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ABDL Nympho: Book 3

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here is a story about strength and beauty … and what it takes to become unbroken.



Strength is often viewed as a physical thing first and then as a mental one or an emotional. And perhaps it is viewed as physical first because physical strength is something we can visually see in actions.

Magnolia bushes and Magnolia trees are very visually striking with large blossoms. And the concept of Magnolia represents many dual things simultaneously – most prominently symbolizing strength with beauty.

Put the word Steel in front of it, and once you stop thinking about the movie, suddenly Magnolia depicts the strength of women.

The Magnolia is eternal, dating back through 20 million years of fossil records. What this means is: The Magnolia existed before the known presence of bees and therefore, was likely first pollinated by beetles.

In 20 million years, the Magnolia has had to adapt to changing climates and geological locations, in order to survive and to flourish. And no matter what the circumstances have been, Magnolias are still around and thriving just as much as they always have, since the beginning of time.

Magnolias suddenly seem pretty strong, don’t they? And they’re also beautiful. Dinosaurs were pretty strong, too. But dinosaurs are extinct, aren’t they?

For that reason, perhaps strength must first come from within before it can surface and finally be seen. Just perhaps.

Now, add the different colors to Magnolia and you get even deeper meanings still:

White Magnolias stand for purity and perfection.
Pink Magnolias symbolize youth, innocence, and joy.
Green Magnolias stand for joy, health, luck, and good fortune.
Purple Magnolias send out vibrations that help in achieving wishes of luck and health.
Magnolia Brown – ????

This is the story of Magnolia Brown, an average every day girl with a few kinks on the side – just like the rest of us. No one knew Magnolia the way she knew herself. The only twist to all of this was: She wasn’t aware of it yet. But all of that was about to change with the snapping of fingers as she learned how to become unbroken.


At the Roots
“Just relax,” Jack whispered calmly to Magnolia, sitting behind her and massaging her temples as her frame melted into the lounge chair – her eyes closing. “That’s it. Release the stress. Release the worry. Release the tension. And just become … at ease.”

From the initial interview with her, Jack had established permission to touch her temples through the hypnotic session, but aside from that, everything else would be mentally touched by him.

Jack Devereaux was his name and he was a hypnotist. Having spent years traveling the country and the world, Jack had performed for masses of people – putting entire audiences into a trance. He was a practical joker, having put people into trances and made them perform the most ridiculous of tasks like answering their shoes as if they were cell phones and making noises like they were farm animals. And all of these behaviors began for these people when Jack said a simple word … a trigger word.

But Jack wasn’t really interested in being a comedic hypnotist. Instead, it had always been his passion to help people help themselves – going so far as to make the phrase “The greatest hypnotist in in the world is you” his own. It was his belief that people could do anything they truly wanted to it, if they had enough courage to make it happen and confidence in themselves.

And that was the real focus of his hypnotist sessions.

Magnolia Brown and her boyfriend, William, had attended one of his shows a few weeks back. And they laughed hysterically at themselves when they, as two members of an audience of people who were made to cluck like chickens, watched the video of this having happened.

After seeing and experiencing that performance, Magnolia contacted Jack … with a request for a private session she hoped would change her life and her relationship with her beloved William.

“Now … for the next hour, we’re going travel around inside your mind and I want you to tell me what you remember, no matter what the memory is that surfaces,” Jack said to Magnolia, William handing him the $250 for the session but Jack waving the money off until later. “Tell me the fear you have, the one you believe has crippled you until this day.”

“I fear sex,” Magnolia said softly, her frame limp and motionless on the lounge chair. “But nothing happened to me to make me fear it. I wasn’t abused or treated poorly when I was young. I just feel broken because sex scares me.”

William watched quietly, a few feet away – tears already having welled in his eyes. Though he only knew what Magnolia had told him, he understood clearly how she was having trouble finding a way to feel unbroken.

“What is it about sex that you the fear the most?” Jack asked, gently removing his fingertips from the massage of her temples as he sat back quietly.

“I don’t know,” Magnolia said, her eyebrows wrinkling as she thought about. “I think it’s just a phobia.”

“The definition of a phobia is irrational fear. Maybe your fear is quite rational. And if it is, it’s not a phobia,” Jack replied, then turning to William to speak to him. “William, how did you meet Magnolia?”

William’s eyes grew big-n-wide, looking at the entranced Magnolia and then back to Jack with confusion.

“It’s okay to speak, William,” Jack explained. “Magnolia knows where she is right now. She can hear me. She can hear you. Her mind is wide open and you won’t be disrupting anything by speaking. So, tell me how you met her.”

