Line Up

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60 Degrees and Down the Crack

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here is a little story about falling into place.


Line Up

Friday Night, 6pm – a month later

“Are you okay, little pea?” Melodie asked sweetly, seated on Lana’s lap and facing him as she ran a brush through his hair.

“Yeah,” Lana said quietly, remaining still as he always did when Melodie dressed him.

“You seem … jittery,” Melodie said – wrapping her legs around his waist, crossing her ankles at his lower lumbar and thrusting her torso against him.

Lana closed his eyes, warmed with the tummyflies Melodie was placing inside him. And without any greater physical strength than she had, she certainly knew how to keep him physically controlled.

Straddling his lap and pressing herself against him was the usual position she put him in when she dressed him. And Lana always sat there with his forearms pressed against the outside of his thighs – allowing his arms to be pinned down as she sat on him. This wasn’t done to prevent him from fighting her. He would never do that. He had no reason to. Instead, it was a simple gesture done to show who was happily in charge and who happily was not.

He couldn’t remember the last time he wore male clothing. And quite frankly, he really didn’t want to anymore. Being Melodie’s BabyGirl With Benefits was more meaningful than anything he had ever felt. It was like she had discovered that one little piece of his soul he had been searching for his whole life.

“I think your hair is almost long enough … finally,” Melodie said with a sweet smile and an even sweeter tone in her voice.

Lana lowered his chin, opening his eyes and staring down at her cleavage as she drew a baby pink ribbon up through his shoulder-length locks and fashioned it into a bow on the top of his head. The ribbon matched the colors perfectly with Lana’s clothing, a two-piece casual outfit with mesh sleeves on the top and a mesh outer-layer on top of the short skirt. Lana was cute, very cute. And he was the apple of Melodie’s eye – her charge, her toy, her love in life and her love for life.

They were a match made exclusively for each other. And they couldn’t have been happier with how they suddenly met – then evolving together as their lives became so entwined that the time of individuality seemed like forever ago.

“Did you get them all this time?” Melodie asked, grinning from ear to ear as she looked down at his hands – feeling the undersides of his legs for any stray hairs that may have escaped the Veet treatment he underwent a short while ago.

“No,” Lana said bashfully, Melodie then placing her hands on the back of his head and smashing his face into her cleavage to give him a close-up of what he was staring at.

Then she started gently scraping the scalp on the back of his head as she drew her fingers through his hair. Lana softly moaned, loving the sensations Melodie’s fingernails always gave him when she did this.

“I think you’re going to be very happy we invited them up here this weekend,” Melodie said, wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing his forehead. “We finally met a few others as happy as we are.”

“That’s why I’m jittery,” Lana said, Melodie wiggling her bottom across the top of his thighs and encouraging him to return his knees to being closed and touching so her seat stayed comfortable. “I just want everything to go well this weekend. And I want you to be very happy.”

“What do you want for yourself?” Melodie asked, leaning back and taking the sides on his face in her hands as she lifted his eyes up to her.

“I want you to be so happy that you glow, beaming as brightly as the stars,” Lana answered with a smile, speaking directly from his heart.

“You’re telling me things you want for me,” Melodie said with maternal tone. “Tell me something you want for you.”

Lana’s eyes welled with tears, as did Melodie’s eyes. Swallowing a lump in his throat, he took in a deep breath before replying.

“I always want a place by your side,” Lana said with trembling tone. “I don’t ever want to lose my life with you.”

“You won’t, little pea,” Melodie said with affected tone. “I’m never gonna get rid of my BabyGirl. Who else would be my morning angel or my reason to smile or my little girl to doll up like a princess?”

Lana smiled, realizing what Melodie was really saying. And right in the middle of that endearing moment, cars could be heard pulling into the driveway.

“Here we go,” Melodie said, standing and making Lana stand up as she straightened out Lana’s outfit before taking him by the hand and leading him downstairs to welcome their guests.

Melodie took one final look around the house as she descended the staircase with Lana, hoping she had cleaned everything and set up all the bedrooms and made all the beds. She was certainly an extrovert in every way imaginable and she was also an accommodating and gracious host. This weekend, she and Lana would welcome the three other couples a little closer into their lives.

Before they reached the bottom step, the doorbell rang – Lana practically crinkling up a storm of noise as his heart began pounding heavily. Yes, he was anxious – but not to avoid seeing his new-found friends – rather, just to begin saying hello again to all of them.

