The “Little” Husband


12:37 p.m. –
Fast asleep on the black leather sofa in the TV room, Gus wasn’t even moving a single muscle. He was out like a light. Thankfully, on that day he was able to come home from work at noon. And the reason was he had worked so much overtime that week that his bosses refused to pay him anymore.

Now a little more than a half hour after he got home, Gus hardly appeared as a hard-working man. Asleep on the on couch, nursing on a pacifier and wearing nothing but a t-shirt and a diaper, he was fully-relaxed into what the rest of his life held for him – when not working so hard.

And the reason why he was a pile of drained mush was sitting on the next couch over, texting away … Ivy, his beloved wife and also his Mommy. She was a very attentive and loving partner to him, but Ivy was also very down-to-Earth and it was that combination of passion and power that kept him wrapped around her finger.

A knock came to the door.

“It’s open!” Ivy called, finishing up her texting as her friend, Maddie, walked in.

Ivy and Maddie had similar experiences in life, those that brought them happiness as well as those that turned out to be let-downs. And because of this bond, they truly were BFFs. Maddie was just as down-to-Earth and when the two of them got together to talk, it was truly an epic discussion. Sometimes it was kickass, too.

Sitting on the couch next to the still-sleeping Gus, the girls chatted about life, love, careers, family, sacrifices and rewards. Or, perhaps more appropriately, the hope of rewards. Being mothers was thankless work. But that was understandable. Being a forgotten lover, on the other hand, that was a whole different ball of wax.

And it was Ivy who came to the conclusion that could live as a motto of life: Don’t get mad. Get everything.

And that was the moment when Maddie asked the question that had been burning inside her since she walked in, the “Elephant in the Room”, so to speak.

“Um, Ivy? Can you explain this to me?” Maddie asked, pointing to Ivy’s husband, asleep on the other couch – diapered and pacified.

“Well, I can try to explain it. But the real explanation is him,” Ivy said, glancing over at Gus. “He just likes to be … an infant.”

Maddie stared at the still-sleeping Gus with confusion. What did Ivy mean by that? He just liked to be … an infant?

“Gus, get up,” Ivy said to him, raising her voice with sternness. “Gussy!”

Slowly, Gus stirred. But he had only gotten a few hours of sleep last night and his grogginess would prove to be hard to easily shake now … or so he thought.

“Did he … pee himself?” Maddie asked.

“Yeah. It’s part of the package,” Ivy stated, matter-of-factly but with exasperation from the fact that what she saw was what she got with him. “We tried a lot of thing. But when we went to therapy, with the hope of putting the spark back in our marriage … somehow this came up.”

Ivy got up from the couch and walked over to her little husband, still a little surprised that her life had turned out this way. But what Maddie didn’t understand yet, what she couldn’t have understood yet, was that – though the journey had been a strange one, it landed Ivy exactly where she always wanted to be.

“The therapist said I was supposed to go with this to … save our sex life,” Ivy said with a smirk as she walked to the other side of the TV room.

“So has it gotten any better?” Maddie asked.

“Yes and No,” Ivy confessed, picking up a diaper from the stack on the hutch cupboard. “It gave me a bit more control in that department.”

“Control is nice,” Maddie said, looking back at Gus – seeing the little husband fighting to stay awake.

“Yeah. At one point, I thought that, if something didn’t change, that I’d have to start dating others. Because, honestly, how can I date that?” Ivy said, walking over to Gus with a new diaper in her left hand. “At least he still holds a pretty good job.”

“And here you thought you were out of the diaper days,” Maddie laughed, seeing Ivy gently shaking Gus to awaken him for a second time.

“Gussy, wake up. You’re wet,” Ivy said, smacking the back of his thighs to get him to stir again. “I gotta change you.”

Still exhausted out of his mind, Gus sat up slowly.

“And Maddie’s here to watch,” Ivy added with a playfulness to her voice as she helped him off the couch and onto his knees. “Now, lay down on the rug. That’s a good boy.”

“He sure did piss a lot,” Maddie remarked with laughter as she moved closer to get a better view – Gus being laid on the rug on his back and Ivy kneeling beside him.

