All Day Long

Morning CoffeeTaken from the multi-fetish ebook:

ABDL Tales With A Twist

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here is a little story about not allowing a day off to become an off-day.


All Day Long – Part One

“Morning Coffee”

With her hands folded and placed comfortably on her lap, Emmie closed her eyes and smiled. Exhaling softly, she relaxed into her sit on the downstairs toilet. There was nothing quite like that first relaxing, morning pee. Well … maybe there were a few things better than that. And with the fresh memories of last night’s events, she was as relaxed as she was worked up by the sensations.

Emmie loved sex. There was no plainer way to say it or think it. Being able to admit to that need made it possible for her to be smart about it and to pursue it and to find it with the right person – all of this without becoming or being seen or referred to as a whore. But no amount of that kind of intimacy would ever be fulfilled for her, even though it made a nymphomaniac out of her, if she hadn’t found the right person to share a bed with.

Emmie was a looker and she had all the feminine wiles in place to swoon the most resistant of men, if she wanted to. But it was Luke who made her tingle all over, inside and out. And it was Luke who could turn a fast-heartbeat into an all-day affair.

There were quite a few things he could turn into an all-day affair.

Finishing up, Emmie reached for a small length of toilet paper – seeing one of Luke’s button-down shirts laying on top of the hamper and thinking back to last night’s wonderful ending.

She had never arched her back that deeply while straddling his center – Luke sitting up and wrapping his arms around her. And when his tip reached the greatest depth inside her, she lifted her eyes to the darkened bedroom ceiling and screamed deafeningly – a noise that would have pierced ear drums had she not bitten into the silicone nipple of her pacifier to keep from spitting it out.

The memories in themselves were arousing. And maybe that was what always drew her so close to him. Even the after-thoughts were invigorating.

So when Emmie stood up from the toilet, pulling her white cotton panties and her white sleeping pants back up her legs – she reached for his button-down shirt. Draping it over her shoulders, she walked over to the bathroom sink. Washing her hands, she took in his scent from the shirt – a scent that, alone, could produce memories of him. And he was only fifteen feet away, down the hallway and sitting in the living room – sipping his morning coffee and watching the scenic backwoods as he always did.

Slipping a bit more fully into his button-down shirt, she walked down the hallway, making sure to keep her bare feet on the skinny runner rug as the wooden floors were always cold in the a.m. Sighing again, she recalled once more the vivid memory of Luke pinning her down and ravaging her into exhaustion. Oh my. What was a little nympho BabyGirl to do with such visions in her mind and such remembrances of the heart?

The morning sunlight shone brilliantly through the side window of the living room, illuminating Luke as he sat in his reclining chair and sipped his coffee. Emmie softly shivered. The very sight of him brought a few more of those sensations back to her. Standing there at the very back of the living room, she waited for him to sense her presence as well as to take a few more seconds to absorb the masculine to her feminine.

Life in general and everything within it suddenly fell into place when she met him. All the little annoying intricacies that she weathered every day finally had reason and made sense. All it took was one simple element being introduced into her world to make it all fall in line. That element was purpose and Emmie’s purpose was him – that lone provider of so many things she had been absent of her whole life. Their explorations together produced amazing results, enriching who they were and how they lived. And it all was so effortless that it seemed like they could read each other’s mind … to even know where each other was at any given moment.

Then Luke turned his head and looked back at her. Emmie grew warm with affection. Lowering her chin and tucking her locks behind her ears, she slowly began to walk over to him – nursing on the ever-present pacifier between her lips. There were many things she loved about being his BabyGirl, but the pacifier was her favorite item of all.

“Good morning, BabyGirl,” Luke whispered to her, motioning for her to sit on his lap.

Emmie obliged, taking a seat on both of his knees and leaning back against his chest. Resting her head back on the side of his neck, she relaxed her frame. Warmed by the morning sun’s golden beams and also by his body, she became spirited right away – dipping her pointer finger into his coffee and then slipping the finger behind her pacifier and into her mouth.

“You were a little angel last night,” Luke whispered to her, the morning grog of his Daddy Voice rippling across her surfaces as if she was made of water and nothing more. “I can still taste you. I can still feel you, wrapped around me and savoring those feelings.”

Oh, she melted into his frame – completely captivated by an all-encompassing infatuation with him. When he spoke, he spoke to all of her. When he touched her, she felt it all the way down in her feet. And when he breathed, he breathed for both of them.

“I can read your thoughts,” Luke whispered, setting his coffee down and taking hold of both of her wrists – crossing her forearms in front of her chest as he then gently wrapped both of his arms around her. “You’re very warm this morning and probably a little sore.”

Emmie smiled brightly behind her pacifier, nodding slightly.

“You feel more than just that ache, though,” Luke whispered, reaching into the pocket on the front of his button-down shirt. “But a little nympho angel is never too sore to deny the ache again.”

Out of that pocket, he took the little pink vibrating toy he bought her a few weeks ago. It was called The Bullet, not just for its shape but also for the sensations it could so easily shoot into her. Emmie gasped behind her pacifier and began to breathe with erraticism as she began to tingle in all the right places. How ironic, if not more, that she had picked that shirt up and put it on before walking out to him – never once having questioned what was in that pocket.

“I was a little concerned that you might wet the bed last night since you didn’t want to be put back in a diaper after we were done,” Luke said, twisting the pink toy in his fingers and turning the vibrations on. “But you managed to stay dry all night long. That will definitely not be the case today.”

Emmie turned her head and tilted it up to look at him. Oh, the lust in his eyes matched that in her own. And as he slid his left hand down into the front of her white sleeping pants, Emmie whispered a gentle question to him that would set everything else in motion.