Not hesitating in the least, Melodie flung the front door wide open as she lifted her hands up in the air. Gretchen and Rachel were the first two to walk in, both of them simultaneously hugging Melodie first and then both of them simultaneously hugging Lana.

Rachel was an extremely shy BabyGirl, so much so to the point that she often became reclusive. Gretchen had been working with her on this and one of the things they did to help Rachel crawl out of her shell was to do things together and at the same time – like simultaneously hugging friends.

Lucy and Xavier walked in next, Lucy being the only little of the group who was completely fearless. She was also the oldest little, in actual age, and had the most experience of crinkling about.

Then Mark and Danny walked in, Danny being his usual out-going self but remaining kept, in a sense, by Mark as Danny never understood when too much was too much. But Danny had no problem hugging Melodie and she had no problem giving a hug right back to him. They had a most unique bond from a simple experience of 60 Degrees and Down the Crack.

Once everyone was inside the house, all four littles suddenly huddled together into the cutest group hug imaginable. And then they made their way into the front room, Lana being the only one presently diapered and therefore being the only one who crinkled and sat with bowed legs as they formed a gabbing circle on the area rug in the middle of the room. The Bigs stood there and watched all four of them, smiling at how the littles had bonded so quickly.

“Melodie, thank you for having us this weekend,” Mark said, watching Danny interact with the other three and not seeming to mind that he was the only BabyBoy of the group. “Danny has done nothing but talk about this weekend since we left the convention a month ago.”

“And Rachel has done nothing but ask questions about this weekend since we left the convention,” Gretchen said to Melodie, then sharing a warm smile with her super-shy little girl as she sat in the littles circle and did her best to feel comfortable with herself and her surroundings.

“She seems to be doing okay with the anxiety thing,” Xavier said to Gretchen as she brightened the already warm smile on her face.

“Yeah,” Gretchen said with a slightly shaky voice, a bit emotional for the internal struggle she knew Rachel was going through just then. “And I’m very grateful that she and Lucy have been texting one another the past few weeks.”

“Oh my goodness, they’re non-stop sometimes, it seems,” Xavier said, Gretchen laughing as she knew exactly what he was talking about.

“Well, I have a feeling that each and every one of us will grow a little bit from this weekend, “Melodie said, stepping forward. “And there’s no better time to start than right now.”

Melodie walked up to the littles circle and stood there authoritatively but also with loving maternal presence.

“Babies,” she said sweetly, all four of the littles instantly stopping their chatter and looking up at her. “I want you all to join hands and form a line.”

Lana smiled, standing up right away as he knew what was going to happen next. Lucy did the same, quickly taking hold of Danny’s hand and then Rachel’s hand as she helped them stand up. Lana took hold of Rachel’s other hand and then the four of them looked at Melodie.

“Very good,” Melodie said lovingly. “Now follow me. We’re gonna go on a little tour of the house so you’ll know where everything is. Okay?”

All four of the littles nodded and smiled, even Rachel grinning a little as Melodie had the ability to bring fun into any given moment.

“This is the living room and along with the kitchen,” Melodie said, pointing to the entryway at the back of the living room. “… these are the only two rooms that existed when my uncle bought this place.”

“Really?” Mark asked with surprise as the house was enormous in size with more spaciousness than could be seen and more room than could be counted from the living room viewpoint.

“Yeah,” Melodie answered with a grin as she thought back to when her uncle bought the place. “It was nothing more than a tiny wooden cabin at first. But my uncle, for as much of an obnoxious soul as he can be, knew a good location when he saw one. So he bought the cabin and added everything onto these two rooms. Follow me, everyone.”

Melodie walked through the entryway at the back of the living room and into the kitchen. Standing at the end of the table, she turned around and faced the four littles.

“Before we go any further, does anyone need to go potties?” Melodie asked the littles. “With the exception of Lana, none of you are diapered yet, but that will change very shortly.”

The littles all smiled, Rachel lowering her chin and glancing over at Gretchen for the much-needed reassurance of a Mommy smile-n-wink.

“The downstairs bathroom is right next to the kitchen,” Melodie said, pointing to the bathroom door at the side of the kitchen. “But the other door over there leads to the garage. So don’t go out into the garage if you have to pee.”