“We met online, on a dating site,” William answered, choosing his words carefully as to not divulge anything that wasn’t necessary to say. “We had a lot of similar interests and we communicated well. So after phone calls and a few weeks of emails, we met each other.”

Jack smiled, taking in the sight of how touched William was while recalling how he met her. William’s face lit up with expressions as he ventured back in his memories to those days as if they were new – just a year ago.

“There was a spark there, right away,” William said, fondly recalling. “She had this way of growing more and more shy, the closer we got to each other. So much so to the point where her chin was lowered, her eyes looking to the ground and her shoulders shrunken up in the cutest little way.”

“And how did she make you feel when you saw her?” Jack asked, William’s eyes welling with a new set of tears.

“I felt like I had seen her before, somehow and some way,” William answered with a trembling whisper. “It was like I had always known her. And maybe that was why I became so attached to her, so quickly. For whatever reason, everything felt familiar.”

“There actually is a reason for that. But you’re not ready to tell me what it is yet,” Jack said. “Hold that thought for now, William. We’ll get back to it.”

Jack returned his attention to her.

“Magnolia, you are still relaxing for me. Your mind is still wide open for sharing information. And you have nothing to fear … nothing at all to fear,” Jack whispered to her, returning his fingertips to her temples and massaging the sides of her head from behind her. “We don’t always have to find the reasons for our fears in order to do something about them. Part of creating a change is just knowing what we need to change or at least what we’re up against. And we are going to remove the fear of sex from you.”

Jack motioned for William to sit next to Magnolia and to hold her crossed hands as they began.

Knowledge is power, as the cliché goes,” Jack said to William. “But knowledge is obsession when someone feels powerless. And that’s what we’re going to get to the root of.”

A Series of Events
“Tell me what you’re thinking of right now, Magnolia,” Jack asked softly.

“I’m thinking of my bed,” Magnolia whispered, almost inaudibly.

“Why?” Jack asked, William focusing in on her face as her forehead wrinkled for a moment.

“It’s soft. It’s comfortable,” she answered, seemingly in a struggle to find details of the image in her mind.

“Are you alone in this bed?” Jack asked.

“No,” she answered softly.

“Who is in the bed with you?” Jack asked very gently as it seemed she was getting upset.

“I don’t know who he is,” she said, her forehead still wrinkled and her chest beginning to rise-n-lower more quickly with heavy breathing.

“Relax,” Jack said, placing his fingertips on her temples again to massage them. “Magnolia, I want you to look around the bedroom. Do you recognize it?”

“Yes,” Magnolia whispered. “I’m in the guest bedroom at my grandparents’ house. It’s my grandpa next to me. He’s taking care of me until I get over being sick.”

“Good. Now, clear your mind of that memory,” Jack instructed with a bit more directness to his voice. “You are no longer in that bedroom anymore.”

And the instant he took his fingertips off her temples, Magnolia suddenly relaxed again – her frame melting into the lounge chair once more. William watched with concern.

“Who was the first person you ever loved who wasn’t a family member?” Jack asked, now leading the session with more purpose for driving memories together by breaking them apart.

“Steven,” she answered with no facial expressions.

“How old were you?” Jack asked.

“I was 12,” she answered, again with no facial expressions.

“List the first names of all the boyfriends in your life, beginning with Steven,” Jack asked, William leaning forward to listen.

“Steven … Henry …. Roger ….. Evan …… William,” she answered slowly, each name making her smile a little brighter as if the memories of each them got better along the way.

Magnolia’s increasing reactions may also have indicated how she felt each relationship had gotten better than the one before – as if she had done a better job and therefore, the memories were fonder.

“Tell me of someone from your past who wasn’t a boyfriend and who wasn’t a family member,” Jack said, making mental notes from her answers as he went along.

“Mr. Watkins,” Magnolia replied with a bright and cheeky grin, her body suddenly having new-found energy to wiggle a bit but her eyes still remaining closed.

“Tell me about him,” Jack said, massaging her temples again and reducing her fidgetiness.

“Mr. Watkins owned the little grocery store on the corner of the block where my family used to live when I was a little girl,” she answered, her physical movements gone but her cheeky grin still in place. “My father would always send me to that store to get cigarettes for him. Mr. Watkins was always accommodating. And he was always nice and he always made a fuss over me when I came to see him.”

“Tell me of a common occurrence from your childhood that always made you happy when it happened,” Jack said, Magnolia’s face lighting up as she had made her selection right away.

“When my best friend’s older brother Derrick would pick us up from elementary school,” she answered, her shoulders shrinking up as she spoke. “He was like ten years older than us and he would pick us up and watch us for a few hours on days when all our parents were working late.”