“All day long?” Emmie mumbled behind her pacifier with a soft and small voice, Luke nodding and smiling with a glistening in his eyes that melted her the rest of the way.

His hand slid down between her legs and onto the front of her panties – his fingers holding the vibrating pink toy. No, there would be no insertion, at least not yet. There were surfaces of her body that needed to be fully-awakened first, explored and awakened further.

‘All Day Long’ was a term Luke and Emmie used when their schedules lined up perfectly. And with no commitments on that single day, they always made more commitments then they could possibly get done … but my, oh my, they would certainly attempt to complete them all. And on this beautiful spring day, Emmie’s nymphomania would be satisfied, again and again and again.

“You don’t belong in panties, BabyGirl,” Luke whispered, the pink toy passing over top of her clit and forcing her to heave her chest out as she took in a deep breath of air through her nostrils.

But her heave was denied as Luke had crossed her arms and was holding her tightly against his chest. So she opened her thighs and exhaled deeply through her nostrils – allowing her shoulder blades to spread apart slight as well as the small of her back to come to rest on his abdomen as she looked out through the window of the living room and to the backwoods of their property.

“Daddy is very proud of you for staying dry for one night of your life,” Luke whispered, pressing the toy into her clit and gently sliding it up-n-down the front of her white cotton panties. “But you don’t belong in panties. You learned this a while ago. You know what always happens … eventually.”

Emmie closed her eyes, parting her thighs just a bit more. Placing her knees and the lower half of her legs on the outside of his knees, her bare feet no longer touched the floor. Beginning to rock her hips ever-so-slowly, she shuddered – then shrinked back.

“That’s a good girl,” Luke whispered with a syrupy-rich offering in his timbre, his scent wrapping around her like a blanket as she tightened the muscles in her legs to prevent them from twitching at the first sign of tremors. “You get so worked up about things and you carry your worries in your body. It’s such a beautiful sight to watch you when you release all of that.”

Luke slid the bullet down between her legs and onto the underside of her panties – that little section of pantie material that was always doubled up and encapsulated the outer lips of her labia. Emmie whimpered and arched her lower back slightly, trying to force her entire labium upward – towards the vibrations and towards his hand. And without ability to prevent the following of instincts, she began to grind her center into his palm and thusly, into the vibrating pink toy.

He waited patiently, allowing her the time she needed to build an arousal for herself that only she could pinpoint the finite soupçons of.

Part of their growing dynamic was their mutual desire to pace out every little bit of the passion, of the lust and of the physical sensations that accompanied every movement of that journey. This was why Luke had never been offended when Emmie directed him as he ate her out. It was also why Emmie had never felt belittled by the same direction from him as she went down on him. There were so many little moments along the way that, for most, would’ve been passed over without notice – had there not been a mutual desire to recognize them.

Luke and Emmie paid attention to every little detail … always.

Emmie whimpered more frantically now, the tremble in her legs no longer possible to be kept at bay. Her center was heaving up into his palm and her back was fully-arching itself in response – though Luke kept her pressed against the front of his body.

“It’s only a matter of time, sweetness,” Luke whispered, Emmie whimpering a bit more loudly but Luke remaining calm. “And for a little nympho angel who can’t help but cum on command, it’s a wonder why you keep any panties in this house at all … It’s a wonder why Daddy even allows you to have a pantie drawer in dresser.”

His words, gentle and loving yet deliberate with an unremitting bit of well-timed tease, were planting seeds in her heart, in her mind and in her esteem. And every little syllable was taking its desired effect on her … to break her down and then rebuild her anew – over and over again.

Emmie felt her core tighten and then release, giving her a small sense of what the muscle contractions of orgasm would feel like this time. And with only a handful of recovery hours since her last spine-quivering orgasm to him, she could feel the still-present ache from last night’s ecstasy while also feeling the throbbing arrival of a new ache on the horizon that lied just above that of the ascending morning sun.

She shuddered again and sunk her teeth into the silicon nipple of her pacifier as she felt her tissues swell and her canal slicken with a new layer of wetness that rose to her surfaces and covered the outer lips of her labia. Looking out at the backwoods, drenched still with morning dew but also with glorious new beams of the day that had just been born, Emmie felt her first climb to the summit begin. With an All Day Long repeat of this journey to the zenith, she succumbed to more than her carnal desires. A vulnerable and helpless feeling overtook her mind and translated into the loss of her composure.

Submission had begun.

And that first little glimmer of surrender filled her gaze, swooning her senses as the tension in her legs and her back let out … her core tightening completely. She did her able-best to keep the nipple of her pacifier clenched between her teeth as her core drew in such tightness that it actually hurt.

This was the case for her, from time to time. Nymphomania had its drawbacks, but they were only short-lived. And as she had learned, the tighter she drew in initially – the more gratifying the release would be afterwards.

Then her whole body began to shake, Luke pulling her white sleeping pants down to her ankles before she involuntarily curled up into a ball – her body’s reaction to the tautness of the muscles inside.

The swell of her canal and the wetness between her legs only drove the ache forward, the lubricated evidence of a beautiful organ’s greatest wish and need. And if he could’ve peeled the panties off her, he would’ve done so. But her building climax had curled her up. And she was about to skyrocket.

The first ripple of pleasure poured out of her, sending a warm sensation out to the very ends of her body and washing back in again. And with each succeeding ripple came a small gush of new wetness. In between the ripples, she shook – from head to toe, only freezing in frame for a split second before she came again. And the whole time, Luke held her against his torso – whispering everything she needed to hear for her mind to unravel equally as she came.

