CAPCon 2016

CAPConIt’s that time again! Time for the granddaddy of ‘em all.

CAPCon 2016 registration is now open!

The sixth offering of this beloved event will take place Friday, March 18th to Sunday, March 20th, 2016.

Before there was US Littles, TeddyCon, Abdulia, KickAss parties, FetFests, and even NELICon, there was the CAP. The Chicago Age Players Convention started it all.

That is to say, in the current era. Never to be forgotten are the giants that ushered in the present-day gatherings. Events such as DiaperFest, The Vermont Ski Lodge Weekend, The Mommy Swirvin Get-Togethers, the California Spring Flings and so many other past happenings certainly created the need to come together and laid the foundation for the conventions and parties that we now frequent.

And the sixth offering of CAPCon welcomes back the Chi-Town weekend traditions of the nerf gun war, the pageant, the classes, that enormous play space, the multiple after-hours room parties as well as welcoming back a bit of the darker side of the force (no Star Wars pun intended … well, okay. It actually was intended. LOL)

There are a bazillion and one BDSM conventions/gatherings that embrace the ageplay community, offering a space for littles to be little. But CAPCon is a single-fetish convention that caters to the ABDL first. And my, oh my, how successful it has been.

For many of us, it is the one opportunity per year that we have to see certain others, made possible by its middle-of-the-country location. For others of us, it was where we met those people we now meet often on our own, having formed friendships and more.

I’ve watched CAPCon grow exponentially each year and just like TeddyCon, it has grown so quickly that I can hardly imagine there being any limit to its potential growth in the future. But, until the day these ABDL conventions are big enough to sell out entire hotels, there will always have to be a capacity for attendees.

And, that being said, I cannot encourage you enough to register for CAPCon while the tickets are still available.

I have a list of memories from the four CAPCons I have attended and cannot wait to add more postings to this list:

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Videos from CAPCon 2012
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Open Roads


The CAPCon 2016 FetLife Event Link
The CAPCon Convention FetLife Group
The Chicago Age Players Website


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