Then she paused, her biggest smile yet preceding her next statement.

“Daddy always liked him and it was good that he did,” she said with pleasantness.

“Why was it good that your father like him?” Jack inquired, looking at William who was point to his left ring finger.

“Because Derrick wound up marrying my older sister,” she answered. “And that made Daddy very happy. I know Daddy would’ve loved to have seen them get married last year.”

“What happened to your father?” Jack asked her, then looking at William who was holding the pointer-n-middle fingers of his right hand up to his lips – simulating the smoking of a cigarette.

“Daddy died of lung cancer … five years ago,” she answered sadly.

Jack sat back in such a manner as to suggest that he had drawn a conclusion from her recollections of a series of events.

Jack quieted Magnolia’s mind and deepened her trance as he and William began to talk privately.

“William, have you ever heard of The Electra Complex?” Jack asked.

“No,” William answered, cracking a smile. “Is it anything like The Oedipus Complex?”

“Yes,” Jack answer, beginning to smile himself as William stopped smiling all together. “But The Oedipus Complex was about a Mama’s Boy. The Electra Complex is about a Daddy’s Girl.”

William looked over at the entranced Magnolia, lying there peacefully on the lounge chair – her eyes closed, her mind opened and her chest rising-n-lowering with even-breathing. William hadn’t let on to anything and it didn’t sound like Magnolia had given anything away.

“I asked her to recall people from her past,” Jack said. “Did you notice she didn’t mention any females? All of her memories had to do with males who were either nice to her or whom she loved at one point. But all of those males are now gone or out of her life, with the exception of her brother-in-law, Derrick. But Derrick is now taken.”

“How does any of this tie into a fear of sex for her?” William asked, trying to put together all the pieces Jack was giving to him.

“I believe she doesn’t have much self-esteem,” Jack said, helping William’s discovery along. “And her fear of sex may be derived from not wanting to disappoint you.”

William sat up straight, looking over at Magnolia again and then back to him.

“Why would she think that?” William asked, thoroughly confused.

“Because of who you are to her,” Jack explained, leaning towards him. “Watch this. I’m going to state a series of words and I want you to study her reactions.”

“Okay,” William said, focusing all of his attention on Magnolia.

“William ……… Love ……… Daddy,” Jack said with a calm and mid-level tone.

Magnolia’s frame gently shifted in her lay, straightening her back out as if she was envisioning someone or as if she felt she was being watched. It was this typical attention to a girl’s posture that always began at the very moment she knew she was being observed. Most girls didn’t realize it – the changes in disposition, the slight rise of their body temperatures and the increased attentions to their movements.

“Now I want you to say those three words,” Jack said to him.

William took in a deep breath, already knowing what her reactions would be.

“William …… Love …… Daddy,” William said, Magnolia’s lower back arching and her lips open as her deep breathing became slightly audible.

“The timbre of your voice increases everything for her, from sentiment to meaning,” Jack said. “I noticed this right away when you guys walked into my office. She remained a half step behind you, wanting you to lead the way. She looked to you to help her clarify her answers in the initial interview I gave both of you and she finds comfort in submitting to you in many non-verbal ways. She is more relaxed when you hold her hand and she feels confident when with you.”

“So am I the one who gave her this fear of sex … because I somehow made her believe she would disappoint me?” William asked, his eyes welling with tears again as he began to process the belief that he was the cause of Magnolia’s problems.

“No, William. You didn’t cause anything to go wrong for her,” Jack said quickly before William began to develop a complex of his own. “Quite to the contrary, you were the missing piece she has been looking for all of her life, it seems.”

“I still don’t understand how her fear of sex comes into it,” William said, trying to avoid confusion but failing at that endeavor. “Is it that I don’t tell her enough how beautiful she is, what she means to me, how she is my missing piece as well?”

“Okay, hold on. I want you to follow me through a hypothetical example,” Jack said, pausing to think up an example that would apply. “Okay, a man comes home from work. His wife got home from her day of work about a half-hour before he did. So he walks in, kisses her, asks her how her day went and then uses the restroom. Next, he gets out of his work clothes and into something more comfortable. Then, he comes downstairs and sits down to watch a little TV. His wife comes into the TV room and sits next to him. He holds her close as they watch the news. All seems well, right?”

“Right,” William answered.

“But what the guy didn’t know was that his wife had something happen to her that day at work and this one little mishap had upset her. But she came home and decided she wasn’t going to bring that problem into their home,” Jack said. “But what happened was – when the husband came home, he had body movements that sent signals to her that something had him upset, too. And as he was changing out of his work clothes, his wife was going out of her mind. Standing in the kitchen, she was thinking up a million questions to ask herself. And every single one of those questions was directed at her. She believed that her husband was upset because of something she wasn’t aware she did to him that morning before they both left for work or that she didn’t do something correctly last night or that she wasn’t happy enough to see him when he came home and because of this, he was offended.”

