10 Dynamic Moments: “Whispered Conversations”

Dynamic Moments are points in time when you make discoveries or when you come to conclusions or when you feel the beginnings of something greater than yourself.

During the month of December, I will be writing about 10 such moments.

Here is the fourth:

Whispered Conversations –

Commonly, there are two types of conversationalists. There are people who talk and then listen. And there are people who talk and then wait to speak again. And the distinction between them is clear. Within a single conversation with them, you can determine which type of conversationalist you are talking with.

For those who wait to speak as opposed to really listening to you, the topics you discuss with them are often shallow but not unimportant, quick so as to not force you to become a permanent listener when they speak and seldom as human instinct makes you look for another person to talk with.

For those who can talk and then listen to you … and then have a reply statement that tells you they actually heard what you said, the topics become plentiful, in-depth and invigorating. Your discussions with them become more and more compelling as you become more and more comfortable with them.

And it is this latter type of conversationalist you will go back to … to talk with again and again.

DinnerIn the sense of age play and ABDL and across the community of such, conversations that find the give-n-take also find that depth quickly. Depth welcomes the bond between the two of you. When you have something really important to say to them, that’s when your words become whispered.

More WhispersAnd often, we will whisper to someone when we want say something to them and them alone … for their ears only, so to say. And when someone whispers to you, you listen very carefully so you can hear them but also because you suddenly feel special. When whispered, words are even more meaningful.

You’ll find yourself engaging in whispered conversations when lying in bed together, he as your pillow and you as his blanket. And it is when within those endearing moments that you realize a profound yet simple truth:

When two people give, then there is no take. You simple give and you receive.

ListeningI’ve shared a lot of whispered words, but only with select people – with those who I knew would really listen. And my philosophy is very simple about the exchange of dynamic relationships, too.   It all comes down to one basic thought to keep in mind:

Take and take as much as you want, but always give back more than you take.

When you do that, you will understand what someone else is doing for you … and that will be a dynamic moment for you.

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