyond that, he wanted to tell her of his own ageplay interests – of his desires to make her his BabyGirl and to hear her call him *Daddy*.

But out of fear of her rejection of the idea, he hadn’t said anything to her in the ten years they were married.  Little did he know of the events that would quickly commence in his life … events that would challenge the existence of this brave new world.

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