For as corny as Melodie was being, she was setting the mood for a relaxed, enjoyable and fun weekend.

“This kitchen table is older than I am,” Melodie said, referencing the enormous wooden table in the middle of the room. “Mark, Xavier and Gretchen, Lana can tell you from countless experiences that this table is perfectly safe for diaper changes … should some of our little ones become too fussy to go upstairs to be changed.”

Lucy sucked in her lips, trying not to laugh. But Danny blushed a deep shade of red as he remembered what it felt like to be changed by his Daddy on that hotel room bed back at the convention a month ago – and this while being surrounded and observed by everyone who was now in that summer house.

“Everyone come on outside for a moment,” Melodie said with a warm smile – partly from seeing Danny’s blushing reaction and partly from having fully embraced the Hostess Mommy mindset.

She was truly enjoying being in her element as she slid open the glass door at the back of the kitchen, everyone walking out onto the back deck and Gretchen giving Melodie a knowing grin as she walked out onto the back deck.

For as much as all the littles had remained connected and communicated with each other on a regular basis since the convention, Gretchen and Melodie had done the same. Initially, Gretchen had just wanted to befriend and stay close with another Mommy who seemed to have a lot of things figured out and who kept order in her life without becoming a femi-Nazi about it. But from their phone discussions, Gretchen learned that Melodie had enabled Lana to find a piece of himself that he had always been missing. And with a little maternal support from her, Lana had crawled out of his shell to find a richer, fuller, more meaningful life.

Acceptance of self was the key to it all. But somewhere in the mix of learning that, Lana also learned the best way to live was to enjoy what you have accepted about yourself.

And this was exactly what Gretchen wanted to help Rachel come to understand, embrace and live fully through. So the bond of friendship between Gretchen and Melodie went way beyond the common Mommy interests and transcended into a quest for fulfilling knowledge.

The back deck of the summer house was huge and it jutted out over the incline of the hill at the back of the property. By creating this deck, Melodie’s uncle had also created one mighty impressive view of the countryside. For a minute or two, everyone stood in silence – taking in the view and waiting for the tour to continue.

“Mark, would you be so kind as to load the grill with charcoal and getting it going for dinner?” Melodie asked him, speaking up and getting everyone’s attention once again. “Is everyone okay with steaks for dinner? I can have Lana make up a vegetarian or vegan option, if anyone wants that.”

Everyone was fine with steaks and it was quickly becoming the theme, if not the common thread among them, that dramatics were best-left for moments when they counted – not as a necessary means on a constant basis. In other words, everyone was very comfortable with each other and because of this, no one put up a fuss.

Once Mark had lit the coal, Melodie led everyone back into the kitchen, down the skinny hallway towards her office and to the main center wooden staircase before heading upstairs. The littles had broken the line of held hands that had kept them together and were beginning to wander aimlessly – but still in the herded direction Melodie led them.

Lucy, being playful as always, reached under the back of Lana’s dress and patted the back of his diaper – Lana being the only one diapered. In return playfulness, Lana reached over and pinched Lucy’s right bottom cheek – Lucy jumping slightly but not squealing. Making alarming noise was a reaction that was viewed as cheating when waging a war of picking on each other. It was universal truth that was understood among all littles.

If ya played the game, ya had to follow the rules.

Melodie led everyone up the staircase to the second floor, turning at the top banister and walking down the hallway to its end before stopping at the first door and turning back to everyone.

“This woodwork is impressive,” Xavier said, admiring the banister as it seemed it was one solid piece of wood.

“Most everything is made oak, if I recall correctly. My uncle always made things to last … except for his marriage, of course,” Melodie said, then opening the door behind her. “This is the guest bathroom and yes, it actually has two tubs in it.”

Then she opened the next door up in the hallway, showing the master bedroom and the master bathroom to them.

“The next three rooms down this hallway are the guest bedrooms,” Melodie said, walking back out into the hallway and opening each door as she passed by it. “Gretchen, you’ll be in the first one. Xavier, you’ll be in the second one. And Mark, you’ll be in the third one.”

As they passed by the rooms, the littles all looked at each other – collectively confused that their counterparts were assigned to a bedroom but none of the littles were. Lucy looked at Lana and raised an eyebrow at the knowing but not telling grin on his face. Then she looked at Melodie who was walking towards the door at the other end of the upstairs hallway. And even when Melodie, opened that door and stood there with a beaming smile as everyone walked up to her, Lucy still hadn’t pieced together what Lana knew but wasn’t revealing.