William stared at Jack, even more confused now.

“In reality, all that had happened was that the husband had the slightest bit of digestive trouble because his belt was a bit had been fastened just a bit too tightly around his waist,” Jack kept explaining. “So, he changed into more comfortable clothing and solved his problem. But by the time they sat down to watch a little TV, his wife had become an emotional roller coaster. And her biggest problem still was that, though he had dealt with the cause of an upset stomach, she hadn’t dealt with that mishap from earlier at work that had upset her.”

“Why didn’t the wife just deal with what was upsetting her?” William asked.

“Because she had internalized it, also internalizing the way it made her feel,” Jack explained, William looking over at the entranced Magnolia. “Now, imagine if you had done that sort of internalizing every day of your life … for years.”

“After a while, she wouldn’t be able to deal with it at all, I would suppose,” William said, light bulbs and alarms then turning on and going off inside his mind. “She would probably not be able to communicate about a great many things that were bothering her, especially if she felt that her problems would trouble someone else.”

Fear of sex is how she has chosen to deal with the possibility of losing you. Every male in her life who she loved, every male in her life who was nice to her and paid attention to her … they’re all gone, except for you,” Jack said. “Anything that deeply affects her emotionally, anything at all, is personified because she fears abandonment.”

William buried his face in his hands, realizing how the dynamic that he and Magnolia shared might well have been making the situation worse for her. The scariest possibility of all was that the dynamic may have actually caused a problem for her. Confession of such was all he could think to say at that moment.

“Not only does she have The Electra Complex,” William admitted. “But it is that complex that is at the root of our connection.”

“Is this a fetish for the two of you?” Jack asked.

“It may have been when we met, but it’s so much more than that now,” William answered.

“She sees you as her Daddy?” Jack inquired, William answering with a nod. “And you see her as …?”

“My BabyGirl,” William answered. “Is our relationship making things worse for her? Is that why she fears sex?”

“Wow,” Jack said, realizing the power of the moment. “No, you’re relationship with her causes no problems for her. But I believe she is focused so hard on trying to please you that she is having trouble finding balance.”

William swallowed the lump in his throat.

“You didn’t cause this problem for her, William,” Jack stated again. “But you are the one who can fix it. Maybe the only one who can.”

“How?” William asked, succumbing to the confusion he could never quite break free from.

Jack paused to think about William’s question. A lot of people who came to him for hypnosis required more than one session to just simply piece together what the issue was. But with a few short statements from her, it was clear that her fear of sex had already been lifted. She just didn’t know it yet. Often, such results took years to help someone find. But for Magnolia, all it would take was being told that it was okay to not be fearful – by the one person in her entire little world whom she would actually listened to … her Daddy.

“I have a possible solution, but it’s kind of risky if you’re not ready to guide her very closely,” Jack said. “She might always have The Electra Complex, but we may be able to remove the fear of sex.”

“What is it?” William asked.

“Did you understand what I just explained you would need to do?” Jack asked, making certain William knew what was required of him.

William grabbed Jack’s hand and placed the $250 in it.

“Yes, I heard what you said,” William stated. “And your hesitance tells me that you actually think that whatever you’re about to tell me to do will free her of her fear.”

William added another $250 to Jack’s hand.

“If it frees her of the fear, I will do whatever it takes,” William said, looking over at the entranced Magnolia and seeing her reactions to his voice – then looking back at Jack. “Some flowers just need a sporting chance to bloom.”

“Okay,” Jack said, setting the money down and placing his hands on her temples to massage them. “But I’m going to implant trigger words in her mind, so you will be able to control her every step of the way but also if she begins to lose control of herself. Sit on the other side of her and don’t make a sound, but listen and memorize the trigger words I state to her. There will be a series of them.”

William sat alongside Magnolia, taking her hands and holding his breath for her.

“Magnolia, are you still relaxed?” Jack asked.

“Yes,” she replied softly, her eyes still closed.

“What are you thinking about?” Jack asked.

“I’m wondering if I’m cured yet,” Magnolia stated.