“You don’t belong in panties, BabyGirl,” Luke whispered, his left hand still pressing that vibrating pink toy into her labia and his right arm still wrapped around her – holding her against him. “You’re not a Big Girl anymore …… and you never will be again.”

The ripples of pleasure pouring out of her core more quickly than she could separate their sensations were rivaled by the ripples of thoughts he was whispering into her soul. Though the meaning of his words put together a collected thought condescending, it was the hidden message that endeared her heart to him.

As the contraction intensified, so did the little gushes from her canal – becoming not-so-little and making a mess between her legs. Oh, how embarrassing to no longer control her own body’s reactions – but at the same time – oh, how incredible it all felt … both in body and in mind.

He removed his left hand from between her legs, turning the pink toy off and slipping it back into the shirt pocket of the button-down she wore. Then he wrapped his left arm around her curled legs, holding her firmly as he started to rock her back-n-forth. She had reached the summit and was now waiting there until her core released. Silent and still spasming, Emmie gazed up at him – her scrambling mind trying to find a clear pathway of nerve-endings to send the signal to her lips to nurse on the silicone nipple that held them apart. But, in body as well as in mind, submission had captivated her … once again.

As she ballooned down from the summit, the muscles in her core began to release – only occasionally tensing her back into a twitch as he laid her flat on the living room rug … in view of the sunshine that poured in through the side window and cascaded down onto her still-relaxing frame. Luke knelt alongside her – easing her legs into a flattened lay as he then peeled those white cotton panties off her center, down her legs and off her feet. Holding them up, Emmie could see their drenched front.

Her Daddy was right. She didn’t belong in panties anymore and the reason why wasn’t just clear in the evidence in his hands but also the evidence in her mind.

Little by little, the next few minutes of afterglow swelled up with that overly-affectionate feeling inside her. And as her body went more and more limp in recovery from the orgasm, Luke coaxed her mind in the direction of thoughts far more dynamic than otherwise.

Closing her eyes, she breathed deeply through her nose – allowing her heart beat to settle in her chest. But her ears were finely-tuned and functioning just fine. And before the smile could reach its brightest beam behind her pacifier, the crinkling sound of her new diaper filled her mind.

If she didn’t belong in panties anymore, then there was only one other alternative that could possibly suit her – enveloping everything she was and would ever be.

Though her lower half felt lifeless and like jelly, she still got the slightest twinge of sensation as Luke took hold of her ankles and lifted her legs to the sky. Sliding the new diaper underneath her, he took a baby wipe to her raised bottom and then between her legs – relieving her temporarily of the flow of her own juices that had made fervent her first trip to the Utopian heights that day. Powdering her bottom heavily, he returned the lower half of her body to an easy lay on the sun-soaked rug and then he folded the front of her diaper up and into place.

With her tapes being fastened snuggly at her hips, Emmie knew that the absence of powdering between her legs meant she wouldn’t be wearing that diaper very long … especially since their mutual days of freedom always included a morning shower together. But for the time being, the wrap comforted her in a manner that only a BabyGirl could truly appreciate, crave and require.

Cupping the front of her diaper with both hands, she pressed in on the sides of her breasts with her biceps – pushing them outward as her knees drew up again and made a fetal ball out of her. Luke took a seat on the reclining chair and returned to drinking his morning coffee as Emmie basked in the glow of a sensation she would feel – repeatedly and All Day Long.

Getting the Dirty Off—————

All Day LongPart Two

“Getting the Dirty Off”

Emmie must have laid there on the living room rug for at least a half hour, reliving the overwhelming sensations and the equally inundating emotional explosion that accompanied her orgasm. Time seemed to slow and blur after that as one glorious minute melted right into the next. And the motivation to get up and get moving was completely absent. That was the beauty of a day off. Besides, Luke was in charge of setting the pace and that suited his little nympho girl just fine – being freshly spent and freshly gratified.

Why on Earth would she move a muscle and destroy this wonderful feeling her Daddy had given to her?

But a lethargic approach to any day off would eventually turn it into a day wasted. A little while later, Luke set the day in motion – giving her the rest of his cup of coffee, taking the pacifier out of her mouth and then traveling down the hallway to the bathroom. Sitting up very slowly and sipping from the cup, Emmie smiled brightly as she listened to him readying the bathroom. No, the coffee hadn’t gone through him so quickly as to dash to the bathroom. Instead, he was preparing the bathroom for their shower. This sounded like a simple task, but on a day off – their shower could last quite some time. And the primary goal was a joint one – of both getting clean and getting dirty.

A few minutes later, Emmie got up and made slow crinkly steps towards the bathroom door. It was always enjoyable to watch him do domestic things. This was another characteristic of his personality that she loved. He never saw house chores as being her responsibility, but he also never saw them as being his responsibility. Instead, he saw them as things that simply needed to be done.

Oh, she was still the traditional romantic, even for how untraditional they were. And nothing made her happier than being barefoot and barely dressed, standing in the kitchen and making dinner … while diapered, of course … and maybe some sweet day in the near future … pregnant. But the fact that it was her choice and not something that was expected of her made all the difference in the world and kept romantic those aspects of their love that should never be anything but that.

But this didn’t mean Luke refrained from factoring house work into her nympho mindsets.

Seeing two waiting towels sitting on the hamper top, Emmie finished his cup of coffee and set the mug on the bathroom sink. Walking over to the bathroom closet to get the washcloths out that he forgot, she opened the door and reached to the top shelf for the washcloths. But one fell from the shelf to the floor. Squatting down to pick it up, she came eye to eye with the diaper stash – that area of floor space in the closet under the bottom shelf that normally would’ve been used to store a weight scale and dust bunnies. But in their house, it stored her diapers – package after package of all those brands that had the cute little designs on the front of them.