The mystery, however, would be short-lived – catering to short attention spans without speeding things up too quickly before curiosities were peaked. Oh my, Melodie was good. She was very good. But as everyone walked into that last bedroom, they learned how good Melodie truly was.

That final room at the other end of that upstairs hallway was, indeed, a fourth bedroom. But it was so much more than that. It was a nursery. And in this nursery, there were four cribs. Two were white. Two were wood-finished. And they weren’t just ordinary cribs, but rather, the kind that were adjustable – making it possible for babies to sleep in them when toddlers and even a few more years into life.

But how on Earth did Melodie pull this off?

Everyone walked around the room, mesmerized by this secret gem that was tucked away in an upstate countryside summer house. And though the other items in the room were of interest, what captivated and kept everyone’s thoughts were the four cribs.

Gretchen looked at Melodie and shook her head in disbelief, not even knowing how to phrase the question everyone wanted an answer to and hoping that Melodie would simply supply the details that seemed impossible to be real.

“Yes, there are four cribs in this nursery,” Melodie began, then pausing for added effect – this being one of those moments when a little bit of dramatics was more than called for. “But only two of them are actual cribs. The other two are day beds.”

Lucy walked up to the day bed by the window that faced towards the countryside, still lost for understanding but already having figured out that all four littles would be sleeping in this room – hence the reason why Melodie had only assigned the bedroom to the Bigs.

“Yes, babies I want you all to pick out which crib you want to sleep in,” Melodie said to Rachel and Danny. “Pick your cribs and Lana will take whichever one is left over.”

Rachel’s shoulders shrunk up instantly. Lowering her chin and drifting backwards with her usual crippling shyness, she walked over into Gretchen’s waiting embrace.

Danny had quite the opposite reaction, grabbing his Daddy’s hand and leading him over to one of the white cribs – still leaving Rachel with the option of both as one white crib and one day bed remained.

“Okay, you say that two of them are day beds,” Xavier said to Melodie, having begun to believe his eyes but still looking for further clarity. “But the day beds have railing, just like the white cribs.”

“Right,” Melodie said quickly, suddenly not revealing much at else.

This was Melodie’s approach to practically everything. Sometimes, she would reveal the world to you and other times, she wouldn’t let you in on a single thing.

“I think you’ll enjoy the white crib, Princess,” Gretchen whispered to Rachel, taking her ever-so-shy BabyGirl over to the open crib.

Then all the Bigs lowered the side railings of the cribs, helping their littles up into them. Lana took the remaining day bed and Melodie walked over to him.

“How exactly did you convince your uncle that having four cribs in a nursery would be useful?” Xavier asked Melodie with a smile, then sitting next to Lucy.

“Well, it all sort of fell into place, I guess and wasn’t as difficult to make happen as it seems,” Melodie said. “But it’s a wordy story to explain.”

“I would absolutely love to hear it,” Gretchen said, sitting in the crib next to Rachel and cradling her. “I think we all would.”

“Well, okay,” Melodie said, fixing the ribbon in Lana’s hair before placing her hand on the back of his head and running her fingers through the length of his growing locks. “I have two cousins who got pregnant at the same time. But neither got married after they got pregnant. It was like some sort of frenzied female competition between them. But they both loved to visit this summer house. So I asked my uncle to purchase two cribs for his soon-to-be-born grandchildren. There wouldn’t have been a nursery in this house at all, if I hadn’t asked him to make one.”

Melodie got up and walked over to the closet next to the day bed where Lana was sitting, opening the closet and taking down three diapers from one of the shelves. She grabbed baby wipes and baby powder as well, taking it all over to the rainbow-colored circular rug in the middle of the room.

Danny blushed, Rachel buried her face against Gretchen’s sternum and Lucy tingled in all the right place as all three of them suddenly knew what was about to happen.

“After my uncle went out and bought the two cribs for his future grandkids, I went out and bought the two day beds,” Melodie said, kneeling on the rug and picking up the lone white diaper in the stack of three. “But what my uncle didn’t know was that the day beds I bought were convertible into being so much more. And with the simple placement of a railing on the one side, they could be cribs too.”