“You have no condition that needs curing. Now free your mind of all thoughts,” Jack said, preparing himself to begin. “Magnolia, I’m going to give you the ability to receive everything you have always wanted and I need you to listen to me very, very carefully …”

Trigger Happy –
Dominic’s Seafood Grill. That was the destination and one that would certainly do more than just satisfy her hunger. Dominic’s also boasted an enormous wine list – which included the ever-elusive Italian Barolo … Magnolia’s absolute favorite wine with any meal … when she could find a bottle of it. Dressed to the impress – from her hair to the tight red dress and matching high heels she wore, Magnolia dazzled one-n-all as the enchanting flower who was attached to William’s right arm. And oh, how dashing and debonair he was, from his black Armani suit to his absolute perfection of Chivalry. Perhaps all she really needed to do to become entranced in the future would be to stare long enough into his eyes to forget who she was before she met him.

This was the romantic night Magnolia had needed. But little did she know just then as they were seated on the second floor balcony: This night with him would be unlike any other they had spent together before.

Friday night couldn’t have happened at a better time and the weekend seemed well overdue – for all that the week had entailed for her. If work hadn’t been stressful enough for her recently, Magnolia was certainly inundated by her fears of intimacy. But it suddenly seemed as if every troubling thought had lifted from her mind and her heart. Perhaps the session with that hypnotist had done the trick.

Ah, but there were tricks she was only aware of subconsciously. Those tricks, however, would soon surface to the forefront of every thought that filled her mind.

William ordered for both of them, grilled salmon panzanella for her and a center-cut filet with Canadian lobster tail for himself. Fresh oysters would become their appetizers. Magnolia smiled across the table at him with affection, her hunger about to be exposed for more than just seafood cuisine.

Her red dress had a look-cut front, almost dangerously-low. And her baby brown eyes, made up with smoky eye shadow, dazzled in a manner unlike ever before.

“Did you know oysters are aphrodisiacs?” he asked, picking one up off the appetizer plate and holding it up to his mouth to eat.

“Oh, are they, Casanova?” Magnolia playfully sassed back at him.

Hushhhh,” William said, Magnolia shivering for just a second and losing the ability to speak.

And with the simple sound he made, Magnolia felt as if she had just lost the will power to form words. On top of that, her eyes remained locked on him in a helpless gaze, also as if she was unable to look anywhere else. At first, it alarmed her that she seemed incapable of looking away. But the longer she stared at him, the more she was affected by his slightly-squinted eyes and the dulcet tones of his timbre.

“Casanova used to eat 50 oysters for breakfast every day,” he said, picking up a second oyster and pulling the meat out of it with his fingers. “What he figured out was what scientists would prove, centuries later. There are acids inside oyster that, when eaten, increase a person’s sexual hormones.”

Magnolia parted her red lips, sticking out the tip of her tongue as he placed the oyster in her mouth and raised her lower jaw with his fingertips.

The second part of her session with that hypnotist on Wednesday was quite fulfilling it seemed, though Magnolia was beginning to wonder what Jack had said to her. It was the only part of her time in his office she didn’t remember. And what she didn’t know was that Jack had planted certain words in her mind that would have specific effects on her when spoken by William. Clearly, Hushhhh was one of those words – silencing her instantly and mesmerizing her with the sight of William and the sounds he made.

And the more he spoke, the more she felt the initial signs of arousal. If anything, she was as predictable as clockwork, in this regard. First was always her increased alertness to him – of his scent, of his closeness and of his presence. Second were the goose bumps that formed all over her body, always disappearing shortly thereafter into a warm sense of emotional envelopment. Third was that tingle, awakening her within and, coupled with an increase of breathing, beginning to bring her wetness and swell to a fevered frenzy.

“The amino acids go into your system and release more hormones into your blood stream,” William said with a low and deepened tone. “And with more hormones coursing throughout your body, you become a sexual time bomb – looking for any reason at all to detonate.”

William placed an oyster in his mouth, swallowing the meat and setting the shell on the appetizer plate.

“Oysters are also high in zinc … which is good for me. And that means: it’s good for you,” William said, placing a fourth oyster in her mouth. “Zinc replenishes my seeds and gives me something new to give to you.”

He picked up the last oyster and then spoke his actions.

I placed the shell on the edge of her lips and after a good deal of gazing, she sucked in the oyster, which she held between her lips,” William said, Magnolia sucked the oyster meat into her mouth but not swallowing it. “ … Casanova’s words.”

He reached across the table and held the right side of her face in his left hand, his thumb gently tracing her right cheek bone.

“You don’t look scared anymore, BabyGirl,” William said softly. “Fear is only what you allow it to become. I don’t see fear in you. I never have.”

And with that, he snapped his fingers. Magnolia swallowed the last bit of oyster and seemingly returned to all her senses, her ability to speak and to make her own free-willed decisions returning as well.