Emmie loved the cute designs, whether the diapers were the plastic-backed kind or the discreet pull-up kind. And keeping the entire supply in the bathroom closet also limited her to how many diapers she could order. Luke’s rule was very simple: She didn’t really need dozens upon dozens of diapers all at once anyway. But … if the diapers could fit into the bathroom closet, then there was no need to order any more until she used some of what they already had.

Picking up the washcloth, she stood to her feet, finding Luke standing right behind her. He was naked already and he began making her the same. With no time to spare, Emmie did what she did best when startled and when about to lose her diaper. She peed. Unlike him – liquid, no matter what kind, always went straight through her. Even a small amount at bedtime had her tinkling before she ever drifted off to sleep. And the moment she awoke, she would finish that endeavor. This was why those first-thing-in-the-morning pees were always so relaxing for her. She was a sieve and because of this, didn’t drink much liquid – for the necessity to let it go so quickly after.

Coffee was a fine example of this.

So as he peeled the button-down off her shoulders, she placed her feet at a comfortable distance apart and faced the bathroom sink. Lifting her arms up into the air, her cami came off and the little nympho girl placed her hands on the sink top as he ran a hair brush through her locks to straighten and smooth them.

A devilish look came over her irises as she stared at his image in the bathroom mirror. No, it wasn’t a seductive gaze that would prelude their forthcoming sex in the shower, nor was it aftermath of the warm-up he had already given her. Emmie often fantasized about a hair brush spanking, about what it would feel like to be disciplined in such a manner as to really make her feel little. But just then, her lustful stare wasn’t even derived from visions of butt-whoopins. Contrary to all of that, she was in the process of ruining what would have been a perfectly good diaper to use at a later time. And oh, how good it felt.

But the best feeling of all was about to arrive.

Luke set the hair brush down on the sink top, then immediately reaching down to her hips and yanking the tapes free. Emmie’s eyes grew big-n-wide as she had to clamp down on her release to prevent from tinkling all over the bathroom floor.

Pee on hardwood was bad enough. But pee on a floor mat was just as undesirable and made for a more lengthy process in cleaning up.

Taking her by the hand, he walked over to the shower, pulled back the curtain, turned on the water and helped her to step into the shower tub. Startled once more by the sudden removal of her diaper and also by her current clench of muscles, Emmie took two careful steps into the tub and then walked to the back of it. This was one of those desperation moments that still had a bit of a grip on her senses. Peeing in a diaper was okay because she was able to do so undetected, for the most part. But peeing in front of him was a whole different monster altogether.

But with a wishful heart of compliance, she gave up the struggle before it ever got the best of her. Turning to face him, she released her clench and blushed a deep shade of red as the rest of the contents of her tiny bladder ran down her legs. Oh, how embarrassed she felt, but at the same time, how little she felt – a combination that was quite intoxicating to her senses and her sense of worth.

Luke, never missing an opportunity to capitalize on the current situation, redirected her into the stream of shower water – allowing gravity to do the work as he got one of the washcloths wet and began to caress every little spot on her body that could tantalize the erotic. From the nape of her neck to her shoulder, her sternum, her chest, her nipples and her midriff, he worked his way down her body – knowing every inch of her contour just as well as she did.

Then came the soap, Luke being a traditionalist in wanting to use a bar instead of the body wash. Squeaky clean he made her, Emmie returning the favor with a fervent passion brought on by the touch of his hands to her body. Hair they would wash at another time. For the present moment, it was time for the real reason they got in the shower together. And with a sudden move of aggression from him, Emmie found herself pressed against the side wall of the shower – her breasts smashed against the tiles as he reached around and cupped her labium with his hand. Forcing her feet back a little and also forcing her to stick her bottom out, he took the bar of soap to her backside – Emmie gasping for a second and then going rigid as she knew that another intrusion of All Day Long had arrived.

Running the bar of soap up and down between her bottom cheeks, Luke stiffened at the yearning he now possessed – to take her and take her as hard as possible. As a little nympho girl, she enjoyed his gentle deliveries as well as his rougher offerings, but being made to decide between them always served as a killjoy for her urges. So Luke had learned to make that choice for her, reinforcing the submission and presently, what Emmie viewed and felt as the ultimate submission.

With no intent to pick it up, Luke dropped the soap and directed her backside into the stream of shower water. Then, he grabbed her forearms and held them on the wall above her – spinning her around to face him and crossing her wrists. And they shared a burning gaze, one mutually showing the unyielding desire that would tenderize more than her heart and satisfy more than his impulses. It was one of those moments when dominant and submissive became nothing more than insincere words, used by people who truly didn’t understand their meanings. Titles and labels became irrelevant.

Kept pinned to the wall by his grip of her crossed wrists, Emmie kept eye-contact with him as he took a small step forward – the tip of his erection touching her clit. Oh, she could feel his current stiffness and the mere thought of his penetration made her writhe with lust.

Lifting her feet up, she whimpered at the feel of his tip as it slowly slid down her labia while she kept lifting her legs and her center upward. It was as if his stiffness was traveling to its destination on its own. When his tip reached her perineum, she knew that their shower sex of this day off would be the ultimate surrender indeed.

Bending her knees and wrapping the lower half of her legs around his waist, she awaited his rigid entrance – one that always made a throbbing mess of her and put her into a state of mind where nymphomania wasn’t a desirous want, but rather, a torturous and fevered need.