Melodie unfolded the white diaper and placed it flat to the rug, Danny then looking at the other two diapers and, seeing they were pink, suddenly realized that the white one was for him.

“So now, when my two cousins visit this place with their babies, they sleep here in the nursery with the babies,” Melodie said with a bright smile, contented with how the plan had worked out exactly as she hoped it would. “And now, there are four cribs for this weekend.”

Melodie looked over at Danny, summoning him with a finger gesture to get out of his crib and walk over to her. With little hesitation and even less ability to resist, Danny scooted himself forward in the crib and put his feet down on the floor before standing up and walking over to her. Oh, how he felt the impulse to lower his chin and regress inside himself, but if he had learned anything at all, it was: the perfect moment to experience something was the present – not the future.

So … Danny did his best to keep a cool swagger to his posture, but no sooner did he get over to Melodie’s side than she took over – reminding him, in her ever-loving way, of who was in charge … of who wore the pants and who shouldn’t be wearing them.

Melodie positioned him in front of her, kneeling up and unfastening the button at the waist of his jeans, then lowering his zipper and pulling his jeans down to his ankles. Then she reached up under his t-shirt and grabbed hold of his tightie-whitey underwear – pulling them down to his ankles as well.

Danny blushed yet again, his face filling with color as he locked his knees to prevent the slight dizziness in his head from making him fall over. He had grown accustomed to such reactions and for as much as he was overwhelmed every time, he was also becoming addicted to the sensations he felt – when inundated by such attention.

His t-shirt was just long enough to reach the top of his thighs. So everything was covered, but he knew even that would change in just a few seconds.

“Lay down,” Melodie said with a loving but matter-of-factly tone as she tapped the center of the diaper – flattened out and lying on the circular rug to receive him.

Danny slowly bent his legs, being carefully not to lose his diminishing balance and topple over for how affected he had become.

For the moment, his bottom came to rest in the soft innards of the diaper as Melodie parted his drawn knees – his legs flopping open as she began untying his sneakers.

“I remember when I first saw this particular little one,” Melodie said of Danny, slipping his left sneaker off and then his right. “He and his Daddy were checking in at registration at the convention. And even then, I could see that Danny was eager to experience everything, but had no control to stop himself from trying to do it all at once.”

Danny looked over at Mark, his Daddy sitting on the edge of the crib and smiling warmly at him. Mark had done his best to help Danny find a bit of pacing, but only Danny could really do that for himself. And somehow, Melodie had found the recipe for keeping Danny on a schedule, of sorts – one that regulated Danny’s impulses to not want it all at once when without the right timing, nothing would be enjoyable.

In other words, Danny had the ability to not only burn out all of Mark’s energy, but also all of his own. And Melodie could detect this about him, as well.

“Such a cute little guy should remember all the practice he had with patience when he was growing up,” Melodie said, grabbing the gathered jeans-n-underwear at his ankles and using that grasp to lift his bottom-n-legs into the air. “Danny strikes me as the kind of little boy who had to be told to stop playing with his Legos, perhaps just long enough to eat dinner. And for such a little guy to be so patient with building things like Lego castles and space ships, it seems silly that he is impatient nowadays.”

Danny’s eyes grew big and wide as he became stunned at what Melodie knew about him. Yes, he was definitely without an off switch sometimes. And as Melodie coated his bottom with baby powder, then caressing it across both cheeks with her gentle fingers, Danny fell just a bit more captive to her charms.

“But I think this little boy will learn some patience this weekend,” Melodie said with maternal tease as she lowered his powdered bottom into the diaper before parting his knees again and flipping up the front of his t-shirt.

Oh, exposure. Danny closed his eyes as a bit of embarrassment washed over him – a wonderful sensation he craved more than the rest of it. Melodie powdered his front, her fingers caressing the silkiness into all the right places before she folded the front of the diaper up and into place – fastening the tapes tightly at his hips but allowing them to ride low … thusly enabling his guy parts to have a bit of comfort room inside the diaper.

Melodie scooted to the right a bit, picking up one of the pink diapers and unfolding it before placing it flat on the circular rug – to the left of Danny.

“Rachel,” Melodie said, looking over at the shy girl in her crib and summoning her to walk over but doing so with much more gentleness in her tone than she had used with Danny. “It’s okay, sweetie. Show me what a good girl you are. Come lay down on your diaper.”