But throughout dinner, all she could think about was what happened to her when he said Hushhhh. For as much as it actually did scare her, she didn’t show her nervousness and the longer she remained within his power, the less she wanted to be free of it.

And that made her very trigger happy.

Seafood was always a wonderful meal, its flavors still lingering on her taste buds – long after. And wine was always a wonderful beverage, its potions still lingering in her head and quenching her swoon as an elixir of love – even longer after. But the real intoxication in her little world was William, her Daddy and her essence. When they got back home, all the more she had time to do was set her purse down on the island table in the middle of the kitchen before he grabbed her from behind and began showing her what she meant to him.

Spinning her around, he kissed her – Magnolia wrapping her forearms around his shoulder blades and embracing him tightly as their lips spread into an open-mouthed kiss. Passion instantly emerged from both of them. They were away from the view of all others, now free to engage in what flirtation had held with searing fervency back at the restaurant.

William walked her backwards, advancing on her with aggression as she nearly fell from her high-heeled back steps. He was lustfully driven and with one purpose twinkling in his gaze of possession. Smashing her bottom against the edge of the island table, he broke their kiss and latched his mouth onto the side of her neck. Magnolia was writhing at her core, feeling an urgency that seemed like it had never been satisfied before … at least not to the extent of ecstasy for which she suddenly craved. Oh, yes. Whatever that hypnotist did to her and whatever tricks he had taught William, Magnolia felt free of her fears. She didn’t know how long this openness would be here for, but she was ready to obey the lust that swelled within her senses.

“William, I love–,” Magnolia whispered with a breathy, bothered tone – only to be cut off by him as he released the skin of the side of her neck from his lips before grabbing the hair at the back of her head and thrusting her face into his chest.

Hushhhh,” he whispered again, Magnolia traveling right back into his control, this time sniffing the high concentration of pheromones emitting from his chest.

Her heart was pounding behind her breast bone and she could feel the physical strength he was holding back, only bringing her condition to a wetness that dripped from her perineum and a swell that held the scorching heat inside her. She was becoming ravenous from his man-handling. And when he grabbed at the lower hem of her skirt, yanking her red dress up and off her frame, she felt the tiniest little contraction inside her – as if her canal was practicing for the further stimulation she was about to receive.

William reached around her and grabbed the bra strap at her shoulder blades with both hands, ripping the strips of hooks-n-eyes apart as he crossed her wrists and used her bra to bind her wrists together. Then he forced her backwards some, the feet of the island table screeching as they slid across the kitchen floor. Magnolia came to rest on her back on top of the island table, her crossed wrists placed above her head. With his control of her speech-n-attention still triggered and captivating her, William cupped the front of her panties with his right hand – massaging his palm and fingers into the front of the satiny material.

“You are so wet, BabyGirl,” William whispered, his eyes now adding a hint of love to the lust he still possessed in his gaze. “I can feel your heat and I can taste you already.”

Magnolia closed her eyes, trying desperately to make any sort of sound at all, other than heaves of gasping. Her lower back arched, her bare chest heaving upward as she lifted her bent knees and parted her legs. She had never feared being eaten-out by him and she wasn’t about to start on this night.

William grabbed at her hips, wrapping his fingers around the waist of her panties and yanking them down off her legs. She laid there, her wrists bound above her head and wearing nothing but her jewelry, a little make-up and a pair of high heels. But in a simple moment, she would also be wearing his lips between her legs. Putting his forearms along the sides of her torso and pressing his biceps against her raised hamstrings, he whispered one more word before going down on her.

Tremble,” he said with a deep timbre, then leaning over and suctioning his lips on her swollen hood.

Magnolia opened her eyes, staring up at the kitchen light above as she felt the muscles in her legs tighten to shaking. Her lumbar tightened next and with her shoulders tightening simultaneously, the arch of her spine bent her upward as far as she could go. Her arms then tightened, seemingly being pressed into the table top and keeping her crossed wrists pinned down. And she twitched all over, feeling the warmth of the confines of his mouth as he drew more and more of her clit between his lips.

Hushhhh and Tremble had reduced her to physical compliance that made obedience seem like nothing more than an academic endeavor, at best. She was helpless to fight him and her head now spun from the wine, but also from the mind-fucking of a hypnotist who had set her free. And now, William, her beloved Daddy and essence, was making an inamorata out of her.

Keeping his top lip firmly planted on her clit, William opened his mouth, placing the tip of his tongue at her base … her perineum – feeling the full force of her frame trembling as it was at the center of her body. All she could do was gasp at the precision of his tongue – his hot breath touching her labia and heating her swell. Oh, she could feel how slick she was already, the folds of her sweetness filled with her juices.