The tip of his erection touched her rosebud and he took another small step forward – his tip forcing its way into her puckered opening as he released her pinned wrists and wrapped both of his forearms under the back of her thighs. She closed her eyes and her mouth dropped open as she felt his length pushing into her tightest canal and his girth parting her open widely. So overwhelmed by the feeling, she couldn’t make a sound. But tears came to her eyes and streamed down the sides of her face – partly from the initial pain but also partly from the initial ecstasy. And by the time he had fully inserted him into her backside, Emmie was a blubbering mess of affectionate emotions.

Still incapable of making any sound, she found something to do with her mouth, grabbing the sides of his face and forcing her tongue down his throat as he kept her planted to that wall. His penetrations were just as slow and deliberate as his withdraws, to start at least. But with a rhythm working up to match the thumping of their heavily beating hearts, Luke’s aggression became rough … very rough.

Emmie could feel her tenderness being hammered just a bit more. She froze in place, not wanting to interfere with his pace or his uptake. But her mind raced in a frenzied manner to displace the growing pain. And before she imploded inside herself, she let her current emotion out, becoming ravenous and begging him to take her harder.

Obliging his BabyGirl, Luke pounded in and out of her with such force that her back came off the shower wall several times, thumping her spine back against it on the return. She placed her hands around him and on his shoulder blades, for support of being held up at first. But in short order, her fingers curled up and she sunk her nails into the skin of his back as the intensity of a steadily-loosening backside was paralleled by the sudden tightening within her core.

Being fingered on her surfaces was wonderful. Being teased and made to drip with the insertion of a slender toy was tantalizing. Laying in his arms and being forced to orgasm by his hands was glorious.

But there was nothing quite like cumming for him when he was buried deep inside her. And as the muscles around her womb scrunched down to an excruciatingly taut condition, Emmie found her voice – lifting her eyes to the bathroom ceiling and screaming with such an angry-sounding growl that she went hoarse very quickly.

Then she came, her whole body seizing up and her rosebud clenching around his erection with a tightness she thought was going to kill her. In a semi-state of paralysis, Emmie shook as he withdrew himself from inside her rosebud and turned the shower water off. Still holding her, he stepped out of the shower and wrapped both towels around her trembling body. Then he took a seat and cradled her in his arms. She would twitch for a few more minutes and Luke would wait patiently, allowing her the time needed to recover.

Wrapped in the towels and pressed against the front of his body, Emmie smiled again, just a split second though before the nipple of her pacifier was placed back between her lips. The warmth rising up off her body and remaining inside the towel wrap was a soothing comfort as she was finally able to feel beyond the pain and into the enjoyment that always followed. Afterglow was never as good as the sex itself, but it was never worse than it either. Instead, it was the perfect extension of all the fresh memories, sensations, emotions and the whole experience, just in a more mellowed and viable state.

Reaching out of the towel, she touched the fingertips of her right hand to Luke’s face, tracing the contour of his jaw – chiseled and defined. She had drifted off into such a placid mindset that even her actions were in slow-motion, from her perspective. But her heart, now having returned to a more settled thumping, derived from within her a single word response that slipped out from behind her pacifier. And it was the sweetest declaration imaginable, one that clearly showed she still had him in her thoughts even then.

“More,” the little nympho girl whispered, so faintly she was almost inaudible.

Luke smiled warmly, his eyes welling with tears for her kindness.

Standing up, he put her down on her feet. Then he made her take two steps forward before bending her over the edge of the bathroom sink. Flipping up the bottom of the towels and exposing her bottom, he took hold of her cheeks and pulled them apart. Emmie turned her head to the side, then resting the left cheek of her face on the cool sink top as she felt the tip of his cock pushing into her rosebud again.

She softly whimpered to begin with, rapidly nursing on her pacifier as Luke worked his rhythm up again. And with her body being thrusted forward and back, her breasts now smashed against the sink top, she smiled faintly behind the pacifier – looking over at the bathroom closet and down to the diaper stash at the bottom.

Luke’s thrusts were just as forceful as when in the shower, but Emmie had less resistance to offer him. And his thrusts were aimed a bit more downward this time than before, indication that he was trying to drag that bulging underside vein against the very front of her opening. It wouldn’t take him long to achieve his first orgasm of that day off, his thrusts slowing down and becoming more of a rocking motion as his seeds shot out. Though it was a completely different feel than when he came inside her womb, Emmie found new stimulation from the thick ripples. But she would save that new growing arousal – allowing it to grow even more and knowing that there was a lengthy bit of teasing that would follow for a few hours. Luke would always do this after he orgasmed for the first time. It was an attempt to allow his arousal the time needed to recover. Being a nympho princess, Emmie only needed a few minutes to catch her breath. For the rest of the universe, it took a bit longer than that.

Withdrawing himself from inside her, he watched her rosebud shrink back and pucker to a new tightness – the natural defenses her body always tossed up. And, scooping her back up in his arms, he carried her out to the living room again, returning her to that sunny spot on the rug and reaching for her diaper bag with intent to get a diaper on her before anything unpleasant came out of her.

Folding back the front flaps of the towels, Luke positioned her body straight as he reached into the bag and took out a diaper. It was one of the Bellissimo Bambinos – thick, woven softness on the inside and that cute decal on the waist line front with the little bunnies and balloons.

Instinctively, Emmie drew her legs up – an added reaction of plus for how much more comfortable her core felt when curled. Luke placed the diaper flat beneath her and took the container of baby powder out of the diaper bag. She closed her eyes, smiling brightly behind her pacifier as she breathed in the sweet scent of the dusting he was caressing across her bottom. Yep. She would be in this diaper for a while, a bit of acceptance that only tugged at her submissive strings a bit more. But when he powdered her front and folded the diaper up into place, he fastened the tapes very loosely. And thoughts of the reason why he did this kick-started her next arousing barrage of thoughts.