“Well, yeah. He’s a grown man,” Ivy said, then pausing to think about it. “Although he doesn’t look like one, right now.”

“He’s one big baby,” Maddie said, having trouble keeping a grin off her face at this point.

Gus lied there, somewhat fidgety already

“However, this worked out really well, financially,” Ivy admitted. “I take his wallet. I take his paychecks.”

“And this is what he wants in return?” Maddie asked, a bit perplexed by the arrangement.

“What he wants doesn’t really matter, does it? This is what he gets,” Ivy answered, unfastening the tapes at Gus’s hips – his wiggle increasing. “He goes to work every day. Then comes home and goes into little mode.”

Maddie knelt on the other side of Gus as Ivy lowered the drenched front of his diaper. Gus could feel his mind traveling in-n-out of the moment, trying to process the influx of feelings … unsuccessfully.

“This is worth the second car, though,” Ivy said with a smile. “I was thinking of writing an article for Redbook about all this.”

And as the girls went back into gabbing mode, Gus began to fuss – partially from being groggy still, partially from having his diapered changed and partially from the fact that Maddie was right there to see it all.

“Gus, lift your butt up. I’m trying to change you,” Ivy instructed him, Gus lifting his hips so she could take his wet diaper away.

Smiling as she picked up the new diaper and began to unfold it, Ivy looked down at Gus’s now-naked center.

“I guess some things I can’t change about you,” Ivy said to him.

“I think I can help you with that, Ivy,” Maddie said. “There’s a story about that sort of thing. It’s a concept called chastity.”

“Yeah?” Ivy asked, sliding the new diaper underneath Gus’s bottom.

“Yeah, it includes these little cages. Cock cages,” Maddie explained as she helped Ivy wrap the diaper around his center and fasten the tapes at his hips. “And you put their little penises in the cages since they can’t use them anyway.”

Gus was now a complete fidgety mess. His emotions were spinning between crying and stiffening. But, for some reason, he couldn’t focus in on one or the other. So he remained, spun inside his own head and now wrapped around two girls’ fingers.

“Well, the diaper pretty much serves as his chastity. His little tinker doesn’t get us anywhere in the bedroom. Isn’t that right, Gussy?” Ivy asked with a tease.

“What lovely nails you have, Ivy,” Maddie complimented, the two beginning to gab again.

“Well thank you. I just got a manicure, on his dimes. Thanks, babes,” Ivy said to him, she and Maddie playing the tease up something fierce, at this point, as it seemed Gus was nearing tears after all. “That’s the best thing of all. I can now do whatever I want to him … whatever I want. And he just takes what I given him.”

Gus was finally waking up a little more fully as Ivy and Maddie began to rub their hands all over him – his brain turning to mush from the humiliation from what Ivy was saying about him. It wasn’t just that she was teasing him that embarrassed him so. It was also the fact that what she was stating was the truth.

“I change him and give him a bigger package,” Ivy said, a devilish grin coming across her face as she patted Gus’s diapered front, continuing to work the tease up. “But he really has been a good husband for as long as we’ve been married. Now, however, he’s even better still. And all I have to do is simply rub him and his penis rises like a genie in a bottle. I think he’s learned to like being a baby, more than he could’ve possibly dreamed. So I keep him like this. I take his credit cards. And everybody gets what they want.”

Their hands traveled all over his body, up-n-down his legs and chest and onto the front of his diaper. He squirmed and gently whimpered behind his pacifier as the girls went back to gabbing about life. Finally, they took notice of his helpless twitches.

“Gussy, do you like it when Mommy rubs you like this?” Ivy asked, sharing a teasing grin with Maddie as Gus nodded shyly.

“He’s really cute,” Maddie said, seeing Gus fidgeting all over the place.

“Yep. And I can tell that he needs to go back to sleep,” Ivy said, standing up with Maddie. “Let’s go make lunch. I could sure go for a margarita right now.”

“Bye, Gussy,” Maddie said as she and Ivy covered him with a blanket – putting a pillow under his head.

“I heard that Godiva has a new chocolate out,” Ivy said, walking into the kitchen.

“Really?” Maddie asked, following her into the kitchen. “We oughta go try it.”

The AB Gussy Experience
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