His tongue made several circles around her outer lips, spiraling inward and flicking at the opening to her canal. She could feel another small contraction inside, going taut and then releasing – a motion that normally would’ve made her at least whimper or moan with enjoyment. But all she could do was blink, tears beginning to well in her eyes as her emotions traveled into frenzy with her physical.

The contractions inside her began to pulse, each one growing more and more intense. And at the moment when tears could stream down her temples from the corners of her eyes no more steadily, she felt the tingle traveling to her surface and the first of several tiny squirts of juice releasing from her as she silently orgasmed – a helpless victim of his control and of a little hypnosis well-received.

“This is why you should never be out of a diaper, BabyGirl,” William whispered with breathiness as he stood up, wiping his face with her red panties and then tending to her dripping swell with them.

He snapped his fingers and the trigger words released her, Magnolia flopping down limply on the table top with the effects of the zenith still rippling out of her core. She would’ve fingered herself right then and there, but simply enjoying the freedom from fear was far more satisfying. And since William hadn’t cum yet, she knew that her appetite had only been made wet. More was in store before this night ended and she suddenly found the ability to wait.

Oh, how wonderful it was to feel normal at last.

William took hold of both of her feet and removed her high heels, then sat her up – her eyes lost with how to feel but for once, knowing that being able to feel anything was now possible.

“You’re beautiful, Magnolia,” William whispered, helping her down to a wobble stance on her naked feet as he tossed her red panties onto the island table. “And you’re stronger than you ever believed.”

Magnolia leaned up against him as he guided her back the hallway, her mind delirious with the tingles she felt all over. But at mid-hallway, he turned her towards him and planted her back on the wall. His eyes were burning with an unremitting gaze of what he yearned for. And without saying another word, not ever a trigger word, he communicated to her what she needed to do just then.

Her bound hands reached out to him, unbuttoning his white dress shirt and sliding it down off his shoulders – along with his suit coat. Then she reached for the front of his pants, unfastening his black leather belt and sliding it out of the waist loops. The fantasy of being spanked with his belt had always been half a breath away for her, but she had never mentioned it to him. And she wouldn’t mention it just then, either. At some point down the road, yes, she would certainly open up about all the fantasies that fear had silenced her from revealing before.

On this night, Magnolia was contented and seduced by the new venture he was leading her through – all of it free from fear.

Reaching for his waist line, she gripped his pants and his boxers – lowering them both and finding captivation with the stiffness of his cock. Taking the length of his shaft in her bound hands, she wrapped her fingers around his girth and nibbled on her lower lip as her mind drove her thoughts straight towards the ultimate fantasy – being held down and pounded into with unyielding aggression, making her submit to his yearning as she knew she yearned for the same.

William spun her around, grabbing the back of her neck and pressing her front to the wall as he pressed his chest against her back.

Hushhhh,” he whispered into her ear with hot breath trailing down her neck as the trigger word silenced her at the very moment that his erection slid along the underside of her bottom and grazed the slickened lower edge of her perineum.

With her bound wrists in front of her, pinned to the wall as well, she felt his tip in her fingertips as his glide forward came full. Her juices now coated the top of his shaft and she closed her eyes, imagining what she would feel like when being parted open like the Mighty Red Sea. His cock had a pulse to it as did her own throbbing reaction to the lust.

His tease was tantalizing but torturous and she helplessly remained his captive, controlled victim until all she could do was shudder at his whispered words of want and need.

Pulling her off the wall and guiding her down the rest of the hallway, he made her open their bedroom door. Seeing a stack of BabyGirl items on the trunk that sat at the foot of their bed, Magnolia was suddenly tossed back-n-forth between her known-feelings of security through innocence and the unknown that remained furtive in the moment. Easing her down onto her back on their bed mattress, he stood up and spoke one word to her.

Tremble,” he said, the trigger word joining with the control of her silence to put her back in the state of mind-n-body she experienced on the island table in the kitchen.

And then, while taking his wingtips off and stepping out of his pants-n-boxers, he took the trigger effect and pushed her to the extreme.

Freeze,” he said, Magnolia going rigid with paralysis as her trembles traveled to the inside.

Parting her bent knees, William position himself between her legs. Placing the tip of his stiffened cock at the opening of her canal and pushing his mushroomed tip into her, he reached for her pacifier from the trunk at the foot of her bed. Then he added one more trigger word to the collection actively making submission her current purpose in life.

Tighten,” he whispered, placing the pacifier in her mouth as she felt her canal tighten to an excruciatingly taut condition around his now fully penetrating length-n-girth.