But she knew the loose fastening was done for the sake of easy access to her in the very, very near future. It was the anticipation of such that served, just then, as her greatest nympho thrill yet that day off.

When would Daddy next take her?



All Day LongPart Three

“The Charming Third”

9:30 pm, that night

Emmie lay on her side across the front seat of his car, using his right thigh as a pillow and gently nursing on her pacifier. She had taken her pigtails down and, as she suspected, the shirt tails of her button down shirt had been untucked and tied into a knot above her navel. Her diaper was rolled up into a taped ball and setting on the floor in front of the passenger’s seat. A cool breeze gently blew through the car, Luke having cracked both front windows to allow a little fresh air in as they drove home.

And Emmie, with a still rapidly-beating heart, did her best to allow the afterglow of the events prior to mellow inside her to a level where every little sudden twitch she sustained would be more enjoyable than the one before.

She could still feel his mouth on her, his head buried so deeply between her legs that if she had wrapped her thighs around his ears he might well have suffocated. But it wasn’t just the time she spent on her back on the hood of that car, a few short minutes ago, that had her swooning with affection for emotions and with satisfied ache for sensations felt and still being felt. It was everything from that day and so much more.

She could still recall being fingered and teased with vibrations early that day. She could still feel having been taken from behind when in the morning shower with him. She could still feel her nipples being pinched, her wrists and ankles being bound and every little morsel of her female core being teased into dripping arousal all afternoon. And no matter how much she swelled and dripped, her diaper kept all of it.

But she wasn’t wearing any diaper just then and she had taken that little vibrating egg out of her canal – as per Luke’s directions to do so when she felt it was spoiling her afterglow as opposed to continuing to heighten it. This simple direction alone made clear to Emmie that this nympho’s dream of a day off, this All Day Long they had been experiencing together, wasn’t yet concluded. And maybe … just maybe there was a bit more to be had, to be taken and to be given when they got home.

Otherwise, why would Luke have been driving 70 in a 45? And the anticipation of the fantasies her mind was conjuring up just then was all that was needed to sustain her until they got home.

The half hour trip home only took 15 minutes and no sooner did they pull into the driveway than they were out of that car, both of them walking quickly and briskly up to the front door. It was springtime, but still early. So the nights were still a little cold, Emmie feeling even chillier for not wearing a diaper or panties as they walked up to the house. But no matter how cold it was outside, it was going to be very hot inside. And there wouldn’t be a second wasted.

No sooner, did Luke shut and lock the front door than he grabbed Emmie from behind – barely giving her the time to kick her shoes off before he dragged her into the kitchen. Spinning her around to face him, he grabbed the back of her head and planted his lips on hers – Emmie fumbling with the buckle of his belt but managing to get it undone with trembling fingers.

Oh, the fantasy was beckoning and beckoning quickly. The slow burn had given way to frenzied, immediate need. And not hesitating from instinct, Luke spun her around again – still gripping the hair on the back of her head as he directed her over to the kitchen table, ripping the button down shirt from her torso and making her buttons fly everywhere. Aggression was all he was made of, just then. And Emmie couldn’t have been happier or hornier to be man-handled, to be controlled and to be bent over the edge of the kitchen table.

Her breasts smashed against the table top. Luke released her hair from his fist as he grabbed her wrists, crossing and pinning them to the table – above her head. Holding them there with his left hand, he reached down to back of her skirt – unfastening and peeling it off her backside.

“A nympho girl always has a little more she wants and a little more she wants to give,” Luke said with a deep timbre, rich with lustfulness but also with those alluring qualities ever-present in his Daddy Voice.

Then he reached up between her shoulder blades – unhooking the back strap of her bra and cinching up both ends in a fist … her bra strangling her torso as he leaned forward to whisper a statement that would remain as a momentary tease only.

“You always live for the moment, Emmie,” Luke whispered with breathiness as he pushed the tip of his stiffened erection through her thigh gap and up to the opening of her canal – Emmie practically losing her mind as her arousal swelled the rest of the way up to a needful throb. “But remember: the third time is always the charm.”

The third time? Oh my. Emmie knew, right then and there, that the rousing conclusion to their All Day Long affair would be a three-fold journey into the raw … and beyond.

Emmie gasped for air as she felt his length beginning to slide into her, penetrating through her swell and stretching her open. It was one of those moments of powerlessness that also felt as natural as anything else that came so easily in the world. He had more he wanted to take and she had more she needed to give.

His underside vein, already bulging at this early point, stayed firmly pressed down against the roof of her womb – finding all of those ridges on the way in. And when he withdrew himself, it was as if she were being given the greatest feel of relief imaginable. But, not so strangely, it was a relief she didn’t want. So every time he pulled out, she clenched her already-tightened canal in an effort to keep him from leaving. This not only heightened the sensations for him, but also for she – her nympho thrill being quickly realized yet again.

Luke would work his pace up, turning the in-n-out warm-up into thrusting-n-yanking that only added to the pressure of her mound being kept firmly against the edge of that kitchen table. In a matter of a simple minute, she had already soaked through the front of her pleated schoolgirl skirt and had given up hope of maintaining any modesty at all as her whimpers turned into hearty moans with each thrust from him and each time her torso was rocked forward-n-back on that table top.

Faster and faster he pounded her, still keeping her bra straps gripped in a fist and still keeping her crossed wrists pinned down. She could tell from his aggression that he had been holding back a bit of his own energy all that day – so as to use it on her now, having learned that the only way to get the upper-hand on a nympho was to stay ahead of her in the same game without letting her know before it counted.

