10 Dynamic Moments: “The Growth Reason”

Dynamic Moments are points in time when you make discoveries or when you come to conclusions or when you feel the beginnings of something greater than yourself.

During the month of December, I will be writing about 10 such moments.

Here is the eighth:

The Growth Reason

I firmly believe things in life that last, that remain and that can become permanent are able to do so because they happened naturally. From inception to toleration to deepening to need and through all levels of growth, when a connection or friendship with someone begins without facade or on false terms the ever after can be far more likely than the end.

And there are many reasons for this with many theories along the way. But growth in general is fundamental for all of us … growth of the mind, of self, of love, of so many other things. And I believe we instinctively make our choices of pursuit, based on the likelihood of our growth. This could be with regards to careers, education, religion and other foundational elements of life. But our own need to grow can encourage us to live in certain areas, to eat certain foods, to remain close with one’s family – but also to keep certain people or things or experiences out of one’s life.

Evolution is an ever-happening catalyst behind all decision we make about growth. We put ourselves in the best situations we can to develop beyond our own imaginations. And while evolution is theory-based in itself, there are theories as to why we make the choices we do.

HeightAnd one theory in particular that I have always been fascinated by is the theory that offers up a possible explanation as to why the average female is shorter than the average male.

Pheromones are chemicals with an insect or mammal that are emitted from the body and released into the environment to affect other members of the same species. Pheromones sometimes warn of danger, but can also give directions to others and they can also signal arousal.

In humans, pheromones are emitted from the skin and from all over the body – from the top of the head to the underside of the feet. But on a female’s body there is an area where her pheromone emission is at its highest and strongest. That area would be on the top of her head and on her forehead. This is her pheromone “hot spot”.

For a male, his “hot spot” is across his chest and at the front of each of his underarms.

The average female is 5’4” and the average male is 5’10”. (Or 1.62 meters for females and 1.78 meters for males) The exact inch/meter count varies from one place in the world to another and for other reasons, but the result is almost always the same: The average female is shorter than the average male.

The theory? When a female faces a male, her nose is at the height of his chest – right where his pheromone “hot spot” is located. And at the same time, a male’s nose is lined up with the top of her head – right where her “hot spot” is located.

The theory states that evolution has made up grow up or grow down – to line up our sniffers with the other’s “hot spot”.

I have no idea if any of that has been proven or if it’s true at all, but it makes good logical sense. And think about it …

TogetherHow many times have you buried your nose and whole face in your Daddy’s chest? Ever wonder why you enjoyed doing that?

How many times have you sniffed your BabyGirl’s hair? Ever wonder why you like the scent, even if she hasn’t used a scented shampoo that day or the night before?

We grow towards the things we want and towards the things we need and towards the things that make us feel better about who we are.

The ABDL dynamic? Oh my, it insists – if not requires us to keep growing. That’s what gives it further depth and makes it something that is as fundamental to us as breathing is. Every bit of it can be natural and thusly, can grow for a lifetime.

And when you feel that reason to grow with someone and because of them, that will be a dynamic moment for you.


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