Rachel’s pulse began to race as a slight tremble took over her entire body. She clung to Gretchen with desperation that brought tears to her Mommy’s eyes. Oh, how she wanted to be diapered and oh, how she wanted to feel the sense of relaxation that had taken over Danny’s posture and filled his eyes with a mellowed gaze. But as usual, Rachel was gripped with an amount of fear that was irrational and always crippled her heart’s desires.

“Just crawl over to me, sweetie. It’s okay. You don’t have to walk,” Melodie said with softness, turning towards Rachel in her knelt position and holding out both of her arms to the frightened girl. “Come give me a hug.”

Rachel blinked a few times, her eyes beginning to well with tears – as if she was being deprived of something she truly wanted more than anything else. Gretchen held her close and got down on the floor with her as she eased Rachel down into a crawling position.

“Mommy will be a few feet away from you the whole time, Princess,” Gretchen whispered to her Rachel before tucking the locks behind her BabyGirl’s ears and then gently patting her on the bottom to try to crawl towards Melodie.

And with wobbliness, Rachel did indeed crawl – ever-so-slowly and ever-so-carefully.

“That’s it. That’s a good girl,” Melodie said with syrupy sweetness in her tone. “Just a bit further.”

Rachel’s eyes were completely filled with tears, her little heart filled with the joy of praise and her ears filled with the sweet encouragements of two Mommies. With Gretchen behind her and with Melodie in front of her, the girl felt surrounded with the kind of compassion and love that she needed. Guys were good at showing those same sentiments, but for Rachel, when another girl showed them to her, she felt as if she was completely understood … for those brief moments, if not longer.

Rachel got over to Melodie and they both knelt up into a hug.

“What a good girl you were,” Melodie said. “And how proud we are that you were so brave, baby.”

Gretchen sucked in her lips, carefully swiping the tears away from the corners of her eyes before they streamed down her cheeks and ruined her make-up. It was such a small accomplishment Rachel had achieved, but in many important ways, it was rather magnanimous. And as Gretchen watched Rachel melt into Melodie’s embrace, she smiled softly through her tears at the tiny spot of wetness at the very base of Rachel’s shorts. For once, the girl had overcome her fears, but not without a little accident to remind her of how little she truly was.

Melodie turned to the right, continuing to hold Rachel and embrace her as she eased the girl down onto her back and onto the pink diaper. And with quickness, she took Rachel’s sandals off before immediately sliding the girl’s wet shorts and panties down to her ankles. Rachel was wearing a light brown baby-t, the Earth-toned shade Gretchen had dressed her in that day. But her pink shorts now had a dark section of pink in the middle as her pee soaked through them.

Perhaps Rachel would’ve started crying right then and there for the accident, if Melodie hadn’t removed the shorts-n-panties from the girl’s ankles before she noticed the wetness. And with a swift display of natural control, Melodie had the girl’s legs and bottom raised in the air for an even swifter cleaning with a baby wipe before Rachel could shake the regression she was drifting into.

“And you, sweetie, are actually the bravest among all of us,” Melodie said, finishing the wiping of pee and then picking up the container of baby powder as Rachel looked at her with confusion for the compliment that was flattering but confusing at the same time. “Some people are fearless and because of this, they never really know what it’s like to overcome anything. And other people, like you, show what good things can come from a little effort to get to a place that was believed to be unreachable.”

Melodie coated Rachel’s bottom with the powder and eased the girl down into the pink diaper before taking the powder between her legs.

“I remember seeing you walk into the convention space before your Mommy did. And I remember you taking her hand as you lead her out of the changing booth, your diaper fresh and with new crinkles. I remember you leading her a good bit of the time that weekend,” Melodie said, caressing the powder across Rachel’s front – from hip to hip. “But you weren’t showing what fear looked like when you got beyond it.”

Melodie folded the front of the pink diaper up and into place, holding it snuggly to the girl’s front while fastening the tapes just as snuggly at her hips.

“Instead, you were showing what fear looked like when you no longer knew what it felt like. And that is what I see in your eyes now,” Melodie said, patting the girl’s freshly diapered center. “Everything you need to overcome your worst fears is already inside you. You simply need to believe that.”