Her canal got wetter and wetter, leaving her a helpless captive to and recipient of every little ping of awakening sensations inside her. Oh, what joy it was to know that Luke was determined to spend her completely. And along the way, he would become the same.

But right at that moment when she dawned on the fast heartbeats and the breathy moaning leading her to the vantage point she was aiming for, Luke quickly withdrew himself completely from inside her – Emmie shuddering at the feel of her swell closing so swiftly.

And then he walked out of the kitchen with no explanation.

But then again, no explanation was needed. She knew he was preparing the next step, the next bit of sexual bliss they would encounter together. She simply had no idea what that would be. This was one of few times in life when not knowing suited her just fine.

This would also be a wonderful few seconds for her to moderately recover, though the surprise break did nothing to calm her down – instead, arousing her even more – the thrill of nymphomania at its best.

Luke returned from the living room as quickly as he left, flipping her over onto her back and tossing the unfastened schoolgirl skirt into the corner of the kitchen. This time, he had her place her hands at her sides, grabbing them and pinning them down. Emmie lifted her legs and Luke placed his shoulders under her knees before sliding his stiffness back into her canal once again.

In that position, with her torso flat and her spine straight on the kitchen table, he slid the whole way inside her. The depth was so great that she arched her lower lumbar as high as it could go, heaving her chest upward as well – not in an effort to give him any straighter of a pathway, but rather, in response to his tip contacting her cervix.

With too many of those taps, a different kind of internal pain would loom in the waiting. But with occasional connections, it just drove her further towards another climax that day. All it would take, at this point, was a mental nudge.

And Luke knew exactly what to say.

“You have such a tight little peach, Emmie. You’re so swollen that you’re now even tighter inside,” Luke said with a syrupy-sweet tone as he glided in and out of her – Emmie fidgeting all over the place in response to the rapid-fire stimulus. “And you’re so wet that Daddy just slides in and out of you with no trouble at all. How precious you are.”

A split second later, Emmie seized up, but was incapable of getting away from him. Her legs were draped over his shoulders and dangling down his back. Her arms were pinned to the kitchen table and it made no difference how high she lifted her center. He was able to adjust to every bit of shifting movement she made. And the trip to the summit was a skyrocketing affair for her, as always.

While her muscles seized, she locked eyes with him, paralyzed but to be rocked by his more gradual penetration – but nonetheless, still consistent entrances into her. It was the kind of orgasm she knew would have a glorious ending but was always just a bit too intense to enjoy fully during it. All the same, it was sex that led to an orgasm and Emmie always enjoyed that.

Luke would keep the rhythm going until her body finally relaxed back down to the table top. At that point, any further stimulation would have proven unpleasant for her … if not painful, also. Unwrapping her ankles from around the back of his neck, he returned her legs to a dangle over the table’s end. Pulling the unfastened bra from her chest and getting her schoolgirl skirt from the corner of the kitchen, he knelt down in front of her – sliding the white stocking off her legs and giving her time to allow her heavily-beating heart to subside its thumping.

Emmie closed her eyes, taking in full chests of air and awaiting that moment when afterglow would enter her senses. Yes, there would be more twitching and seizing – given the aftershocks that accompanied raw sex. But it was as if time itself had suddenly slowed down … even when Luke scooped her up and carried her into the living room.

Setting her down on her feet and steadying her for a moment before bending her over the arm of the sofa, Luke crossed her wrists behind her back at her lower lumbar and then tied them together rather tightly with her white stockings. Emmie whimpered for a brief moment and then gasped as he grabbed her hamstrings. Yanking her legs apart, he then grabbed her bound wrists and pulled her back just a little – giving him perfect access between her legs.

Just like that, her nympho senses kicked in again – her heart beginning to beat heavily once more as she felt the tip of his erection enter and part the opening her canal. Putting one of the sofa pillows under her head, he kept her bound wrists pinned to her lower lumbar with his left hand. Placing his right hand on the middle of her back, he slid it up to her neck – incrementally arching her spine downward on the way up.

As he did, he slowly inserted himself back into her canal – returning his stiffness into the tightened and warm pathway. Emmie shuddered, welcoming a new slickening of her juices to lubricate his journey and then she moaned softly. His entry was aimed downward and his bulging underside pressed ever-so-gently against the roof of her womb. It was the essence of doggy style – that contact of his vein and her ridges, with desire for mutual gain. And it appeared there would be no pummeling of her tissues, not this time – instead, just a further burn towards arousal … and then back up to the summit.

Luke was always deliberate, but also always considerate – until the heat of the moment called for something otherwise. Yes, being ravaged fulfilled every sexual craving in her core. But she didn’t want to be taken like that until her fire had been stoked, again and again and again.

Luke was also patient and Emmie was always grateful for that.

In their current positions, he slid inside her with ease and to an even greater depth than when she was on her back. This second charming was designed to reach those places often missed when passions demanded immediate results. Being submissive gave her the patience she would have otherwise lacked. By waiting, she gained something more than just another skyrocketing trip to the zenith of pleasure.

She would once again gain the knowledge and the assurance that she wasn’t just his BabyGirl and his partner in life – but also, his inamorata … for even longer than any of that.

Luke withdrew himself in the same incremental manner as he entered her. By moving so slowly, he was able to graze back-n-forth over every single ridge inside her. His exodus then welcomed his return and with each passage, her core came to life just a bit more. This was a test of her nature of sensitivity. Being a nympho, part of the thrill was finding ways to make each sexual encounter more riveting than the one prior. Sometimes this required whispers. Sometimes it required man-handling. Sometimes, like the present, it required such gentleness that her body was lured into response with a tranquil and measured aim.

