10 Dynamic Moments: “What’s in a Name?”

Dynamic Moments are points in time when you make discoveries or when you come to conclusions or when you feel the beginnings of something greater than yourself.

During the month of December, I will be writing about 10 such moments.

Here is the ninth:

What’s in a Name?

“What’s in a name?”
Whats in a name

That seems like a fairly simple question and though it was merely just a line in a Disney song, Timon brought up a very interesting point … perhaps a dynamic one, at that.

I actually didn’t respond to the name Zorro Daddy at first when I began attending ABDL events like CAPCon, TeddyCon, Private Parties and the like. Up until then, I was never called that name to my face and it took a bit of time to adjust to it. But now, when someone at one of those conventions calls me by my real first name, I often don’t respond to it because I’m expecting to be called Zorro Daddy.

So what’s in a name? Our given names are one of the first words we recognize and begin to respond to. But when we receive other names, given to us by friends and significant others throughout life – those names become endearments. This is not because the names are particularly special, but more so because of what they mean and why we were called them.

In private, they make us snap to attention without hesitation. After all, when you need to convey something to someone, you call to them. But what you call them can also be just as forthright in attention-getting as it is familiar.

In public, when you whisper a pet name in someone’s ear or even go so far as to call across a store to them with something like: “Come on, baby. Let’s go” – you elicit a response that may not be outwardly visible on the surface. With a simple name that you save only for them, you can find the center of their heart.

But what really happens when we hear particular names we are called?
• Chemicals like oxytocin are released in the brain and stress is reduced by a simple four letter word of love.
• A sense of security is given, to know that someone is there for you, whether when happy or when sad – to dry your tears and make your heart race.
• Focus is found and utilized on a great many fronts, from tasks before you to the ease in ability to enhance a meaning relationship.
• I’ve also read that when you call someone “baby” that they see you as their baby. If that’s true, then it’s a pet name that works perfectly for switch couples.

BabyBaby is a universal pet name, but it has a different and far more significant meaning for us. It’s only one of countless names that we use. But when in the right mood or state of mind to be receptive to such mushy exchanges, some BabyGirls can’t help but be swept away – all while still standing on their feet.

And when you feel that or any positive affect from names such as baby, that will be a dynamic moment for you.

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