She felt like she was being stretched to the physical extent her canal could accommodate, her head spinning with ache as well as pleasure. And the slower he glided in and out of her womb, the more she felt herself slicken. New layers of her wetness lubricated his glides, making it easier and easier to overwhelm her. No, Magnolia wasn’t a virgin. But in many ways, she was. Never before in life had she ever been able to enjoy the pleasure of sex without being made to be afraid of it.

And as he worked up a rhythm of penetration and withdrawal, she smiled behind her pacifier, suddenly realizing how wonderful it was to be female. It wasn’t that she hated being a girl before that moment. Quite to the contrary, there were a lot of benefits to being female, but until just then, Magnolia had missed out on the most wonderful reward of all … absolute and completely physical bliss.

She could feel the pleasure as it rippled out of her core, washing out over her paralyzed frame and mellowing all the pain of trembling and overwhelming stretch. Again and again and again, he pounded himself inside her, increasing to such a speed that she felt the oxygen being forced out of her when he drove in, allowing her to breathe quickly-n-heavily as he pulled out.

It wasn’t until his climb to the summit began that Magnolia even contemplated orgasming again. It was almost as if she was instinctively waiting for him. And when he skyrocketed, she felt her own pleasure peak, helpless to react but certainly basking in the feel of ecstasy.

Then he erupted, his seeds shooting out him like bullets and coating her inside with their thickness, their heat and their sting. His penetrations slowed down but remained in even glide. And then he spoke again.

Glow,” he whispered with deep timbre, Magnolia’s mind being released of all controls and being made to feel nothing but the pleasure of her orgasm.

The pacifier fell from her mouth as she seized up and wrapped her legs around him, crossing her ankles at his lumbar as she pulled her hands apart from their lingerie binding to embrace him. Most ironically, now with the returned ability to speak, she had nothing to say. Words couldn’t truly do justice in explaining how wonderful she felt – mentally, emotionally and of course, physically.

William would come to rest on top of her, keeping his stiffened cock inside her as he placed all of his weight on their connected pelvic bones – thusly, preventing her from feeling his weight. And they would remain in that exact position for several more minutes as heart beats slowed down, body temperatures lowered and breathing returned to normal. But she would still twitch occasionally as another ripple of pleasure escaped her core, made even more intense by his girth’s stretch of her canal.

Affection would be a trigger word she would’ve loved to have planted in his mind, so he would know exactly how good he just made her feel. And still under the trigger control of Glow, she drifted into her afterglow – that mellowing time afterwards when emotions heightened even more so, affection reached fevered pitches and the physical feel of everything melted her into the mattress.

Withdrawing himself slowly, William returned the pacifier to her lips, Magnolia gazing up at her beloved Daddy with a blissful look in her irises he had never seen there before. Picking up a diaper from the pile of items on the trunk at the foot of the bed, he unfolded it – Magnolia now melting into regression as that crinkly noise echoed in her ears.

Curling up her legs and lifting her bottom, he placed the diaper flat to the mattress and slid it up to the waistline at her lumbar. Magnolia smiled gently behind her pacifier, enjoying this … pampering. He took powder to her bottom, a softened whimper escaping from her lips – her usual reaction to the coolness and silkiness. Then his hands, having been so very, very rough with her since they arrived home, suddenly returned to the gentleness she was accustomed to. Everything became familiar again as she welcomed in the new memories of the night.

Lowering her bottom into the softness of her diaper, William parted her thighs again – this time for a more nurturing reason as he took powder to her front, from hip to hip and then down between her legs. Magnolia laid there, looking up at him and realizing a very important truth about herself … She had never been broken at all. But she didn’t realize until just then.

Thinking back on all the males in her life who had shown her attention, cared for her and had produced affection within her, she finally grasped that she never really belonged to any of them. Some of them, namely her boyfriends, weren’t ready to love themselves yet – let alone love her. Others, like her father and that grocery store owner, were only a part of her life temporarily and had been put there to guide her along through life until her soul mate appeared.

As William folded the front of her diaper up and into place, fastening the tapes snuggly at her hips, she realized that her soul mate actually had appeared. And he was more selfless in their relationship than he really needed to be or really should have been.

That would be something she would correct in the morning, beginning to show him what she was able to provide for him. But as he lied on his back, bring her to rest on her belly on the side of his body, the most important thing she could convey to him before they went to sleep that night was what she finally knew to be the truth.

“Daddy?” Magnolia said, taking the pacifier out of her mouth.

“Yes, BabyGirl?” William asked back, stroking the hair on the back of head.

“I’m yours,” Magnolia whispered softly. “And I’m unbroken.”

Placing the pacifier back in her mouth, she closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.

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