10 Dynamic Moments: “Physical Touch”

Dynamic Moments are points in time when you make discoveries or when you come to conclusions or when you feel the beginnings of something greater than yourself.

During the month of December, I will be writing about 10 such moments.

Here is the third:

Physical Touch –

This one probably goes without saying, though that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be written about.

There are many specific instances … events, even … within a connection between people that, when they take full effect, can change and heighten whatever they want. Perhaps everything in the process.

In His HandsPhysical touch is not the least of which on this list. But it is the one that can make any emotion instantaneously fulfilling. Words can speak deeply, but take time to sink in. Sight can grab attention quickly, but will occupy you with details to examine first. It is the physical touch that not only pinpoints focus for you, but keeps you fixated on the present, the current and the anticipation of what’s to come.

EmbracePhysical touch boosts the immune system, decreases sadness and wards off depression. It gives you something else to think about and makes un-idle your mind. It draws you in and lowers your defenses as you shrink up in response to a single thought of more, of so much more.

Kiss MountIt requires everything from you and fully commits you to the moment and to the power of that moment. From someone else’s touch – you learn of their passion, of their strength, of their self-control and of their aggression. But at the same time, you also learn of their tenderness, of their nurturing instincts, of their ability to give pain and to take pain away.

SubmitPhysical touch can become a primary language, ideal for those times when words seem to get in the way. It reminds you of where you’ve been, of what led to the present moment and of where you are being led to. A Submit againstrong word can reduce you quickly. But a particular touch can make you happily submit to everything you would have otherwise resisted. Thoughts never feel as good as the touch. Thoughts may paint wonderful pictures in your mind, but it is the physical that is being depicted in those pictures. And it is the touch that is being dreamed about.

LegsTouch takes simpler moments of casual discussion and makes them extraordinary – meeting for a cup of coffee never having been so meaningful before. Touch shows recognition of the time you’ve taken to prepare – of the most finite details you slaved over to get right. It is the reward for your efforts to make things run smoothly … like his hand, sliding up the back of your leg.

Daddy's CheckA Daddy’s touch has completely different meanings. And each touch is unique, with a purpose that is as timely as it is encompassing of the essence of everything you share with him. And in his hands, from his touch – you will find a place you truly belong.

Absolutely EnamoredAnd when that happens, it will be a dynamic moment for you.

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