At first, her legs just shook – trembling from the repeated stimulation. But soon, her whole body began to experience tremors that started small but grew as rapidly as her arousal always did. She shuddered every time she got a bit wetter and then she shuddered again at thought of how much easier it was for him to glide in and out of her.

There was always a nympho thrill when her body began to crave it all exactly as her mind did – a harmony of self, like no other.

She would gasp for breath when she was able to and whimper herself into moaning when she needed. And when her skyrocket began, her whole body tensed up – just like before, forcing her to endure the continued stimulation until she reached that point of no return … when her second orgasm started rippling out of her core and washed out across her entire frame – a mellowing to follow, but not too quickly.

The pleasure remained extended, Emmie closing her eyes and focusing in on the sensations to allow them to pass through her as quickly as each of them was arriving. And when her body went limp, relaxing and returning to her bent position over the arm of that sofa, Luke slowly withdrew one last time. Not wanting to ruin or tarnish the afterglow, Emmie remained perfectly still and cleared her mind of all concerns – including the most pressing one about how Luke hadn’t orgasmed … Emmie having cum twice already since they got home.

A few minutes went by and despite her best efforts, she began involuntarily sliding back-n-forth on the arm of the sofa – since she wasn’t able to do the usual post-orgasm finger tease. As her heart rate lowered, she collapsed a bit more limply over the arm of that sofa.

That was the moment when Luke scooped her up into his arms for a second time, then walking back the hallway to their bedroom.

That was also the moment Emmie remembered a simple statement Luke had made to her bent when he bent her over the kitchen table:

“… the third time is always the charm.”

To bed she was carried, still twitching occasionally as small spasms coursed throughout her frame. But the greatest of three was yet to come … so to say. And when she saw the diaper placed in the middle of their bed, unfolded and lying flat, she knew exactly what the final sexual encounter would entail. Her greatest concern wasn’t for the presence of his orgasm, as she knew he would definitely climb to the summit with her this time. Her greatest concern also wasn’t if she had enough arousal left to join him on the summit this time, as she knew that submission and a nature for more sex would always refuel her. It wasn’t about whether she would drench the bedsheets as she had done so many times before – her diaper being the protection their bed would need from her drips.

The greatest concern she faced, as he eased her down on the diaper – positioning himself on his knees and between her parted thighs, was if her back had been loosened enough to handle the ripples he would physically put her body through. Being made to flop like a fish was perhaps the most mind-altering sex they had and it always scrambled her brains in the process. Both of these truths she was looking forward to as he gripped the sides of her waist and lifted her center up.

His knees would hold up in this position because they were on a mattress. As he slid his stiffened shaft into her canal yet again, Emmie hoped she would last long enough before contractions of her weakened muscles denied any further penetration into her that night.

Instead of gasping for air this time, she exhaled deeply as his length entered her canal and traveled all the way inside her until their pelvic bones met with a thump. The center of her body was lifted so high that her back had elevated to 45 degrees, her shoulder blades being the first part of her upper body that had any contact with the bed. And as he pushed her center away from him, choosing to move her body this time instead of his, Emmie was rocked with the sensations of being opened with his offerings and then closed as he pushed her away again.

She shuddered quickly. She slickened quickly. She dripped steadily. And she moaned softly. But Luke was patient, waiting for the trembling of her body to begin.

And when she started to shake, he began to move her torso up-n-down as he pulled her center towards him – then pushing her away. And she flopped, again and again and again – her body rippling in the same fashion as the pleasure that poured out of her core. She kept moaning in a choppy and disconnected manner, understandably so. But when his girth thickened inside, only adding to the tightness, she stopped moaning and started screaming.

Luke heaved her up into a sitting position, keeping her upright with his left hand on her back as he reached behind himself with his right hand to pick up the waiting pacifier he had placed on the bed. Plunging the nipple into her mouth, he leaned back slightly – Emmie wrapping her arms around his neck as she embraced him. Sobbing profusely and immediately nursing on the pacifier, she felt herself propelled to the summit again – her head still trying to relocate equilibrium as he gripped the cheeks of her bottom and gently bounced her up-n-down.

And then it happened.

Luke tightened the muscles in his bent legs in response to the arrival of his orgasm, his seeds shooting straight up and hitting the back wall of her womb with a stinging heat that sent her into a frenzy of erotic pleasure one last time that night.

His seeds arrived in thick, heavy streams – each one coating her insides and bringing every craving to a fevered pitch of intensity. Her concurrent orgasm made her tighten to such an extreme measure that she felt severe pain. But then her tightness released and when it did, she felt her energy being drained. This was the greatest reaction that could have happened … aside from the orgasm itself. And as his seeds began to thin out, he eased her down onto her back – then ever-so-gently withdrawing from inside her as he brought her bottom to rest on the inner-softness of her diaper.

She gazed up at him with elation that couldn’t be describe with words as he drew the front of her diaper up and into place – fastening the tapes loosely at her hips. He gently rolled her over onto her tummy and patted her diapered bottom before getting up and walking into the master bathroom.

The fogginess in her mind began to clear and after Luke returned, he laid down next to her. She crawled over and rested her frame against the side of his body – she as his blanket, he as her pillow.

Sleep was but a few seconds away for both of them. His seeds had already begun to roll back out of her, depositing themselves into the front of her diaper. But before slumber would end their day off, Emmie reflected on the All Day Long affair that had been.

It took a lot to satisfy her and to make certain that her little nympho needs were met. But it seemed Luke was always up for the challenge. She knew that it often taxed him greatly, in the physical sense. But it never taxed him mentally. And that was what had endeared him to her so very much.

Sometimes bodies didn’t hold out, but hearts and souls never faded.

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