Rachel said nothing but smiled. She would have to spend some serious time thinking about what Melodie had just said to her, but she knew that just moments ago, she was trembling in a ball on that crib mattress. And now suddenly, she was lying next to Danny – diapered the same and feeling far more comfortable about herself.

Melodie moved a little to her left again, picking up the last pink diaper and beginning to unfold it. Lucy smiled and buried her head in Xavier’s right shoulder. No, Lucy wasn’t becoming shy. Shyness had left her years upon years ago. But those tummyflies still owned her.

Melodie placed the pink diaper flat to the circular rug – a little to the left of Rachel and then she summoned Lucy without looking up at her. Lucy stood up and kicked her own sandals off before walking up to Melodie and standing patiently at her side. It felt really good to be the dominant female of the littles and the dominant of the littles in general. But at the same time, it also felt good to have no desire to be the alpha female of the group.

This was a mutually understood and agreed-upon decision between Melodie and Lucy. Getting along seemed so much better than the alternatives. Besides, Lucy had a wealth of experiences for which to share with the other littles. And, with any luck, she would be able to help them figure out a few things a lot earlier than Lucy had figured them out.

That thought made Lucy feel really good about herself. But for the time being, Lucy wasn’t supposed to help anyone – instead, simply taking her place where she happily belonged.

“Lay down,” Melodie said with a calm tone, tapping the center of the pink diaper and encouraging Lucy to comply.

That Lucy did, laying down and relaxing her frame. Normally, she would have instinctively bent her knees and curled her legs up. But still being in shorts and underwear, there were obviously a few more steps that would be involved.

“You, Lucy, are a bit of a mystery – the enigma that went undiscovered … online for years and likely within the majority of your life,” Melodie said, taking hold of the waistlines at Lucy’s hips and pulling the girl’s shorts and underwear down to her ankles – Lucy gently lifting her hips to help in the process. “You seem so complete about everything. You are able to lead without leading while still submitting without hesitation.”

Xavier folded his arms, still sitting on the edge of Lucy’s crib and watching. He sucked in his lips and slightly lowered his chin as he was obviously aware of what Melodie was getting at. Lucy looked up at Melodie and smiled softly. There was no wonder as to why Melodie was able to see into the center of her. No, Lucy wasn’t an open-book. Instead, she was quite the opposite of that and there was a reason.

Gripping the gathered material between Lucy’s ankles, Melodie lifted the girl’s legs and bottom in the air. Lucy bent her knees a bit more and bowed them outwards, giving Melodie the ability to powder her backside and then go right to her front. This was one of many tricks Lucy had learned to speed up the diapering process – whether it was for need of time … like running late for something, or for quickness because of location … like when Xavier changed her diaper in the back seat of his car in a parking lot.

“You are most intriguing, Lucy,” Melodie said, heavily coating the girl’s bottom and front before setting the powder container down and caressing the silkiness out evenly. “You have such balance, but it seems like keeping that balance is a constant struggle for you. And there’s the real mystery, why littleangel toils to keep from teeter-tottering on the inside.”

Lucy smiled a bit brighter, enjoying this cat-n-mouse game of an information hunt, but not giving up the goods.

“Some things are only for your discovery, I suppose,” Melodie said, folding the front of Lucy’s diaper up and into place – fastening the tapes snuggly at the girl’s hips. “But there’s a little something more in those eyes I see, something that might have been overlooked along the way.”

Lucy raised an eyebrow at Melodie, detecting a trick to get info out of her. But that really wasn’t the case. Melodie was obviously highly observant and beyond that, might well have been clairvoyant for how good of a guesser she was, otherwise.

“Maybe you’ll find the determination to seek a way to end the battle inside you,” Melodie whispered to Lucy, patting the freshly-diapered girl between her legs before standing. “Lana?”

Melodie pointed to Lucy’s left side and Lana joined the other littles on the rug. Standing there and looking down at her fine diapering work, Melodie smiled with contented maternal glow.

“Flip over, babies … and line up,” Melodie instructed, smiling at Lana’s handiwork additive. “Lana personalized your diapers and did a fine job, I must say.”

Gretchen, Mark and Xavier got up and walked over alongside Melodie as they got their cell phones out and started to capture the moment in images. On the backsides of each of the diapers was each little’s name, in order: Danny, Rachel, Lucy and Lana.

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………………….. The HodgePodge Series 

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