10 Dynamic Moments: “Face-to-Face”

Dynamic Moments are points in time when you make discoveries or when you come to conclusions or when you feel the beginnings of something greater than yourself.

During the month of December, I will be writing about 10 such moments.

Here is the second:

Emailing with people is amazing. It gives you a piece of who they are and continues to do so until you Skype with them. The same is true of texting with someone until you speak with them on the phone. And when you meet people face-to-face, the connection begins.

Whether it’s a connection of ABDL friendship or more, you always have the gift of knowing that you’ll never have to reveal anything to them down the road. It’s the one thing you knew you initially had in common with them. And because of having side-stepped this landmine right away, it becomes easier to get to know someone. And oh my, the things you suddenly have in common with a perfect stranger.

Now … this isn’t an absolute description and I’m not saying that you can’t get to know someone well if you don’t tell them about the ABDL thing. Honestly, we all do that in our everyday lives. Friends, family, co-workers, acquaintances – they don’t know it by looking at us. But a fairly common truth among us is that ABDL is often a well-kept and closely-guarded secret we harbor with a great degree of sensitivity. So, having that sensitive subject in common with someone else makes the first hellos so much easier to say.

The comfort of being protected by distance and a lap top makes it easier to communicate about ABDL and once we’ve become accustomed to that comfort, sometimes there’s another step to take that seems natural.

I never seriously pick on people who have vanilla relationships. To each their own, but at the same time, I always make note of both the similarities as well as the differences between the vanilla connection as versus the crinkly kind. As there are many things in life that draw people together, ABDL is something that not only shares all of you but encourages you to continue to dig deeper into each other.

And if, perhaps, ABDL is the most-sensitive part of someone’s heart, then what happens when the meaning of that acronym is shared with someone else can easily be described as dynamic.

When you begin to rely on someone, you learn to need them. And you realize that you are one half of something that is perfect for you. But there is no real perfection. So don’t pretend there is. Just be perfectly imperfect for each other. And your connection will continue to grow.

TreasureThere is no amount of good advice or colloquial expressions that will curb your appetite. Everything is new and the possibilities are endless – without form or figure … until face-to-face creates the physical attributes.

When you ache for someone, you want them to have the same craving as you. Impulsiveness will pull the emotion out of you and drive you forward. And suddenly, you’ll want your other half to breathe in the same fantasy as you.

But don’t ever look for the fantasy. Read about the fantasy. Dream about the fantasy. But don’t look for it.

Instead, look for the reality that could include the fantasy.  And you’ll find balance along the way.

ABDL should be something that enhances your life, not something that makes it more difficult for you to live or more difficult for someone else to live.

Face-to-face is the beginning of many things that can last a lifetime. And it is a dynamic moment to live by.

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